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  1. I like the album. If you ask me, ACDC put the bar really high with Black Ice which I consider one of their best albums, at the same level as the loved classics. Then came rock or bust which had an amazing lead single but the rest of the album wasn't as good. Now this one, I feel the complete opposite, I didn't like the lead single, shot in the dark, but I enjoy it a lot. I'm glad these guys put out this album, and I'd be happy if it happens to be the last one.
  2. Yeah. I truly think so. And I think it is a perfect place to share this because I find it GnR friendly. I know the band hasn't exactly got the best reputation (or fans if you ask me), but what they put out is a great piece of hard rock. I am genuinely impressed about the album, and I encourage you to listen to it. I'm gonna leave this one here and if you like it, again, I encourage you to listen the whole thing.
  3. Sorry if this was posted before, been blasting this the whole day, lol.
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