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  1. "I've got hopes and dreams, and I must feel bolder." Sweersa, I don't know of anyone else that can hear that in the cellphone clip other than myself, so maybe I just hallucinated it being in there. But I swear, I can hear Axl's speaking voice right there. And actually, I think there's a second voice during the "I must feel bolder" part, and that voice is either a young woman or child. It is so faint I almost didn't include any of it. Can't remember how I made that little bit. Interviews with Axl, I'm sure - isolating vowels and filling in the "ssss" sounds. The trick for this type of
  2. Programs used for note manipulation - Adobe Audition and Melodyne (Celemony). Super old versions. I can't play any instruments. I just enjoy putting puzzles together. This thing was basically a one million piece puzzle. Every snippet and sliver - even those that have been heavily modified - was created initially by professional musicians. I'm no copyright expert, but I'm pretty sure uploading it anywhere would be a "no-no".
  3. He's suggesting the guy is what Americans call a "sucker" - that he's easily duped. If JimiRose wasn't flat-out trolling, I take what he said as a compliment. Yes. That's what was done. But it wasn't only from Rockband isolated vocals. Some of those 15 layers were from snippets of vocals isolated from AFD or UYI tracks. That's actually BH and Finck. Finck stuff is from Rockband. The BH stuff is isolated from a few songs in his monsterous collection. Cant remember where I got the solo, but I barely changed a note from the original. I'm sure many would disagree, though I
  4. That's really, really nice of you to say. Thanks!! Since I can't remember, my educated guess is "Canadian Whisky". Did you ever hear the version that has Bucket playing over that outro? It's super simple, but kinda magical too, I thought. Maybe not.
  5. Yeah. Got a reasonably clean vocal rip. Some folks around here have it and would probably hook you up if you want it.
  6. Thank you GNR 1991... and the rest who didn't hate the FrankenGeneral. Thanks Mindray11 for recording it. Without your quick thinking, I would have never wasted enjoyed working hundreds of hours on such a fine song. Regarding the guitar discrepancies, I don't know how to play any instruments so of course they aren't a match. The lead guitars are all made up. The stuff in the intro verse was pretty close to what I 'heard', but the solo was a complete replacement with some funky Bucket stuff I liked better. The early versions had the solo matched note-for-note, only with a Bucket ton
  7. Nope. Bucket got f#cked, and so did the (ever increasing number of ex-) fans. Also, I'd be okay never hearing another note from this band.
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