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  1. Yeah, I know Axl isn’t at all “normal” but what I mean by odd is the cousin needing to tell her cousins story now, what the fuck for? it’s just weird “the cousin” decided now is the time. I have no idea what the original source to report this was but it made it into RS Brazil Her IG is posted too and creepily she goes by the nickname she says Axl gave her and still seems pretty obsessed with him even though she’s married now
  2. That’s what I heard too. Plus the woman he’s talking to I think repeats “mother” after he said it.
  3. I wonder why the cousin decided to talk about this story now? What is the point? Her cousin shagged Axl for a bit and then Beta got jealous .... 8 years later let’s tell the world Something seems odd about this.
  4. Beta and her ultimatums to Axl She stresses the importance of everyone knowing they used their own money to travel (and I suppose stay in hotels) and then Beta implied a lot - sounds like money might have something to do with it all. Perhaps Beta accuses them of being after Axl for money. Still, that’s his mistake to make and Beta really just sounds extremely jealous.
  5. Currenty playing Rune Factory 4 and Cuphead on Switch and Last of Us 2 on Playstaion.
  6. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/18583845.york-is-seen-outer-mongolia-general-public---says-lord/ Lord Singh said: “My Lords, York is seen as something of an outer Mongolia by the general public, who view the House of Lords as an outdated institution.”
  7. I really miss going to gigs and concerts. I didn’t have much booked for this year before covid happened but I’m sure I would’ve gone to a few shows. Now it doesn’t even seem like next year will be normal either. Damn. Going to gigs is the only thing I have that reminds me of myself before marriage and kids
  8. That’s the interview where she says the next day he woke up and disappeared (leaving her in the hotel) to go to the Howard Stern show where he was told off by Stern for being late and he said it was because he was up all night with a penthouse pet - but where is this interview and did we ever find out if Axl went on his show other than the two phone calls we know about?
  9. Well it seems his US flag shorts were ripped off by a female fan .... which for some reason reminded me of this gem of a picture I can’t exactly remember but didn’t it have something to do with Erin Everly?
  10. I remember watching this as it happened and Ant and Dec having to apologise with faces like slapped arses. It was great
  11. I don’t think there’s really much of a story to it, it was at the end of one of the RiR shows in 1991 and some how Axl’s shorts had been removed, he was running around in a thong when some guy managed to get on stage and ran up to him with his pants down. He grabbed Axl but only for a second before security got him and dragged him away and then Axl left the stage.
  12. Might have better luck asking in the WT about this 😄
  13. Wtf - this ridiculous tweet is the official White House account?? What the hell!!
  14. And there will be the idiots who can’t handle their beer who will inevitably end up in A&E this weekend wasting NHS time.
  15. Axl in female form is Lindsay Lohan - makes sense.
  16. I went to that Snakepit show in Sheffield too and I would still rank it in my top 5 gigs of all time. Every band I saw after that seemed tame
  17. Same for me, it isn’t anything to do with being upset because Axl can’t sing how he used to any more. SMKC bore me to death. I’ve bought their albums and been to see them live and it was all very meh. Myles’ voice makes GnR songs sound completely different imo so I can’t even enjoy when they play them either. I really really wish I could like them because they release albums and live shows - but I can’t
  18. I think it was on Matt’s drum kit too at one point - you’re right though, it is horrendous.
  19. I am only surprised that he hasn’t found a way to make a GnR t shirt out of it yet
  20. It sure sounds like Axl did a ton of drugs, maybe not as much as the other members of the band but it seems he did more than he gets credit for I forget who it was that was interviewed now, on Brandon’s podcast, but they said at the time they met Axl he was trying to battle with some of his addictions.
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