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  1. Never seen the footage with the Hendrix jam actually, only seen the part with Hardschool back then
  2. Oh I had no idea they had ever jammed on Jimi's Machine Gun so I assumed it was Duff/Izzy's Machine Gun. Makes much more sense now, thank you for clarifying.
  3. As you probably remember, 'Machine Gun' was one of the song titles from those Duff/Izzy tapes recorded in 1995 (also including 'Toothpuller', later mentioned by Dizzy in an interview). Earlier today I was checking the setlist.fm page for the GNR concert in Mexico in March 2020, the one where Hardschool was soundchecked, and I saw this: Now, as far as I know, setlist.fm is like Wikipedia and anyone can edit and write what they want. so theoretically I could go there and write that they played Don't Damn Me or covered Cannibal Corpse's Fucked With A Knife, for what it's worth. Tha
  4. Only the vinyl is out of print as far as I know, though. CD (as in compact disc) is still in print.
  5. I'm about halfway through it and great job as usual. These in-depth interviews with characters who haven't spoken much over the years are always my fave. Keep up the good work!
  6. Played it yesterday and, as a big wrestling fan, I really enjoyed it. Furthermore, hearing his comments about CD was a lovely surprise. Keep up the good work, Brando!
  7. Haven't bought tickets yet. Waiting to see how the covid madness will evolve. Fingers crossed.
  8. Last October I posted the following (I'm copypasting) in the Susan Holmes/(no) new album thread: People, I should stop reading MyGnr before going to bed. Last night I had a very detailed dream about a new album coming Just for fun, here's what I remember. So there was this short promo video launched by Amazon. It showed a black frog running towards the screen and some guy chasing it. Then the screen went black, and a red circle with the words "& Jesus" showed up. Really, & JESUS During the video you could hear a voice movie teaser style saying things like "What yo
  9. Velvet Revolver. Until they found a singer and a name, they were simply known as "The Project".
  10. UYI re-releases in the fall along with new album titled UYI III. I can't think of a better hype strategy.
  11. My fave instrumentals are Me & My Elvis, Thyme and Dummy. The latter is rumored to br Cuban Skies. Hard to imagine what kind of vocals could work on that beautiful instrumental.
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