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  1. Obviously there’s better songs on Spaghetti than UYI. And Production is better. But UYI has bigger hits and more epic tracks. You can probably disregard this post I’ve bin drinking all day.
  2. I’m listening to Kanikaze now. As remember it was more rap god all the way through. Relapse was also good. Kamikaze is focused but none of the tracks really grab me like I want to hear them again. There’s a lot of good rapping though. I feel I’d have to listen 10 times more to get it. There’s less pop hooks or rock dynamics to get me. No choruses.
  3. I should probably listen to it more then.My list is just albums I got into. I loved the lavish movie ness of MM2. Almost like a little UYI type thing. It has all these different styles. Rap God is more hardcore but then there’s pop of Monster, So Far oddball, rock stuff like Headlights, Asshole. And Survival are more like rock tracks. It’s almost not a rap album but I love it as a album to listen to the whole thing. So much there.
  4. I’m too full of food to drink with abandon. Watching Home Alone 2. Too full to change the channel.
  5. Bloodlust - Body Count Last of Our Kind - The Darkness Choice of Weapon - The Cult Beat on the Devils Tattoo - BRMC Dystopia - Megadeth BE - Beady Eye Futurology - Manic Street Preachers Magic Whip - Blur Long Live A$AP - A$AP Rocky Mr Wonderful - Action Bronson Paradise - Lana del Rey Pale Emperor - Manson MM2 - Em Comedown Machine - Strokes High Hopes - Springsteen Dark Fantasy - Kanye Different Truth - VH Path of Totality - Korn Psychdelic Pill -Neil Young Like Clockwork - Queens of Stone Age
  6. I don’t know, I don’t think many artists make songs like Atlas. Not sure where these kind of songs come from. It has that magic you can’t explain. Hardschool is essential for that old school GNR thing. I really liked State of Grace. Perfecto Axl vocal. The range of the vocal. Has that Stones thing where it starts out slow and builds. Eye on You isn’t complete. Perhaps is great. It’s a little heavy to be a single but like a UYI track. Atlas and Perhaps are UYI 3 type songs. Not as catchy as Yesterdays but not as epic Breakdown. Next level of songwriting, how I see Catcher. Argu
  7. The Irishman was okay but I know I’ll watch it again. Once Upon a time in Hollywood was good the first time but then I watched it again and it was better. Maybe I just got into that mode but every scene is like movie porn. The car driving parts are great. Half way through I was thinking it’s a tour de force. Every scene just oozes some weird nostalgia for movies. The idea that OldHollywood saves New Hollywood and secures it’s future is pure Tarantino. That’s all he wants to say. He wants to be Cliff Boon more than Brad Pitt. But it’s pro Hollywood. Kind of connected back to
  8. Man in the High Castle Barry Lodge 49
  9. State of Grace is like another more NIN IRS. Nothing could be the Bowie/Blur spaceballad. Eye On You sounds like it was recorded in a vacuum cleaner. D Tune and Curly add the 90s Alt rock thing. Quick Song and Zodiac good side 2 openers. As It Began has the most potential epic closer. Maximus is the No Quarter.
  10. Selling counterfeit chains and wallets? I found 24 cans of Becks in the garage. Ah Christmas, I’m going drink imported beer until I can’t feel my legs. Casino Royale that can’t be the Bond movie.
  11. Possibly but I’m paranoid. You know with HK etc. I’m full of loose talk. I just took an 15 hour flight to make this post.
  12. Old school, new school, what are ya gonna do when you get out of law school?
  13. Wolf of Wall Street Inception Place Beyond the Pines Killing Them Softly A Most Violent Year Hell of High Water The Wrestler Somewhere Drive Minions Nymphomaniac vol 1 and 2
  14. I’m reading The Border trilogy by Don Winslow. Epic and fun.
  15. China blocked mygnr and other sites. I knew there was no way anyone could ban my righteous self. But it took a few days to find another GNR site to post on and listen to those CD II songs. 8am Christmas morning 2019, let’s start drinking like it’s 2020.
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