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  1. Yes, they played Hard Skool, just saw in youtube. Poor quality vid. People are criticizing Axl voice, but in this vid the instruments sounds awful. They played very well, but the video is from a phone a long distance. Is difficult to say if Axl sounds bad or not. Great energy.
  2. And he sounded great in Sebastian Bach songs like "Love is a (bitchslap)".
  3. I don't have spotify account, allways buy music phisically (Don't know if it's correct, speak english very bad). Only heard the song through youtube.
  4. Just bought the single and sounds better than youtube vid. It's the first time that buy music digitally.
  5. I’ve heard it near 50 times, and Love it, can’t keep out of my mind Slash riff. I think that riff is great and make the song better than demo.
  6. Less than 15 minutes in Spain to could hear it. Tictactictac the great moment is near!
  7. Gracias, creo que es lo que mejor le va. Thank you, this word explains it well.
  8. In spain is not avaliable, shit. Waiting Can’t believe it, after more than ten traes waiting for this song, is released.
  9. I bought the two albums together the release day. I remember ser the You Could Be Mine vid in june. Since this day can’t wait to buy the albums and see Terminator 2 in cinema. I lived in a small town and had classes this morning. I had to wait some hours after afternoom before the music store opened. Today can remember when I open my cassettes and heard it in my room.
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