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  1. Maybe the DOT Main Vocals, Guitar and Bass are same take but different Mix than the UYI2 But the piano, rythm guitars, drums and the Phone call vocals are absolutely from a very different take, it's very clear to notice they are, specially the piano, after the phone call until the end of the song.
  2. Yes, the 1998 Version is from that compilation album and it's exactly the same version from UYI 2, but without the spoken parts (the phone call). That's why is 16 seconds shorter. And since it's officialy released, I counted it as a 3rd studio version of KOHD
  3. Hello. We all know that there are 3 oficially released studio versions of KOHD. - Days Of Thunder Soundtrack Version (5:36) - UYI 2 Version (5:36) - UYI 1998 "Remix" (5:21) ...but, I came across with THIS officialy released promo single, it says "KOHD (REMIX)", and the lenght of the track is 6 seconds SHORTER than the DOT Album Version: 5:30 https://www.discogs.com/es/Guns-N-Roses-Knockin-On-Heavens-Door-Remix/release/1913914 It says "REMIX", meaning that the track should be different from the Album Version, but I've never heard a "remix" of the DOT S
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