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  1. 43 minutes ago, zombux said:

    true - Believe In Me booklet is the same story as UYI booklet - "recorded vaguely in 1993 in a million of studios", and the scarce singles have no recording info at all :facepalm:

    Recording Locations: 
    Conway Studios, Hollywood, CA 
    A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA 
    Record Plant, Hollywood, CA 
    Goodnight Dallas, Dallas, TX 
    Colorado Sound, Westminster, CO 
    Triad Studios, Redmond, WA 
    Olympic Studios, London, England 
    The Townhouse, London, England 

    Two of the studios listed there don't get a mention in the little intro and details with the written lyrics in the liner, being Olympic and Record Plant...   Of those two, Record Plant does get a mention the the TSI notes... :wacko:

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  2. So..  I've got this app called musixmatch on my android phone (s7 edge), that I use to play tunes because it shows the lyrics as the song plays.  However, with GnR tunes, it displays a "Unfortunately we are not allowed to display these lyrics" message instead...   Not that I don't know all the lyrics anyway!, but I'd still like to see them as they go!  Anyone here come across this app/player or issue,  or suggest a better app to do the same thing?  Thanks!

  3. I was there, flew home late last night, will put some vids and pics up soon enough, and scribble up my version of a review, but long story short, I didn't care about the delay, was timed perfectly for me to get back from the toilet and bar!  But I was seated (for the first time ever!) not standing, swaying and sweating etc..   The Sydney call was a fuck up, but people around me just laughed it off, with a couple of shouts of "it's Melbourne, dickhead!" or words to that effect...   Wolfmother sounded like shit from where I was, but Guns mostly noticeably better...   

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