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  1. that's the spirit! self-relativation is the mark of a good character
  2. ... aren't you making people remember now, on the first page of the new thread?
  3. you never say that when I don't post for a week, you cheat!
  4. why? do you have something to tell us? "the black death" was a bit problematic though was it?
  5. is it allowed to refer to the new strain as the "british" virus I wonder? Wouldn't that be stigmatising, the same way as there was an outrcy over the initial chinese variant?
  6. action

    classical music

    I've bought a 50 song best of cd by mozart, my very first classical cd. I love these compilations; this does the job of selecting the most interesting parts so I don't need to do my research myself. at times it feels like Queen II on steroids. It's not easy finding your way in mozart's backlog. the songs are named by numbers so this makes things a bit abstract for the uninitiated. but the "piano song" and that ta-tata-tatatatata song are precisely the kind of stuff you knew all along but didn't know it was mozart. a whole new world of music for me to explore. And it is rela
  7. I think the nintendo fanbase were always not very interested in playing online. see the gamecube era, with xbox and PS2 making large efforts for online play, and nintendo completely missing that boat. I didn't hear many nintendo fanboys complain. Even today, not that many people have nintendo online. And of those that have, don't underestimate the portion that only has it in order to play nes and snes games, and never play a game online. But this portion, still pays 20 euro a year. Five years makes nintendo 100 euro. And of those that play snes and nes games, theres a large portion t
  8. I've also come to realise, that the only reason we have online on a nintendo system at all, is because I think nintendo felt like they had the games (splatoon 2, mario kart, arms), to take advantage of the technology in a way that makes them money. nintendo does everything (in their own way) to push nintendo online hard on us. Even though most of us might not see the point of nintendo online, in nintendo's vision it makes sense, because it has to make sense in their business model. that's why you can not buy snes and nes games: you need to pay for a nintendo online subscription. that's wh
  9. I've completed it, but I feel it's one of those "one time playthrough" kind of games. it's puzzle based, and therefore a second playthrough kinda misses the point of the game. the action itself I found less than satisfying. miyamoto is known for not being a fan of "shooting games", he looks to other ways to play games. personally, I'm more of a shooter guy, and that's why I prefer something like robocop 3 (snes) over super metroid. it's also a game (metroid) that you can't leave behind for a couple of weeks, and step back into. it's too much of a maze. especially metroid prime,
  10. just think of all the games that were influenced by ocarina of time. skyrim. witcher III. red dead redemption. 3D open world action / adventure games.... it all started here folks. I've replayed this game for the first time since the mid 2000s, and technically this more than shows its age and there are some apparent QOL changes to be made..... but this is a hand crafted game that's overflowing with charm and wonder. shout out to the brilliant music. And the colour palette of the world, the artstyle... no browns and greys here, the land is vibrant and colourfull. this game is a work of ar
  11. zelda all stars. ocarina of time HD on the go. I'll shut up if they give us that.
  12. I'm currently having an infintely amount more fun with perfect dark on the xbox, local splitscreen, than all the splatoon 2's of the world can give. Splatoon 2, nintendo's flagship competitive shooter, does not have a local splitscreen option, does not have bots. A mere perfect dark port does. that was a bit of a letdown that I feel nintendo has never corrected. Local splitscreen shooters are almost non existent on the N64. There are far better options for that kind of gaming experience, and the switch is not one of them. Even the Turok 2 port didn't have the local multiplayer anymore. It's li
  13. they say the switch is half it's lifetime, but I feel the best is behind us. No exciting new announcments for the near future from nintendo, and interesting third party supply has all but dried up. I would still have wanted a metal gear solid on the switch, but I think it's not to be. I do feel that first party titles were lacking a bit. Where's star fox, F zero, 1080, ocarina of time, wind waker, twilight princess? I would have been happy with lazy remasters. I do not feel the switch has reached it's full potential. but it's close. My xbox one x receives more playtime howe
  14. the story in tweaked form could have been written today. earthquakes, silicon valley, shortage of memory..... I'm not going to say it was ahead of it's time, but there surely are worse stories in the series. and the last thing I'm going to say about tanya roberts, in her first scenes she legitimately looked the part with those deep blue eyes. she's no ursula andress, but she can easily compete with her. anyway, to sum it up. it's a personal favorite of mine, and my brother. Great laughs when we watch it together.
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