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  1. 15 hours ago, Creed said:

    There are similarities, but Smile is worse musically imo.  Brian Wilson wanted to create the best album ever made. And there is no single tune, which had this potential. 

    CD is the most expensive album ever made and it simply has others problems than Smile.

    This is the worst post I have ever read.

    I truly, truly despise this post. 

    Heroes and villains? Wonderful? Cabin essence, surfs up? GOOD FUCKING VIBRATIONS to name just a few 

    You are an idiot 

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  2. So two members have left during this hiatus.

    Either both have been informed the band is done or GNR pay a lot less than we all assume.

    DJ and Bumble don't exactly have incredibly lucrative outside ventures, hard to believe they would walk away from GNR's easy money without something substantial going down.

    Whatever the case, we won't be seeing much from Axl Rose for a very, very long time.

    Not that I care.

  3. Easily replaceable

    Bring in somebody who will complain less.

    At this point the band and the fans should realize a new album is just not happening any time soon, maybe in the next 5 years I'd imagine.

    I personally find it hard to get excited for an album composed by this current band, I don't find any of them (Minus Axl) to be particularly talented musicians. They play other peoples shit pretty good.

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  4. Ha. You know I followed axl all these years because I loved his beliefs and integrity.

    It's obvious this isn't the same axl. What a shame, he's cashing out. I don't know, maybe he has to, maybe he needs the money but the mystery is gone.

    The era of vegas axl is in and I don't buy it.

    That lifetime achievement award was well timed , it signalled the end of an era.

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