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  1. *side-point I would love any unreleased VR material* In relation to last poster: PANDA WATCH!!!
  2. Well yeah, I once didn't think Chinese democracy would be released but it did. I never thought I would see slash and axl perform November rain with my own eyes but it happened. Never thought I would hear the early Chinese democracy demos either but it happened. It's inevitable that there will be many new things at some point. Personally the biggest thing in doubt to hear is the unreleased VR material.
  3. Calm down guys šŸ™ Yes these are frustrating times and we are fans of a frustratingly unpredictable band. Be appreciative of what you got which 20years ago you would've laughed at
  4. Jurassic park theme. Slash loves Dino's and NR solo at the top sound like JP theme at the top a little bit
  5. Ah cheers! At first I thought VR but Matt's hair is so mid to late 90s.
  6. I dunno, last concert I went to I wished that tracy and Roberta were there to help me with the lyrics after the second solo. I didn't know the words to the final section of knocking on heaven's door so...
  7. There's still Christmas: Guns N' Roses- Legend of the Red Santa "Do you know where the fuck you are elves?! You're at the north pole baby! Time to make some tooyyyyssss-ah!"
  8. Oh well I'm not ummm... Beta! They knew it was us! Tell axl to start the plane!
  9. I think even if Axl jumped into some fan's lap with an anthology of new material and gave a big kiss on the cheek, that fan would still complain
  10. My band used a rehearsal space without masks. Then again we think of eachother like family and restrictions aren't too bad in Sydney
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