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  1. Axl said he wanted to bury Appetite with UYI, not Chinese? maybe you meant UYI, not sure. anyway, I think Gn'R must play some Gn'R tunes. Bowie was a completely different "animal". The band did play 8 Chinese tunes in one of the NITL shows, but maybe Gn'R is the type of band that when it comes to live shows, do cater to what most people that pay to see the show want to hear. So I'm pretty sure they're always going to play WTTJ, Easy, Brownstone, Nightrain, PC, KOHD, NR, SCOM, and LALD at the very least and probably Estranged, Civil War and Don't Cry/Patience as well in every show.
  2. right. But this means that a guitar player can be a shredder but still have enough musical personality, taste, and approach that make him more than just a generic shredder and so for me, he is comparable to Slash in enough areas where it's not ridiculous to do so. I think his Chinese work proved that he is versatile enough to come up with ideas Slash would probably never be interested in exploring but also ideas that fit Gn'R and Axl's style in a more classic Gn'R way because he shares similar musical priorities as Slash.
  3. I think Slash and Bucket share enough qualities as guitar players that it's not nonsense to compare the two. At least some of Bucket's work is comparable to Slash imho. You know... Bucket is a shredder and all that but both players are really good at playing slower with a few notes or fast with a lot of notes and both are capable of some pretty lyrical playing and they understand how to perfectly construct a solo. Short and concise or long but never meandering. Bucket has a bluesy side to him as well. He does the David Gilmour thing quite often too where it's super melodic and the guitar tone
  4. maybe Axl kept second guessing himself without Slash, trying to prove he could do it on his own cause we know Chinese was ready in 1999. What I'm saying is I believe they can complete it and there would be no reason to delay it if Axl thinks it's good enough. With Slash and Duff back in the band, the material should naturally sound more like classic Gn'R, so that could potentially give Axl more artistic confidence. and they were on a long tour for 4 years. Axl does one or the other it seems, not both at the same time. so many excuses. I can do this all day. Seriously though, I unders
  5. Matt said it will arrive in April, 2021. here is the link: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ex-guns-n-roses-drummer-matt-sorum-on-his-upcoming-autobiography-i-didnt-wanna-come-off-jaded/
  6. I expect Axl to try his best. I believe he wants to do it and he's not alone anymore. There are 2 more classic members in the band who understand what a Gn'R album is supposed to sound like and there is existing unreleased material to work with. They seem to get along very well and it's like they're a team again, no ego driven bullshit. so yeah, if anyone is capable of not releasing an album it's Axl Rose, but I'm optimistic cause my guess is that it bothers him that the Gn'R catalog is small and I think he cares about the legacy of the band as far as studio albums go (part of the reason
  7. it was accidentally put on sale digitally and then pulled, but a small group of people managed to buy it before they've corrected the error.
  8. maybe no one knows when, not even Axl. Even if he knows, that can always change. It happened in 2006. I think he truly believed it was going to come out that year, like he said in the Trunk interview I think it was. He sounded so confident but as we all know it took 2 more years for it to come out. hopefully things will be different with Slash and Duff back in Gn'R. Maybe their shared chemistry can speed things up but he's totally capable of taking even more time to perfect a potential release exactly because of the possible high expectations from a Gn'R that features 3 classic members. I
  9. I think Noah is talented. Cool voice and melodies. He should just forget about those other guys and find better musicians to form his own band. It's a shame it seems more than one individual in this band has a drug problem.
  10. haven't got around to it yet, but some fans who have read it were kind enough to post excerpts of the book. Pretty sure Matt said it, yes. I just think that the best strategy was to accept the offer and you know... maybe also for the fans and take some enjoyment in playing a couple of Guns tunes with Axl, Slash, and Duff again.
  11. too bad Matt didn't agree to Gn'R's offer to join them for a song or two without getting paid, if only for it to serve as a way to be in better terms with Axl. I still think of him as a part of Gn'R's history. I wonder if his book will eventually come out officially and if it had anything to do with Axl.
  12. I think SMKC is too perfect of a solution for Slash as a vehicle for his ideas and as a reason to tour with pretty much total control/no bullshit to just kill it after one more record and find a new challenge. Slash doesn't seem to be interested in challenging himself too much artistically or to go the instrumental/covers route imo. He strikes me as an old school, fairly straightforward kinda guy, Slash just wants to rock and make money. I'm always excited to hear the next SMKC record cause it's Slash, but he's such a brilliant guitar player that it feels like he deserves a much better si
  13. it's a matter of personal taste of course, and I don't mean to shit on anyone's preference, but I think Slash never found the right singer for his solo projects/bands. Scott was the most interesting to me and he didn't really have the vocal range but I'm not sure what is worse: bone headed singers that come up with lyrics like "do you like the way I murder your heart" or Myles The Generic and the neverending tepidness.
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