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  1. I saw your posts on freelance writing. Upwork I think it was called? How long have you been doing that? Just asking because I'm interested and have been doing some writing for years now, but I would be nice to make some money off it.

    1. wasted


      A few years but I haven’t been very active because mostly just use it to unload writing I did. Sometimes you get new projects off that. But mainly it’s rewriting what you have tailoring it to what they want. It might be easier to just write sci fi or romance to order. 

    2. Destiny


      Sci fi is not really my area. Maybe something like paranormal/ parapsychology type stuff.

      I do have have material that has been sitting around for years and haven't figured out what to do with it. And I have even dabbled in the area of fanfiction :facepalm:.

      Thanks for replying!


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