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  1. all that was said about new music is that Axl got a shitload of material, he said if Slash and Duff want to be a part of it, they can, and Slash said he worked on some Gn'R shit plus the 2 new riffs he saved for Gn'R. it's all speculation. We don't know exactly what the ratio will be between new material and old plus shit can change. What if Slash comes up with an idea that Axl thinks could fit nicely with what he already got? like I said, I still believe most of it will be from the CD era, but we don't really know how it will turn out if/when it actually releases. There could be a l
  2. nobody has explicitly said that most of the next potential Guns album would consist of mainly unreleased Chinese era material. That is just what some fans here believe and to a certain extent, I think at least most of it will be tunes that Axl had worked on for years, but we don't actually know that. I'm hoping for at least 3-4 new tunes that Slash and Duff brought in centered around a huge riff or some shit. Everyone got their favorite players, but in the end, I just want the album to be great and I trust Axl to deliver something that would sound epic and rock hard. I agree that Sla
  3. I think there was definitely a peak where rock was perfected in a more pure form. by early 2000's you had enough strong variations and blends of the past and what was current 15-20 years ago. the guitar as an instrument isn't what the mainstream wants to hear anymore as well. I remember Gilby once said in an interview that he liked The Killers debut album cause he was able to detect all the classic influences of rock in it. I think this is a requirement for a lot of rock fans in order for them to connect with new bands/new music. Appetite was the Zeppelin formula perfected with
  4. yeah Josh has the talent and the charisma but were QOTSA ever mainstream? they had Go With The Flow and No One Knows in 2002 but it didn't get as big or close to the old guys. I think Jack White had it at least with the White Stripes. That band was pretty big but no huge new band really. because rock isn't mainstream anymore there are less big rock bands and more big solo artists and in a more pop genre like Lady Gaga for example and Billie Eilish.
  5. if Axl didn't care he could have probably released a rehashed version of what Gn'R already explored musically fairly easily and quickly with Slash and Duff back in the band imo. Instead, it seems like there is the touring machine and the catalog. So maybe not every aspect of Gn'R is a cash grab and Axl prefers to only release what he considers to be an album that would add something to the catalog? maybe Axl cares too much so he overthinks it and hoards new music until it's good enough in his mind. I guess eventually Axl will have to give an interview and talk about his current inten
  6. maybe but I don't think this is the point: in Gn'R land, we have very little real information so if the goal for the near future is to get a feel for what's happening with new music, what Axl, Slash, and Duff have to say about it does have its value imo. If Duff actually said this shit, then I think it's relevant. Especially in this thread.
  7. for me, at this point, it's like a marriage. I'm probably not going to stop being a Gn'R fan no matter what. The band is far from perfect and someday it will come to an end so personally I do my best to enjoy the aspects that still offer something of value. I think the bitterness of some fans come from their love of the band and/or its music. The hope that it can maybe be something more or the memory of what it once was like you said. The first priority seems to be new music for most as it is for me. for a lot of fans it seems the tour lasted too long without something new to make it
  8. I think Slash has it in him to make another album on the level of WOF. He worked on 20 tunes when the world was on lockdown. He had no option to tour so I hope he came up with some great shit. Won't be long until we'll get to hear it.
  9. yeah in all seriousness, it doesn't matter to me at all. More to love. He's not that fat anyway and at 60 he still looks pretty cool.
  10. Axl is so fat, when he wore a yellow coat, people yelled Taxi!
  11. perhaps, but don't you think he'll want to promote it in a monumental way? everytime Axl releases anything which is not that often of course, I think he wants it to have every chance of succeeding. Seems kinda old school about it. Especially when it's original Guns material but who knows.
  12. doesn't seem like Axl's style to stealth release anything. My guess is maybe Axl will address this issue in one of the shows or they'll finish all the tour dates and when Axl completes the album/wants to release it he'll give a release date or an interview but none of this shit is going to happen anytime soon. in the meantime, I'm hoping they'll at least play HS or some other newish tune.
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