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  1. When he mentioned the working title I had to pause because I started to laugh and almost choked myself with hot chocolate πŸ˜‚
  2. This is great news @Gambit83! He's a beast of a drummer. Best one I've ever seen live hands down. I've seen him once with NIN and once with Sting. Freese playing Stewart Copeland's parts on Police songs was pure bliss. If you can ask him anything about how he approaches Copeland's material and how challenging is it to fill those shoes, I'll be very happy. And I'll be even happier you can get from him any unheard news about one of the most fascinating eras in GNR history 😁
  3. That's a really lovely video. It was moving how they paid homage to Bon Scott and Malcolm Young in it.
  4. Yes, I got to hear it in the meantime and it's exactly what you said. Super crappy recording with Axl and Duff on vocals. Such a shame they let it go. Can't see them dusting it off now, unless maybe they mend fences with Izzy and he shows up as a guest here and there.
  5. I guess it's just because of the demand. They know it will be the most requested format and they will try to milk as much money from it as possible. And they put studio Absurd and the other live tracks on the cd to give people a reason to buy that "not so much liked anymore" format too.
  6. Also, the b-side of the 7" is Absurd, but a live version. That could mean they are working on something bigger. If it was just those two songs and nothing else, they would have used the studio version of Absurd as the b-side.
  7. True, on the US store. I had checked the european one and wasn't there. However, it says estimated shipping date June 24 2022
  8. Seems a little different here. Had a quick look at some of the italian music websites posting the news/video and the comment sections were full of casuals bashing it. Almost all the sites announced it as "a song originally written in the Chinese Democracy sessions and then scrapped" and the words "Chinese Democracy" carry a huge stigma in the eyes of casual fans around here (well, not only here, but still). Seen some positive comments too, but much more bashing than I thought.
  9. Then why Absurd sounds much better? I assume they used these messy sounds on purpose. Maybe they thought they suited the song better, for whatever reason.
  10. No other titles for Perhaps are known as of now. Oklahoma was heard in the Village leaks as an instrumental (Axl said in the forum chats the title was then changed to Berlin). Soul Monster is assumed to be Me & My Elvis from the Village leaks (instrumental too)
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