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  1. Haha yeah. I try not to take sides with the CD material. I like the studio versions a lot. I mean, come on, Finck and Buckethead were fucking amazing on the leads on that album. I think Better is... better with the simple, yet cool intro and Slash's solo. There Was a Time had some room for improvement, but seeing as they didn't play it much, I think Slash did a damn good job on the solo. I'm a player of nearly 20 years and can appreciate it from a guitarist perspective. Not perfect with T.W.A.T., but all things considered, pretty damn awesome.
  2. I'm late to the party, but wow, Slash's solo he wrote for Better is so amazing (I do enjoy the original, but damn, that's a cool take). I had never seen TWAT live with this lineup. Slash did a great job on the huge solo section and I though it was cool to hear him play those amazing recorded leads live, though you could tell if they played it more, he would absolutely nail it.
  3. Yeah, the lack of material is what drives everyone around here mad. We know how great the band can be, but we just don't have enough from them.
  4. Whether you're kidding or not... I've worked with certain people in my life (musically and professionally) where it's just better to not step on toes if you want to keep a dynamic working and keep everyone happy. It's definitely something that comes with maturity.
  5. If Axl was on 2016 level at minimum, I'd love to see it. Now though, we know we'd get Jungle, SCOM, and Paradise. Only 1 of those really is in Axls wheelhouse still. I don't want to see VMAs or Rock In Rio part 4. That'd be a nail in the coffin for the band in the mainstream.
  6. I haven't heard the leaks. Don't know where to find them 🤷‍♂️🙁. I enjoy this hot take on them though. I see tons of praise for songs that sound like people are calling "epic" big guns. If there's anything this band needs is less of those and more songs like Hard Skool. A couple epics per album is plenty, I don't need half an album of them.
  7. The old stuff is analog and just has a smoother, warmer tone. Most, if not all, of this is probably recorded on computers and with all of the mashing together, this is the sounds you will likely get.
  8. I've listened to it on Sennheiser headphones, two bose tower speakers, and a smaller bose color ii soundlink. The vocals stand out big time on the bose color ii soundlink. I think they just went for a balanced mix that works on various setups. I don't think they are buried by any means. The guitars and everything is super heavy, so I think that's why the vocal seems quieter. The original GNR albums have the guitars quieter, almost too quiet. Nightrain isn't nearly as heavy on Appetite vs every live performance. I don't mind this song being full balls to the wall.
  9. If you play the rockers from Chinese Democracy, then follow it up with Hard Skool, man... Hard Skool is a heavy fucking hitter.
  10. I'd assume the middle section is probably shortened and maybe one of the last choruses left off? Radio is weird. Decisions like that get made, but then they still play the long ass Don't Fear the Reaper jam and Stairway haha.
  11. Definitely not, but honestly, based on how much diehards complains, I'm starting to actually buy into the whole "Axl is a perfectionist" shit and that's why releases haven't happened because daaaaamn, you definitely can't 100% please any of them.
  12. Well, I've noticed that just about everyone that doesn't like it is obsessed with the leaks and the previous version. That's a weird reality to have to live in. The leaks shouldn't exist and the band isn't going to go in and re-record every part just because you've already heard it. If Axl had re-recorded vocals, yet they were the exact same melodies and notes, the bitching would be "why record new vocals if they sound the same?!". Say what you want about "opinions", but a chunk of the negativity is just whining. Almost like some of you wished Slash/Duff would have stayed away. Then you would have your leaks and nothing else, because these clearly weren't ever going to see the light of day until now. You knew what you were getting with Hard Skool before it was even released... I bet if this song was never on a leak and it was promoted as a new song, even with a BS photo of them in the studio, people would be dying over how amazing that is and would know no different. I put the song on, crank it up, and am enjoying the shit out of it. Sucks to be the people that want to nitpick that 20 fucking year old drums aren't on a track, while bashing great 20 year old vocal takes because of their age. That doesn't make sense. Can't have it both ways.
  13. I don't think the way the drums kicks in necessarily means there was something before it. I think it just might be a cool little way to introduce the bass. If something preceded it, it would normally be cut in a way where that drum part doesn't bleed over, the bass would just start immediately. Who really knows though...
  14. Besides Slash's solos and the new intro, isn't the song exactly as it is on the recording? As much as I love Better, it should just stay as is.
  15. I think they'd be surprised at the positive reception this song would get if they actually promote it and push it on radio. I know they sort of have a "we don't give a shit" vibe with promotion and reactions, but they really should promote this. Also, does anyone else like this a lot more than Shadow of Your Love? I could never get into that track for some reason.
  16. No worries. I don't own the leak. It was briefly on youtube one night and I couldn't resist
  17. I think I love this song because I only heard the leaked version like once and didn't obsess over it. This sounds fresh, the guitars are insane, and I love the vocals. Duff's into is killer too.
  18. I agree. It makes sense to release the studio version of this first. Put that in people's ears first versus a possible lesser live take on it.
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