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  1. I’m sure he said that before it was confirmed Brian was back in the band and working on their new album. Either plans changed or it was just bullshit in the first place.
  2. I watched some of the stream. Lzzy Hale was fantastic - she played a cover of Come Together with Slash and Matt and it sounded really good. 🤘
  3. Cash grab and Fernando overstepping the line again with how much he and his family think they’re actually part of the band - seriously though, a band like GnR releasing a kids book You would’ve thought it would be like this
  4. I loved Golden Eye. I spent so many hours playing the man with the golden gun against my stepbrother. My favourite gaming memory comes from this when he had hardly any health left but he found the golden gun , so he came after me (laughing) - I had no gun, so I hid behind a door and waited for him, he burst through and I slapped him and he died and I got the golden gun. Classic!
  5. Robert Johns wife has threatened a fan account on instagram with legal action for sharing GnR footage he took
  6. I imagine a new GnR album sounds like unicorn farts and pigs wings flapping in the sky.
  7. Went to see Jurassic Park at the cinema with my son - he thought it was amazing. When things get back to normal I hope the cinemas keep playing old movies on a regular basis.
  8. At one point it was the scalpers who were the real scum of the live music world but now I think Ticketmaster have gone even below them in estimations. They are now the scalpers as well though I managed to see a few bands last year buying tickets from the venue but you’re right, a lot of the bands I like are so in with them it’s impossible. Sad times. I just cannot believe they aren’t straight up giving people their money back. Who the hell wants a voucher?!
  9. That’s how I feel. I didn’t buy any tickets for any concerts this year because I can’t stomach Ticketmaster/Live Nation and their bullshit any more. It is so sad most of the bands out there are in with them and don’t seem to mind the way they rip off their fans left right and centre. I won’t be going to any concerts through them ever again. Its not as if they are dealing with tickets that cost £40 or £50 either - people have a lot of money tied up in these shows and they’re treated like total shit.
  10. I’m so glad the original version leaked, it’s going to be fun comparing the two and seeing all of the back peddling he does.
  11. It’s on the same level of cringe as TIL
  12. What the hell happened to his hair, looks like he did it himself whilst blindfolded. Can’t believe anyone thinks the guy on the right might be Izzy wtf it’s not that long since we last saw him is it
  13. I’ve always preferred the Xbox controller too, it just works so much better for games where you have to move the camera a lot. I’ve always bought the PlayStation but then used to get the Xbox for Fable but I’d end up playing a lot of games on Xbox rather than PlayStation for the controller. The first year of ps3 was awful for games. I can remember still playing ps2 games for ages after it’s launch. Most of the exclusives for the PS4 are worth playing. Uncharted 4 is amazing.
  14. I’ve been playing through The Witcher 3 on PS4. I bought it for about £5 in a sale on the PlayStation store, it’s worth the money full price but it’ll probably end up back in the sale at some point. I also got The Last of Us remastered and the new release and I love both of those games but there’s been a lot of negativity about the second one for its storyline. I would highly recommend them both, though. Ratchet and Clank is good fun.
  15. And this And a load more like that but I can’t be arsed to dig out any more (I feel like a creep myself lol) Anyway - she seems like a massive fan. Camping out to get to the front at NITL and obviously hanging about after shows to get photos with him again. It’s just odd to me if you supposedly had a serious relationship with the guy and still message on birthdays and special occasions, why doesn’t he get her decent tickets into the show at least. She seems a tad stalkerish to me, is all. (I’m a cynical bitch though, so maybe I’m not being fair )
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