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  1. Fuck, what a tragedy, would have loved to seen that train wreck in person

  2. No, I never even thought of getting tickets, didn't know the public could. You must have had a great time over here in November, perfect time to be in NY, November/December

  3. Ya, still in NY, same wife, same dog, same job, all that shit. Hows you?

  4. Alright, cool. Chill out dude

  5. I'm thinking about going, would be a dream come true

  6. Hey, are you going to Rock In Rio?

  7. 5 stars!, Great poster, and cute too :)

  8. Right back at ya

  9. I'm watching you

  10. Well, I could teach you, but I'd have to kill you.

  11. 1 stars about right tbh

  12. I love the way you lurk the boards

  13. I got the Hi-Def Noise Canceling Headphones (don't get the earphones), In white and black, couldn't pick just one. Got them for 250 bucks each 6 months ago and their still good as new. Music sounds so fresh, you wanna start making beats

  14. They are amazing. Sound great and look great. Worth the price (which is steep)

  15. I'm a fan. Nevermind the haters. Keep up the good work.

  16. Dream come true seeing you for two historic shows, The Dublin Riots and London's jam with Duff.

    The future looks bright.

  17. Thank you! Good to see you back :)

  18. Oh Snap!! But seriously get it

  19. eclipse premiere is only weeks away

  20. Oh I don't doubt it

  21. Genius, thx for that!

  22. Well I'd just say let us all come together in the name of GNR lol

  23. What's wrong with some kid telling you about Slash, he might know more than you, yes it can be annoying but your contradicting yourself by saying GNR need new fans, it's people like you stopping that. Some guy or girl comes here thinking CD is the best thing since slice bread, some guy like you is gonna hate that and will start ragging on them, you and your kind are stopping progression...

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