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  1. he wears different clothes than me, so he's guilty
  2. I find it strange to engage in situations that offer you "no win" a lot of the time. If I ever would find myself in that position, where I'm spending a lot of time and resources into something, anything, that offers me nothing back, then I would just close the business. So therefore, allow me to put question marks with the comment that "staff are in a no win situation a lot of the time". That's painting a rather doom and gloom image of the situation, that is hardly accurate with reality. Surely, they get "something " back from doing this? You too, must have at one point go
  3. also, I asked my son of 8, what is your favorite star wars movie, and he said rise of the skywalker. I can see where he's coming from. He also likes the kylo ren character I guess it's all great fun for kids
  4. bit late to the party, but my son is into star wars, I never was, and so I watched all these films for the first time properly, and it was entertaining if only for the cool spaceships. I'm not a star wars fan at all, I don't really care about the story, and so I don't bear the frustrations many other people have. I know star wars from the N64 video games, and nothing else. In this respect, I found the 1977 movie a bit boring, ESB had the great hoth scenes, but I feel rise of the skywalker has some truly awesome space battles, even if I don't know what's going on. I thought the movies
  5. no one is forced to post here. I'm missing all those people too, but it's their decision not to post here anymore. Everyone has their reasons. It's like a snowball though. One poster leaves, that makes another person leave and so on. I hope some of those people read what we have to say about them, see that we miss them and maybe they'll come back. I don't really see the point though, with all those great people gone. For me, they were / are the heart and soul of this community. I'm a bit lost for topics to talk about, with all those people gone. I don't really want to leave myse
  6. I can relate! Turned off the sound, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I think on my last attempt I replayed this mission 10 times, always getting a bit further. When losing all your lives it was quicker to use the reset button in stead of going through that ranking list, which took forever. It was really cathartic when I finished it, because it always kinda bugged me I couldnt finish that level. First I went for the missile launchers as quick as I could, and when that was gone I got a little breathing space again. Got a bit nervous when the force shield was gone and I didn't kno
  7. I've just completed the "raid on sullust" level of the first rogue squadron game, for the first time ever. Thought I'd never see the day. Of all the games I ever played, this is easily in my top 3 of hardest levels ever, because I've only managed to beat it after 23 years.
  8. one good thing about carona: I've finally got an excuse to grow a jim morrison haircut
  9. that's the spirit! self-relativation is the mark of a good character
  10. ... aren't you making people remember now, on the first page of the new thread?
  11. you never say that when I don't post for a week, you cheat!
  12. why? do you have something to tell us? "the black death" was a bit problematic though was it?
  13. is it allowed to refer to the new strain as the "british" virus I wonder? Wouldn't that be stigmatising, the same way as there was an outrcy over the initial chinese variant?
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