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  1. There have been gatherings like that all over the UK to defend memorials and statues. I don’t get it personally, to me it just looks like a bunch of hooligans looking for a fight. I bet most of them don’t even know what they’re defending. I thought it was great when the people pulled down the Colston statue and jumped all over him, then rolled him into the river. I don’t know how anyone can watch it and think it’s vandalism. The UK doesn’t want to face its colonial past - when I was at school the history of the British Empire was taught like it was all good for everyone and a massiv
  2. Yes. Morons who turned up to defend the cenotaph against BLM and are pissed off they weren’t allowed through by police so started on them. The football lads out for trouble because they’ve nothing better to do.
  3. The state of this lot in London today, embarrassing for the UK And that hard man at the end in a green t shirt going after the smallest officer he can see
  4. Steven has a daughter. I don’t know if he see’s her at all now - but I remember reading in the original WT about it and he said he didn’t have a relationship with the child because of his drug addiction. If I remember right.
  5. You would think he would have learnt his lesson by then, wouldn’t you? I don’t either, but for me I am only interested in the AfD five, I really don’t give a shit about any other members. They just don’t interest me at all, not even Gilby and Matt.
  6. Lol I bet Duff is fuming about Matt letting us know that little nugget of info after all that hard work he put into his revised history interviews the last couple of years - “we never objectified women” but he married someone for her tits
  7. Currently playing Cook Serve Delicious!, Steamworld Heist and Trine 4 on the Switch - downloading Crash trilogy and Mario + Rabbids.
  8. I’ve been binge watching This Is Us, not normally my type of show but I can’t stop watching it now. His natural Scottish accent is lovely 🥰
  9. Same. I’ve bought two filling kits from the pharmacy and had two lots of antibiotics prescribed over the phone also lost a shift at work because of the pain - and they still won’t see me because that’s not an emergency 🙄
  10. Maybe Fernando's mum shouldn’t have given Axl an ultimatum to let her and her family be managers of the band or she would stop working with him - they knew what Axl was like way before taking over that job. He should find himself another job if he’s so upset about the criticism of his merch ideas (that he came here to brag about being in charge of not so long ago) and he’s as frustrated by it all as we are. I can’t feel in any way sorry for poor Fernando - he gets a hard time because he deserves it. His latest pity party “interview” with fans is laughable. (and no, I don’t thi
  11. It’s no big loss. He doesn’t give any concrete answers to anything anyway and it seems he only engages with the fan base when one of his shit merch ideas have gotten a negative reception and he’s feeling sorry for himself. Last time it was when nobody liked the shit over priced box sets and now it’s the dumb kids book.
  12. I always used to get a bit lost in Debenhams - by the time I found the section I wanted and then the tills and then the way back out I’d be bloody knackered. I love online shopping but with clothes I still like to be able to see them in person before I buy them. Even though I only ever really wear black jeans and some scruffy t shirt 😄
  13. They reckon a lot of their stores won’t be opening back up when things eventually get back to normal. Whatever normal will be.... The high street shops weren’t doing so well before this, I wonder what it will be like in a year or two
  14. I think it was the Taken by Trees version they used. Yes, I didn’t mind that cover actually. Remember the Paradise City butter advert? They had to ask Axl too but I remember them saying they phoned him to ask. I like to find out little tidbits like the guy had to go and see Axl in person ..... most people probably think oh what a pretentious wanker making him go all that way just to ask in person ... but it makes me laugh
  15. Haha, yes, that song has been put through some shit - that Big Daddy version is just horrible, never ever want to hear that again.
  16. Well at least she admits it and doesn’t try suggesting injecting disinfectant might help.
  17. Yep, it seems to be. There will certainly be more of this kind of crap coming soon. I am sick to death of hearing SCOM by now but shit, it didn’t deserve ending up like this, poor SCOM
  18. And it must be a great story hey - don’t send your kids to normal boring school like everyone else - instead take them around the world with a notorious rock band and let them grow up with the influence of music and listening to such lyrics as “turn around bitch I got a use for you”
  19. I saw Meegan has liked Jarmo’s ig post about it but she didn’t say anything. There are no words for it It is so cringeworthy even by TB standards - I noticed a while ago that Vanessa and Nando’s wife have been making clothes based around their kids touring with the band called Young Roadie and this seems to be the next level of that shit ffs
  20. Yes. Self promotion seems to be a very big deal in the McKagan household.
  21. Sounds like good publicity for her books then if the media pick up what she said and they probably will.
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