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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Bandicoot Spyro the Dragon Ratchet and Clank Jak II Renegade Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance Burnout Takedown Rayman Legends Bully Red Dead Redemption 2
  2. I bet Slash asked him to get Velma and Daphne nudes
  3. The Night Stalker on Netflix. I wish I hadn’t watched it now because I’m still awake at 5am.
  4. Maybe he was smirking when he found out that he had been mistaken for Donnie Wahlberg ......
  5. I always thought Ian looked like a throwback of human evolution and now he acts like it too.
  6. When I was a kid we used to stick our arms through bin bags and paint our faces white - then when we knocked on doors people would tell us to fuck off we aren’t in America
  7. This forum is getting more and more like the GnR discord every day.
  8. I don’t like Hallowe’en, my kids love it but it pisses me off because I don’t like wasting money on it not long before Christmas. It used to be just trick or treating and buying a costume each for that but now my kids want the house decorating inside and out for a week with fake spiders and shit, it’s bollocks. I will be at work on the actual night so at least I don’t have to answer the door and give away sweets.
  9. I’ve been playing Valfaris on the Switch, I fucking love this game, I just it would make use of the rumble.
  10. @janrichmond did he wear the kilt too? If so, I hate you
  11. Before the threeunion I saw Slash, Duff and Axl quite a few times in their different bands - could never class NewGnR as really seeing GN’R. Axl pissed me off in 2002 with the cancelled tour dates then and so I didn’t buy a ticket for the 2006 shows The first member of GN’R I saw was Slash with his band Snakepit in 2000 at Sheffield Corporation Club. Best gig ever. Then I saw VR few times (Can’t quite remember the dates) in Liverpool and Leeds. Duffs Loaded at some point Then Axl.. GN’R Birmingham Arena 2010 - I wasn’t expecting anything at all. I just wanted to go b
  12. Is JK Rowling a mod here, sniffing out the switched gender accounts?
  13. Thankfully I only saw that one once, there was another ad with like a travel through time theme, kinda poking fun at how long it took to make but I’m sure that had CD playing in it not Scraped 😄
  14. I remember seeing an advert on TV which had the beginning vocal of Scraped at the start of it and a shadow figure snake dancing and some voiceover crap about the wait being over blah blah - only saw it once. Was horrified they picked that vocal part I heard Chinese Democracy played on Radio One a couple of times and that’s it.
  15. Only listened to the first song and it felt like it went on for 7 Years
  16. My sister works in ICU at Royal Derby hospital and they’re getting swamped again with covid cases. I work in care and I’ve been asked to cancel all of my leave until at least after Christmas as we are expecting things to get bad again - I hope the second wave doesn’t end up being as bad as they seem to be anticipating.
  17. This is really terrible of me but now whenever I see the fires mentioned in relation to Axl I think of a comment I saw on Facebook when he and Nikki Sixx were complaining about the way the government were handling things. It said - “Nikki is only crying because the wig shop burnt down and Axl is mad because the Botox clinic is gone”
  18. I get a Covid test every Thursday morning at work but we haven’t had any results back for the last three weeks now. It’s a shambles all over the UK it would seem and a huge waste of testing kits.
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