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  1. the way I see it, ideally, it will be a double album that covers all eras of the band and combining it to form a cohesive sound that will be, as always, an evolution but will be a little more balanced compared to Chinese. I believe the current line up can achieve this given enough time and focus. Duff and Slash are a unit. Axl got material, Slash can be positively influenced by Axl to work hard and really nail his guitar parts and the rest of the lineup is talented enough imo to make it happen. thing is, I don't think Axl looks at any given year and says to himself "it's 2021, gotta compl
  2. plus it's also a waste of good material that can be a real part of the next Gn'R album. I don't think Axl views the unreleased material as leftovers but more of something he can still use. Slash and Duff can probably make most of the material sound more like Guns anyway. This is an advantage if you're trying to make a Gn'R album. Also I think fuckin' with past releases is disgusting in general and rarely works like Let It Be Naked by The Beatles did and Chinese has a good mastering so I say leave it the way it is and move forward by using what you can from the unreleased material.
  3. Talking Heads - Fear Of Music (1979)
  4. just a wild guess here but any bonus album, released digitally, not as a real part of the catalog could be viewed by Axl as something that will detract from it. I could be wrong but I don't see Axl choosing to release music this way. He barely releases main albums maybe cause it's gotta be great, a musical statement that reflects the current band. Such a release for the fans (again not his style) would be great for us but maybe not be such a good idea in Axl's opinion. Just speculatin' here.
  5. maybe, but I think some of the unreleased tunes from that era will be a part of a new Gn'R album if Axl will ever get around to releasing new music. You don't just abandon a great song just because it's old/from a different era so maybe it will be reworked "CD ll" material with new stuff, maybe even a double album.
  6. horrid news. Very sad day. What a loss. Still can't believe it. RIP Eddie. He'll never be forgotten.
  7. Aerosmith - Mama Kin James Brown - You Gotta Move Frank Sinatra - My Way
  8. The Prodigy - Out Of Space Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
  9. tbh, haven't heard a lick of it yet. I prefer their old shit but I'll check it out eventually, I'm sure.
  10. didn't know he covered it. Great version, but personally I love Coldplay. To each his own.
  11. that's neat. btw, do you know the difference between poisonous and venomous yet?
  12. The Doors - Love Me Two Times
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