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  1. Latest purchases: Chairmen of the Board's self titled effort Bread's Baby I'm-A Want You, Guitar Man and Lost Without Your Love Gilbert O'Sullivan's I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter Rod Stewart's Never a Dull Moment I picked up another copy of Wings at the Speed of Sound, my pressing was a hand-me-down that has seen better days! Rolling Stones' Tattoo You Barry White's Let The Music Play IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!
  2. Guns N' Roses - Out Ta Get Me
  3. I'd be more curious to hear The Yellow Road to Compton.
  4. I've just finished watching Hart vs Austin WM13. That is what professional wrestling is all about! Artistry at it's very best.
  5. Ha! You have that memory forever man, that's what it's all about!!
  6. Great to see that all of this carry on around the globe hasn't effected your productivity! My Quarantine certainly fits the vibe of what a lot of people have experienced throughout this pandemic. Eerie in places, I could see this being the soundtrack to an independent horror movie or something - which wouldn't a bad shout at trying to make happen
  7. Haha!! Hey, there's always hope for when it's officially released, however those beautiful women may be in zimmers by then!!!
  8. You are correct, good sir! That fucking intro is what Guns is all about to me. The suspense to it kicking in after it leaked, I'll never forget that feeling, it was literally just before I got on the drink too, so it set the tone for the evening!!
  9. That’s my bad, it’s the way I worded it. He sounded absolutely dug scheidt on Hardschool, but was still great to see that they were rehearsing something ‘new’!
  10. Ha, that image of mygnrforum 🤝 Team Brazil that was sent along to management along with the request of Axl answering 5 questions is forever ingrained in my head. I think Joe said he’d love to interview Axl and that he’s one of the most requested guests.
  11. Just back from my vaccination and it was a breeze! The first steps in the right direction
  12. That is outstanding, that guy sounds like a petty dick for refusing to sell. Hopefully he had a shite day trying to punt the records after you left 😂😂😂 I’ve not been to a car boot sale since about 2004. They were always good for picking up records dirt cheap with the occasional rarity being found. Do Newcastle still have a lot of active record stores (before this pandemic anyway)? There was this one place that I picked up a pristine copy of Dire Straits’ self titled effort. I could never remember the name of it or where it was located for that matter whenever I was back down. The last tim
  13. I loved the 06 version, but now I do lean more towards the 01/02 version!
  14. I try and not let the opinions of artists effect my enjoyment of their art. I love Morrissey's solo catalogue and The Smiths, but there aren't many who divides opinion more than Moz. For a man that's of Irish heritage, he sure has a contrasting opinion than what his ancestors held, that's for sure. Michelle bringing up Dire Straits' Money for Nothing is interesting too. I heard the Live Aid version before I actually heard the studio version, so I remember being shocked at what I was hearing, but times change and people will always be offended at something that happened before their time, espec
  15. Best thing about that rehearsal was how amazing he sounded on the intro for Pretty Tied Up, and obviously, Hardschool. Think About You is one of the most underrated tunes in their catalogue, a lot of love for that song.
  16. Tell that bastard he is missed. Slap him across the face with a towel also, Pitman would want it that way. Also, here is the holy grail none of you thought you needed, but now do! https://www.discogs.com/Michael-Hayes-The-Badstreet-Band-Off-The-Streets/release/7473618
  17. Despite the fuck up with Patience, I love this version. I thought the drums coming in at the third verse brought a lot more out of the song. I’ve always loved Finck’s take on the solo too. I’m a big fan of Axl’s voice at the House of Blues show and obviously with emotions running high, Rio is a bit all over the place, in a good way, but always loved that particular performance of The Blues. To me, that is Axl Rose in full swing, showing control and power with his instrument that seemed to go AWOL with time. If I’m being completely honest, that song hasn’t sounded great to me, live, since
  18. The promos weren't officially released, maybe just handed to radio stations for air play etc, though what Allwaystired says below could also be correct with Chinese being a promo. You are correct good sir. I just checked the back of mine, no barcode and "for promotional use only".
  19. Street of Dreams was a promo release, the same with Better. Chinese was officially released as a 7" single
  20. Probably would have been better mentioning that you lot won 3IAR, died, ceased to exist in Scottish Football, formed a newco and then made the greatest jump to the top flight of Scottish Football, second only to Brooks Mileson's Gretna, throwing in all the accolades you won this season alone too - 55 league titles, Ryder Cup, Community Shield, Champions League, released AC/DC's PWR/UP etc etc. A never ending list. Plus, Adler is adamant that it is definitely not him behind the kit. The man has his flaws, but he has always known his craft. Throw in Frank's refusal to answer the question b
  21. Rod Stewart - Tomorrow is a Long Time
  22. With hindsight, thank fuck we got both albums. That 17 year wait inbetween studio albums would have been even worse!
  23. That is an absolute sickener. I'd keep chasing mate, or if it's not a hard to come by item (I assume it is given that it took so long), just go for the full refund and pick it up from elsewhere. That's some carry on and is enough to put anyone off, but poor show from the seller as they should have handled that much better - being honest up front about not actually having the item would have been a start. Maybe send him a message saying something along the lines of that you are incredibly disappointed with the service that you have received, you hate leaving negative feedback but feel that you'
  24. ...right til the end!
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