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  1. I don't think an album's finished yet but wouldn't be surprised there's been a lot of work done over the past few years on new music. A lot of recording artists have either worked on new albums or did absolutely nothing during the pandemic. No mention on his Twitter about the single being released, not even comments about the tour.
  2. It only took 19 years to finish it. Is there mention what company they released it through?
  3. One thing I hope for in the near future (and never thought would happen) is a 50th anniversary AC/DC tour. Going back to listen to the back catalog and work my way forward until the album comes out. I wonder if they did work on more songs based on what Angus said about there being a lot of Malcolm and Angus song ideas still kicking around and put them on the shelf for now. I am hoping Rock or Bust was filmed and still hoping they would have put them out with Brian on one disc and Axl on the other, with a documentary.
  4. The only new GNR music we'll get is if it's on a movie soundtrack...then maybe they'll work on actually putting a new album out.
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