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  1. Is this stadium in the same place Spurs’ White Hart Lane stadium was?
  2. I thought the sign looks just like a little kid thought it up. Obviously Fernando’s work
  3. I popped out today to get some bedding and food for my rabbits and came home with an Axolotl. My kids are freaking out
  4. He’d been looking like a corpse for the last couple of years at least.
  5. First baby at 60, fucking hell - good luck with that Matt!
  6. He really does. I think the pic must be from 1986-ish when Paul Stanley was wanting to produce AfD or mess with the sound of WTTJ or whatever it was. This pic is from 1986 and I think Axl looks similar to the ones you posted in this:
  7. It is Paul Stanley, so no way Axl was hanging around with him when he was 14 Definitely Axl, though.
  8. I think that’s maybe Paul Stanley next to him in the first pic?
  9. I’m sure the show will carry on just fine without him. Maybe people will be able to answer the questions asked when they guest on it now.
  10. I don’t know how Piers Morgan managed to be on TV for so long anyway, the one time I saw GMB he was talking all over everyone else and it was totally unwatchable, had to change the channel. It’s funny he can’t handle someone giving him some shit back, what a total bellend he is, no balls, all bark and no bite. He’s the same as Jeremy Clarkson. A big man baby.
  11. As much as his book makes him look a bit of a cunt, at least he wasn’t trying to rewrite history and pretend none of that shit ever happened. Like Duff does.
  12. Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Bandicoot Spyro the Dragon Ratchet and Clank Jak II Renegade Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance Burnout Takedown Rayman Legends Bully Red Dead Redemption 2
  13. What the fuck is going on in Scotland?
  14. I bet Slash asked him to get Velma and Daphne nudes
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