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  1. Soon?? As in before or after the 3 hour meeting?... i mean.. soon is not a word for fast in TB world.. Great times to be a GNR fan again i guess.. videos, a children‘s book and Axl is trending high on twiter
  2. Unbelivable... like no words... did they just do somthing for fans.. like for free??
  3. You know, they are working on it, but they Don’t know how to do it... hekk even Slash told us that.. they just Don’t know how to do it... it’s not as easy to record and release like all bands do..
  4. Sure.. i’v been listening to CD all night.. and damn.. it is a realy depressive album.. you love it.. and boom you fucking hate it.. after all those years it still make no sence.. can’t make up my mind about it, it’s like a bad taco.. masterpice and diarrhea.....
  5. It ain’t about nothing, there is no new album.. why? They don’t know how to make on and how to do it.. they have to figure out how to do it before they can make one
  6. To many covers... but other than that, nice tracklist
  7. Damn.. almost forgot about this tread.. had a small heartatack for a moment.. but move on.. nothing new here
  8. Ohhh that made me lol to, best damn line i’v read by far for a long time. Hope TB reads that, might give em an idea to what to do next
  9. Just forget it.. they will just ignore you.. board members have tried before but no response.
  10. If he just smile.. he would look pretty good for his age.. damn sour face😂
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