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  1. I enjoy Absurd as much as I enjoy hearing "You wanna step into my world!" when I let UYI II play too long.  After hearing the kind of music this version of the band makes together when playing their jam parts on stage in between songs, you would hope that the first thing they put together would be something better than this.  If Axl can't record in the same voice he used to nail the ACDC tour 5 years ago, fine.  He can sing the lower octaves and would still sound good. 

    I won't be disappointed if they choose to leave this one out of the set at my next show (Atlantic City), if it is not cancelled/posponed. 

  2. Hello everyone.  I'm going to this one - the Saturday show!   I do wish there was enough enthusiasm for this tour for a pre-concert Forum event somewhere in Atlantic City.  I saw Aerosmith years ago at Trump Plaza/ Boardwalk Hall and there was a kick-ass pre-show party on the beach.  

    If any of you are going, have you considered getting tickets to see Brit Floyd at the Borgata on Friday night?  They look awesome on Youtube.  


  3. 9 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

    I wish converse would do that, especially if the band are going to be touring during the illusion anniversary. 

    Maybe even the marlboro shirt again. I woukd take that over an axl endorsed kilt clothing line :facepalm:


    I forgot about the Marlboro shirt. I tried to save up enough miles to purchase one that looked similar but I didnt smoke enough or I quit before I had enough miles.  Cant remember. 

  4. 8 hours ago, DownUnderScott said:

    And that there is the big problem mate. Axl's low self-esteem seems to need to release the greatest record ever, each time. He puts all this unneccesary pressure on himself when fans like us would be thrilled to just hear his voice on a new album. Obviously if it was a Metallica Lulu moment it wouldn't be well recieved but Im sure anything he creates and releases would be at the very least really good. 

    Maybe he doesn't believe in the consistency of his voice anymore.  I know that most of us don't either.  I think he needs to change his sound and sing with his regular mid-range (is that the term?) voice like the verses of Don't Cry and Patience. Axl is nearly 60.  The ferocity portrayed in his high, scratchy voice doesn't seem that legitimate anymore.  I'm not saying that Axl should go totally soft rock but if he took it easier on his voice, I think he could record some nice songs on top of the music created by this talented version of the band.  

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  5. Perhaps this is a high-priced marketing scheme to attract American visitors back to the Dominican Republic.  There is no way they can sell enough tickets at that resort to cover the cost of hiring GNR to play a gig.  I think there is a good possibility that it has been subsidized by the ministry of tourism and the resort itself to help bring back international tourism, which declined by nearly 300,000 visitors in 2019.  

  6. Good show. I wasn’t happy with the VIP viewing area so I negotiated with a girl standing at the entrance to the VVIP all-inclusive section and gave her $20 for each of us to get into that section.  That enabled us to watch the show between the Gen Pop rail and the stage. I wish they would get rid of The Seeker and Wichita Lineman still but other than that, no complaints.  

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  7. On 10/14/2019 at 4:11 PM, Amaya said:

    Mothers on Poydras Street for some morning breakfast or better lunch. Locals and tourist go. Inexpensive in price. It is almost  across from Superdome. Take pics of Superdome.  It is huge, right there. There might be a Superdome tour.  Pat O' Briens  for drinks. Hurricanes. 1 hurricane is a lot. A whole lot of mixed alcohol. They will box up your glass. You can drink and walk with alcohol in plastic cups.. You can buy alcohol drinks in N.O. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. At the bars, grocery stores, etc.  Leave drinking with your drink in your car to the locals though. Walking and drinking  is ok. Harrahs Casino on end of Canal Street just to see if that us not your thing. Good,decent restaurant ,inexpensive thete and I think buffet. See , google it. Shopping at French Market for souvenirs which is Down the street from Cafe Du Monde- beignets and strong chicory coffee. If you want a fine dining, very ,very expensive N.O. experience, Antoines in French Qrtrs. Suit n tie for men. Reservations. Dress or pansuit for women.  Good food , causual dress, moderate in price, touristy place at House Of Blues on Decatur in French Quarters. Tour by foot French Quarters. Get on  French Quarter tour. See brochures at your hotel. Colorful place from Old Absinthe House ,legend says Napoleon was coming to live there ,but he died to the Laurie Mansion. It is haunted. She did horrible things  to her "captive, free servants. " Stay safe. Don't act like a tourist. Stay in tourist areas. Streetcar ride up St.Charles Ave. See big, antebellum homes. Board at Canal Street and ,I forget. By Adlers, expensive jewelry store with the big clock hanging outside. Go to St.Louis Catherdal. Gift store too. Historic. Aquarium  at  end of Canal Street by Mississippi River if that is your thing. Confederate Museum. Sustets of The Holy Family muesum.D- Day WWII Museum.  Lots of muesums. See hotel brochure. Food. Can you drive or cab ride to Deanies on Lake Avenue in Metairie? Authentic, real good seafood dishes. Moderate in price, casual dress.There is a good restaurant in The French Market. Book a swamp tour. Book a plantation tour  . See brochures your hotel. "I know wha' ir ya' shoes at...." please avoid sidewalk hustlers. By the way, your shoes are on your feet.  That will cost your like 3-4 dollars. Just avoid hustlers. Have fun. City Park for concert , cab ride or hotel might have shuttle . You cannot walk to City Park.

    Rajun.s..please add.

    I like you’re writing style for some reason.   This looks like a unique form of tourist poetry.  

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  8. 57 minutes ago, Tom2112 said:

    It was perfect 3yrs ago. 3yrs later, same tour, same songs, same order... guess you can say that's fine, but most bands change the set each leg. Do you really want the audience that has seen the show 1, maybe 2 or more times already to know what songs you're going to play and what order they are coming at? No, no band wants that, but that's exactly what GNR are doing. 

    There's great songs in the set, but it's far too bloated. I've seen the NITL set live twice, and both times it dragged hard in the middle. The pacing isn't good, starts great, ends great, middle is far too much noodling and breaks of the action. Even Heavens door is a drag live now.

    I tend to agree, however you and I know what to expect.  I’m wondering what it would feel like as a casual fan who is seeing it for the first time.  

  9. On 9/13/2019 at 4:57 PM, Russel Nash said:

    You got us a little bit worried about this one. What do you think about the recent leaks?

    I’ve only heard one that was still on YouTube when I went searching for it.  I hear the terminator song is true though.  Haven’t been keeping up much with the forum lately. Like a lot of fans, I’ve taken for granted that the band is actively touring again because I’m still starved for new music to somehow make up from all of the wasted years of inactivity. 

  10. 21 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:

    I think covers are way more likely than brand new, NITL-era songs. A new album would probably be mostly CD-era songs, maybe some re-worked stuff from the mid-90s, and maybe Wichita Lineman and/or The Seeker.

    But it depends on how much music they're trying to get out, Slash has said he wants to do an 'album/tour/album/tour' cycle, it wouldn't be the worst idea to just get 10 re-worked CD-era songs out there, and work on new stuff while touring those songs. Then they can release the NITL songs 'same bat time, same bat channel'.

    They could continuously fart in a microphone for 80 minutes for all I care and I would buy it.  Just please.... NO FUCKING WICHITA LINEMAN OR THE SEEKER!!!

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