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  1. Yes, his dentures slip terrible when he says Ferrer. Poor Axl.
  2. There’s nothing in it they know none of us lot are going to buy owt from there when it’s in primani for a tenner, that’ll do.
  3. Fucking hell that is atrocious. The Illusions are my favourite GnR albums and they deserve so much better. Fuck off with this shite.
  4. So there are lots of stories about lots of other big names but they can’t tell us about them - only (it seems) about the already known Axl and Steven Tyler stories, yet again. How is that helping to bring anything to light in this industry? Just fucking go for it and tell us the other shit we don’t know. If it’s the truth how can it be squashed by power and money? It didn’t help Weinstein in the end.
  5. I just don’t like the way he drums - to me he sounds exactly the same on all the songs and so flat too. I’m not a musician but that’s just how it sounds to me. I have ears and it sounds just boring and flat and sucks the life from the song. Horrible. I didn’t like Matt on some songs either, like nightrain. He was much better than Frank though.
  6. People keep saying his drumming is better this tour but I can’t hear it. It’s horrible.
  7. I’ve just always took the song to be about Axl fantasising about shooting people who piss him the fuck off with a shotgun.
  8. She wasn’t born with poodle hair was she
  9. I can still see a bunch of moronic comments by her. I don’t know why she reads social media comments still because she can’t handle it, she’s always throwing a fit about something. It’s pathetic. I just hope she doesn’t do something really fucking stupid like telling Axl not to release anything else - but I really can imagine her doing just that.
  10. And it was only up there for five minutes 😂
  11. There’s still plenty being admitted into hospital with the virus and lots of staff off sick/isolating from catching it again -so why put that extra pressure onto us right now? At least keep the masks and some social distancing for now. It’s nice people can go and watch football and go to night clubs, don’t begrudge that but feel things can be better handled by the government.
  12. It’s more like survival of the fittest day. Honestly sick of this bullshit now. UK hospitals are screwed over again and it’s another round of having to cope with too many poorly people with nowhere near enough staff. Yay! Happy freedom day! And the government have the audacity to tell us we can’t have fans in the wards in a fucking heatwave because it will help spread covid
  13. Even when Axl was in AC/DC for just a couple of months they managed to get themselves noticed by their fans because they can’t stop themselves from reacting so idiotically
  14. Boris is cutting foreign aid by 4 billion - I bet that’s put him in a right good mood this week.
  15. Yes, TB hate to be criticised and my guess is that it has as much to do with them not liking what is said about themselves as Axl not liking what is said about him. They have the same attitude when they talk down to fans on Reddit or here.
  16. Is this recent or has it been happening a while because haven’t they got anything better to do? Fucking lololol at taking issue with the name of the podcast 🤣 they’re a joke.
  17. I’ve just seen what the absolute cunts have done to his mural. It’s beyond sick. I fucking hate them. They’re a huge disgrace and we need to do something about them. It’s not okay to let them get away with this shit.
  18. They make me ashamed of being English, such deeply disturbing behaviour from a lot of people in this country. Sad little cunts.
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