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  1. Nope. 5 years ago. He announces and sells one show at a time. He ended up doing 5 shows in Toronto. Well Hamilton! You realize I don't care, right?
  2. Guns N' Roses now running promos for the upcoming summer tour. Is being called a brand new show that's going to be EPIC! "The next chapter is about to begin..." Don't want to say I told you so. Hmm... Well
  3. Okay, let's just say for a second that you're right and the whole tour collapses. You happy with the fact that the band may go their separate ways and we don't get any new material or a new album. Bands like GNR don't tour for the money. They're already making money.
  4. Haha, don't trust me. That's a bad move every time. But you'll see.
  5. My comments weren't directed towards that specifically. It's more directed towards the comments that people think they need to bring back people like Izzy, Matt, Gilby. Or go on tour with the Beatles or the Stones to sell a stadium. Kind of ridiculous to think that way. Apparently Smashing Pumpkins ain't a big enough opener for some people. I personally was hoping for Avenged Sevenfold and Ghost. Like Europe, but that's okay. I'll take whatever we get. As long as it's not fuckin Billy Talent (Thanks Slash n Duff) So far I've got Ozzy, Killswitch, Slipknot, Amaranthe, Ramm
  6. It's a whole new fuckin show. Not the same show. Trust me.
  7. Gotta say some of these comments make me laugh. To say it's not selling well Is totally off base. You're expecting a 90-minute sellout in a stadium. Got news for you. That only happens when brokers buy up all the tickets. And due to changes in Ticketmaster's rules. That doesn't happen anymore. You'll see a lot more of that very soon. If you got tickets be thankful. You got them. If you're gonna bitch. Maybe reflect on whether or not you truly are a GNR fan. Those that know me know me well. And fans like me. It don't matter if I was the only one in the fuckin arena. I'll still be
  8. The only reason it looks like it's selling poorly is because Ticketmaster has changed the way you buy tickets meaning scalpers n brokers have a more difficult time buying everything up.
  9. Smashing Pumpkins announced as the opener for the Summer Tour!!!
  10. No. NITL Tour is over. Whole new show this time. GET READY MF'ers!
  11. The song is from a GNR album that they all contributed to so... Any material from that album. Automatically incurs royalties.
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