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  1. I wanna change my fashion style, to resemble something more mature. Kind of a secret agent look. You know, the kind that solves murder cases with "just one more question". Thinking of wearing a hat and coat like this in public, but I'm not sure if this will give me weird looks
  2. and before anyone goes: "oh, he changed his mind, he's lost his credibility" ... the whole goddamn scientific community has changed their mind!
  3. and they said, we should all listen to the WHO, as they are the experts and everyone who disagrees is stupid by default. well, how about now I DO want to listen to the WHO's advice, and I'm going to ditch my mouth mask as I'm sick and tired of the thing. I have the WHO's backing on this, and everyone who disagrees with them is stupid.
  4. Doctor I have a bad case of farting, and they smell like a 100 year old grave. See, there it starts again, oof it's never been this bad. can you help me, doctor? "I know just the right thing to do son", he told me. And from a small room behind his desk, he brought this long pointy hook. "what are you going to do with me??" I screamed in horror while I held on to my buttocks. "Oh, just going to open this window"
  5. action


    just seen super 8 footage of his 1969 shows mind blown
  6. it is so liberating not to be associated with any movement whatsoever. but it's so hard to do. society forces you to admit the side you're on. society loves to label people. And with labels, come rights and privileges. You can't label me. I am not a supporter of any group of person, I hate them all equally, the right AND the left. I hate everyone and everything. The moment I set foot outside my door, I'm already frustrated with the dumbness of people, and it gets worse with age.
  7. I drive a black BMW, I can't possibly be racist. joking aside, a couple of observations / anecdotal experiences. I stopped before a predestrian crossing today, letting a black family pass. I friendly nod I gave them, and the man of the family smiled back and put his thumb up for me. genuinly made me feel good. I'll never understand racists, but I'll never understand the focus on skin color on both sides of the debate either. Skin color is so insignificant, that I just don't see the reason to bring it up. Both the right and the left, when bringing up skin color, are racists
  8. or "classroom porn" involving fit birds and pervert teachers. pretty advanced stuff, they're real connoisseurs it seems.
  9. daisy is like the inmate that all other inmates respect, for their long list of rebellous crimes. me on the other hand I have a warning point for asking links to leaks, so in terms of prison respect I guess that makes me the equivalent of a pedo I meant of course dazey, not daisy
  10. luckily they don't offer warning points for stupidity. that's my saving grace 😂 oops, I hope I didn't give them any ideas now
  11. I hear you the swith is something of a greatest hits of video games console to me. It has many great classic games from a variety of consoles of nintendo and even playstation. But yeah, don't buy this for big budget current games. but as long as you are aware what you're subscribing to, there is a lot to enjoy here in terms of legacy content, now with HD resolution, a variety of control options including an official version of the snes and gamecube controllers, and portability. the Doom games, duke nukem, turok, outrun, commander keen, final fantasy, skyrim, witcher III, mortal
  12. light is really fascinating. it is the only known thing that travels at the speed of light. At that speed, time seemingly "stops" relative to something else. Einstein said that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else. approaching the speed of light, a person in a spaceship would age much slower than the person left behind. So this means, time goes slower for the remainer, relative to the time experienced by the person in the spaceship. Light, traveling at the speed of light, is this spaceship. So for the light particle time goes fas
  13. this is all my fault though. I was thinking the other day, while I was browsing the news sites at work with a cup of coffe, around 10 AM or something, "mmm, it's bin a while since the world had another good disaster. 9/11, fukushima, the gulf of mexico,.... it's getting a bit boring, where's the action" and bam, litterally the next week or so corona happens.
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