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  1. "Did you ever find bugs bunny attractive when he put on a dress and pretended to be a lady bunny?"
  2. Yeah I concur. I revisited pawnshop recently in the lead up to this record. Vocals aren't as good as I remember. His stuff with slash and the snakepit record all great instrumental work. Even the vocalist on first snakepit is better than him and I didn't like that guys voice that much either.
  3. I'm still misreading the name as gilby Clarke when the poster pops up on social media.
  4. New toy trucks are coming, soon is the word. Plenty of Tuesdays left between now and axls death
  5. He could be meticulously changing Chinese democracy 2 into Myanmar Democracy. *There are plenty of witnesses here Fernando that will know if you stole my idea*
  6. Instrumentally yeah it's awesome. Lyrically no. It's because of that connection it won't come back.
  7. Don't misquote. I didn't defend DJ at all. His solo spots were predictable and polished. What you call "guitar wank" is one of the few reasons I bother to fork out large sums to see a rock show. Gene Simmons says rock is dead but he's part of the problem. I won't go to a kiss show because I know what I'm going to get. A greatest hits record in 3D. Cash grabbing nostalgia shows are what is killing rock. An artist saying that rock is dead is arrogantly stating "I was the best, there is nothing after me". By move on I mean to break out of the nostalgia loop and make new creative choice
  8. Don't get me wrong, the reunion was something I didn't expect and am elated that it did. However there are aspects of that old larger band I miss. As an artist I loved the atmosphere of two hours of artists having a solo spot to express themselves. Because all those guys were such an eclectic group it made listening to the individual sum of the parts an interesting experience. There was always that feeling of excitement (excluding DJ) that solo/jam was building to the intro of a new song. With slash (as awesome as his solos are) it's the excitement of building up to a classic song. So yeah I m
  9. I think Axl mentioned on the chats here that he wasn't interested in the big production videos anymore. The leaked video was a solid confirmation. I only remember him saying as an afterthought that if he did do a non live video it would have been for shacklers based on the dark humour of dexter
  10. Speaking as an actor, there's no such thing as a flawless performance. Trying to pick the best parts of a performance for display only highlights flaws if you go at it with a microscope. There can be so many variables at play during a big show and you are better off releasing the whole show and having it judged as a whole. Look, if I had a huge online fanbase fat-shaming and saying that I can't sing anymore my confidence would be fucked too. I admire the guy for working through his shit and doing what he does. Only Dexter knows what that's like.
  11. There was a TVC campaign I saw but no more than what you would expect than a reminder concert tickets are about to go on sale. I went to a record store the day before and it was just there on the shelf behind the guy. I got a promotional window poster somewhere and the box set.
  12. The ending part of the video was something better suited to a tour documentary than a long awaited music video return
  13. I get the jungle video reference but don't care for the dice feeling like a Vegas throwback
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