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  1. Nah I’m with you about the class thing, I’m from true dirt road country, I know all about how them motherfuckers are. Wow that’s one of the most bitch reviews I think I’ve ever seen. I hate reviews like that, think they’re so cute and clever don’t they? That one kinda takes the cake tho, that’s bad. I mean it wasn’t groundbreaking and I guess kinda same thingy but it was still entertaining. I could smoke a blunt and watch it right now and enjoy it. I gave The Gentlemen thumbs up, I can see that reviewer saying the same thing about that one too.
  2. Wonder why they bashed it so bad? I liked it. I’d say it’s right up there behind the others mentioned. Ah ok, I might check it out one day. I just sat through a movie that was kind of a copycat like that so I can wait to watch it. I liked the original with Burt a lot more than the Sandler version.
  3. Yeah I wanna see the soccer one. Rock n Rolla is the other one I couldn't remember, that was pretty good too.
  4. I like a well placed spoken verse in a country song. It has to be done right tho, like them of course.
  5. Heard this while someone was playing Grand Theft Auto V Then this came on right after. They trying to get somebody drunk on the playstation.
  6. I love UGK. Where I'm from they're legends. Bun B is cold as ice and Pimp C is one of the most copied mc's ever. I go back and forth between that album and their self titled as my favorite. I mean that's Pimp C singing the hook. That is some trill shit right there.
  7. The Gentlemen. Thumbs up. Maybe not on the same level as Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch, feels like I'm missing one in there, but yeah it was good. And any film that can turn Ol Dirty Bastard's Shimmy Shimmy Ya into a kids singalong during a chase scene and make it work has to get some respect The Way Back. Kinda thumbs up. A little too slow and sappy for me but the basketball stuff was good. One Night In Bangkok. Thumbs down. I don't know if they meant to remake Collateral or borrow or copy or what, I mean it's the same movie. Just Collateral was much much better.
  8. Yeah I liked what Navarro brought to the table. Coffee Shop is a tune. But as much as I liked it, it did set up Californication, which was a glorious return by Frusciante. Love that album.
  9. It might've ended up being shit, or just weird, but I always wanted that '02 band to hang around a little longer and release CD themselves. Such a strange little era. The '06 band seemed to have some chemistry. Robin and Axl were in killer form.
  10. Yeah Pryor is def a #1 kinda guy out of everybody. I’m about to listen to that shit you posted now That old Cosby, he’s siting in a chair most of the time, I think he’s wearing a suit, that is for real one of the funniest stand ups ever. Did you see that one? There’s a bit about him letting his kids eat cake for breakfast and his wife coming down?
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