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  1. not sure 1 album can even work for me without cutting out some great tunes that should have been released, one way or another. A lot of the songs are long and the epics are a huge part of UYI so it's a problem. this kind of album, the good, the bad, and the ugly of Gn'R I think actually benefited from the double album approach anyway, just because of the nature of the material. Way more varied compared to Appetite. While we're at it, I think Chinese should have been the same way but it didn't so Chinese sounds kinda weird, like a best of or a tasting menu a lot of the time. The contrast between the different styles would probably be less jarring if it was like UYI, a double album and it's interesting that it was all completed before 2008 and had more or less the same number of tunes (about 30 according to Bumble) and Axl said he viewed CD l and ll as one record, same thing he said about UYI l and ll. UYI is definitely bigger than the sum of its parts imo. Even the tunes that I consider to be weaker compared to the big guns give the album more character and in many cases are great tunes.
  2. plans change, but this is applicable to anything Gn'R at any point until Axl actually pulls the trigger on it. I don't know if it's very effective to compare 2013 with 2021. There was no release of any "new" original music after Chinese like there was after the reunion with Absurd so I'm thinking just because Axl wanted to do something and it didn't pan out, doesn't mean it will always be like that plus I believe Slash and Duff returning to Gn'R means there is some positive influence on Axl when it comes to artistic confidence/motivation to move forward cause he's not doing it "alone" anymore.
  3. https://deadline.com/2021/09/daniel-craig-video-emotional-farewell-james-bond-crew-cast-1234839009/
  4. so far 16 officially released songs in 30 years. Shit seems like it's improving with the release of Absurd, and if a new album is released than it won't be the case, but for now, yes, Gn'R is a legacy act. if released, the chance of the next Gn'R album even comparing to the material released in their peak is very low imo but that's ok cause it can still be great. Every band with its own personality and circumstances. Slash does seem to have the ability to differentiate between his projects. Still sounds like him, but Snakepit, VR, solo album, SMKC, and Gn'R all sound distinct enough to me from one another.
  5. whatever Axl, Slash, and Duff think should be released and has a place in the catalog, is fine by me, I want to hear it. The covers you mentioned could be great as digital releases or as a part of a covers ep after a release of a new album, not before imo.
  6. those people were born like that. Some people just want their UYI 3, two days from now.
  7. we're on the hype train. I think Axl is ready and wants to play again. I expect we'll get HS soon enough. Album next year? who knows, but looks promising and we already got something (Absurd) so that's why the mood changed to more positive. Ignoring all the information would be silly and coming to the conclusion that things are in motion is only logical imo.
  8. definitely. We expect objectivity when in reality, as humans, a lot of the time we are too quick to judge based on what we want it to be/initial instinct so maybe it's better to deal with these matters with some level of control that only laws can provide after proper investigation of the available evidence. R. Kelly is a criminal but that doesn't mean every person who gets accused of something doesn't have the right to at least defend themselves before getting assfucked by a mob cause there are a lot of liars that just want attention and/or to get paid.
  9. seems like it's not Axl's style to ruin a surprise so I wouldn't look for clues on social media before a show. He just seems to enjoy doing new shit out of the blue like guest musicians, playing new songs, etc. my guess is that if Absurd wasn't a one time thing, then HS is going to be played/released in a similar way to how Absurd got released or there are no more single releases if/until the album comes out.
  10. but you're the one who's doing it. You came up with it and you constructed it. Gilmour always did this as well in Pink Floyd. But to what extent? and if it was done like Bumble said they did it, my guess is Axl did the comping, not Bucket.
  11. there are many great Buckethead albums but his solo work only reflects him as a musician, mostly. You won't get the same musical interaction with Axl for example, the restraint in Bucket's playing is not there a lot of the time and it's not the same direction of music. I've listened to my fair share of Bucket albums. It's not like he shits solos like his There Was A Time outro, his Sorry solo, or If The World solo in every album he releases and while I think much of the material is great, it doesn't come close to the same level of production and the songs themselves are completely different in many cases. there was definitely a chemistry there between Axl and Bucket imo and one of the best things about Chinese for me is how you get to have Bucket as an important addition to something else, and not just his musical vision which is also cool. btw, one thing I don't think has been talked about much around here is that Bumblefoot said years ago in an interview that 95% of the solos on Chinese are comped, copy/pasted. presumebly by Axl with maybe some help from Caram. If true, this means solos like Bucket's There Was A Time outro could have been constructed from improvised Bucket leads on a chord progression. We know they did it with May's work on Catcher but I guess it's not a pleasent thought for some fans of Chinese but Bumble seems to be an honest person. it's how Slash's Safari Inn instrumental got constructed to a certain degree and EVH's Beat It solo is also rumored to have been comped. One of the Twat leaks had a shorter Bucket outro and if you've never heard the released version I don't think you could tell it wasn't the full solo.
  12. no one said Melissa is the new Izzy. She's a capable composer so a well rounded musician who has more than one skill. Instead of hiring a bunch of people, you only need one to replicate Chinese studio parts live so it's just a better representation of the material and old Guns tunes can be enhanced, but it's very subtle plus great backing vocals. you keep repeating the essential thing. Essential to what? to you personally getting your ideal youtube experience of a Gn'R show? probably not. But to do the kind of live show Axl is likely interested in, with all the elements that are important to him (and to some fans) yes, it is essential and it doesn't have any drawbacks imo since the main goal here is for Melissa to just give the sound a little kick. Melissa was talking about the studio parts from the old tunes she had to replicate and program so she can reproduce it live. She is playing some synth parts that Axl came up with for NR that sound like an orchestra for some, but it's Axl doing it all using synts. So it's cool that live these parts are still being performed. not everything that is important is essential anyway, and you can't bring Melissa out for a couple of tunes and then make her leave the stage. That won't work imo, it will feel weird.
  13. I really like Melissa's singing voice. her backing vocals on Madagascar especially during the last chorus. Someone mentioned Chinese. Also great. Powerful voice with a cool timbre to it. I much prefer the way her voice sounds with Axl's compared to Tracy and Roberta. you can argue about if she and her synths are necessary but I guess it depends on the band and how important are the details of the instrumentals to a specific listener and what they want to hear. it's hardly rare for a rock band to do this like others have already mentioned, only most bands do it the lame way obscured from audience view but if you're against synths in Gn'R there's really no point in discussing it if you can't differentiate your musical preference from the musician who happened to get the Gn'R gig and is just doing her job. (and doing it well in this case, I might add) should Axl ever choose to utilize Melissa as a composer in Gn'R, she'd already proven she's talented enough in that department as well by collaborating with Bucket and Brain. fake flute flurries were a part of the recorded version of November Rain so I feel like it does have its place in the live show.
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