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  1. Ok that was fucking classic. GN’R + Dave finishing the second half of Paradise City with no power. That’s #professionalism right there!
  2. All I know is after spending last year not even knowing if shows would be a thing again this year, next year, or ever, I think it’s great that my favorite band is gonna play a 2+ hour show tonight. And nobody here cares whether they play Difficult Education or not. Perspective, people!
  3. I will be there. 11th show of NITL era. Guns N’ Charcuterie!
  4. I haven’t posted in a long time but just poking my head in to say that I love how the band are still out there killing it and making gigantic crowds happy in spite of a select few on their fan forums griping about how they’ve gone soft and are lazy for [checks notes] being in their mid-late 50s and playing 2.5+ hour sets every night. My dear sweet goodness. In the last year Van Halen fans have lost Eddie, Stones fans have lost Charlie, and some of you are just here to whine endlessly that your band isn’t playing enough new stuff in their nearly 3-hour set. I promise I have no personal connections to anyone in the band, but my goodness some of y’all could use some perspective. Sheesh.
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