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  1. if lockdown is what an orwellian state looks like, then I'm all up for it. I was longing back to the days of march / april when there was no traffic on the streets, when we were home for weeks on end, sporadically doing some chorse, but rediscovering the joys of life and nature. then covid went away, and back came the stress of work and society, and now it goes away again. ah, the bliss of not caring what time it is. Making a vegatable soup with whatever is in your fridge. looking through old pictures, reading a book, enjoying the garden. As far as my minute-to minute days go, t
  2. I believe that corona, if this lasts for a couple of years, will result in a surge of cultural initiatives. wasn't the birth of rock n roll a reaction to the nazis being driven away? People were relieved, man. it naturally created an outburst of joy, after 5 dreaded years of submission. I believe that we might get a new elvis or beatles.
  3. chinese democracy was axl's vision, through and through. it's Axl + additional musicians. not guns n roses.
  4. appearances may be deceiving. Also, people don't tend to be talkative about their income. it's difficult to make statements on that, so I'll leave that to people who are more versed into that stuff than me. I'm more the philosopher kind of person. A bottom up perspective rather than top down. I try to derive theory, from the ground up and then look at society to see if I'm right. time will tell, if I'm right or wrong
  5. unless ordinary people have less money in their pockets than at 5 years ago, they don't have much reason to change their vote. people know what to get with trump. A vote for trump, is a vote for a "status quo". Don't underestimate the power of the status quo: it stands for stability and continuity. People don't generally like change: it is an uncertain factor. Change is all well and good, but wether the change will turn out good or bad is yet to be seen. Biden has never been president before, so a vote for biden is always a gamble. In the current climate of uncertainty and corona, I
  6. all these tech heads raving on about DVD's, while betamax works just fine to me
  7. "spaghetti" was the last guns n roses album. "chinese" is no more a guns n roses album than "aint life grand". Just because Axl calls it guns n roses does not mean we should accept the illusion. It's a solo album, and not a very good one at that. There is some very convoluted music on that, it doesnt even sound like guns n roses. Spaghetti sounds more like guns n roses, and that was all covers (the reason being, Izzy was not in the band anymore). Without Izzy to help songwriting, you are deluded to expect anything WORTHY of the guns n roses brand to release ever again. There is
  8. then the fox will have bird soup for dinner
  9. a bird needs both wings to fly, both the right and the left
  10. facts about why people decide to volunteer in a vaccination experiment? there are no facts, there is no data. Everyone has their own reasons, we can only guess what they are. facts are so overrated. the world is better described by emotion / interpretation, rather than with facts.
  11. for the same reason people donate blood? to help people? I like to believe, not everyone helps other people just for the money.
  12. test person for covid patient has died https://www.hln.be/dossier-coronavirus/proefpersoon-voor-coronavaccin-van-astrazeneca-overleden-proeven-worden-niet-stopgezet~a902a013/ nothing on the death cause however. not the first time there's creepy issues being reported with test subjects. In any case, I've long made the decision not to take any vaccination. No one can guarantee that the vaccin will be safe, and this is crucial for me.
  13. it's not the virus that kills people, it's the reaction of our own immunity cells, that attack our healthy cells as a reaction to the virus.
  14. this band really isn't aimed at the hardcore fan. rather, it is a greatest hits band known for november rain and sweet child of mine. those songs gather some views on youtube, yes. as a hard rock band, it even wasn't that remarkable to begin with. most of their songs don't have a nice "flow" to them. I guess "nightrain" is cool. "it's so easy" too. but I wouldn't class GNR as an enjoyable rock band. Other than it's so easy / nightrain, what do they have to open a show? other acts, like AC/DC, motley crue, aerosmith, the stones, judas priest, motorhead, had a WEALTH of great songs to
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