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  1. Seem them 3 times and each time has been the same for me. Maybe I've been unlucky. Audience enjoys it, didn't say otherwise, bit seems sterile compared to most gigs. When Nightrain was played, the crowd went nuts.
  2. SMKC are great live, but the crowd is always DEAD. There's nothing enjoyable about stood with a few thousand other people just nodding along waiting for a GNR track. GNR are decent for the most part. The fast pace of the songs last time I saw them annoyed me a little, and there are obviously the issues with Axl's voice & volume of effects you tend to hear live - but the song list encourages a great gig experience. Tighter band & musically - Slash & Myles. Better Gig? GNR.
  3. I mean, tbf, it's like handling 59yr old, damaged dynamite. I still remember the comments Baz made about the album release suggestion and Axl kinda blowing up, very sarcastically and the phrase someone else made; "Axl is still a very combustable character" or something along those lines. You get the feeling there's a limit to which they're willing to push. At the end of the day, Slash is making fucking millions of dollars, playing to huge crowds and churning out his own music with Myles. Why would he rock the boat?
  4. Yeah, they also talked about the "EP that was due for release in Feb". Wonder if they're just repeating what they've read on the web, of if they actually know.
  5. I suspect the gigs will go ahead. If you're buying seated, and can afford it, I'd personally get them now. Prices won't alter considerably IMO.
  6. If there's an EP, I really don't foresee a full album release coming at all. If, after all this time, they only have enough for an EP, then they're spent. If, however, an EP dropped now to cover the lull in activity and an album was slated for release around the time the European tour started, then this would perhaps make more sense.
  7. I listened to 10 secs after the intro and had to turn it off. Absolutely dire vocally.
  8. Agreed. A mate of mine who described himself as a 'Guns fan' wasn't aware ChiDem even existed. He gave it a listen and loved it. The promotion around it was dire really.
  9. I suspect it’ll be when they’re ready for another single to drop. A few bands have gone back to a singles before the album model recently. I’d guess 6-8 weeks after Absurd if that’s their plan. If you’re correct about when Axl feels like it, or the contractual obligation theory was correct, it’s anyone’s guess.
  10. When I last saw GNR in 2016 there were a shit tonne of effects on Axl's voice you clearly hear in the stadium, which aren't as obvious on video. You also don't have the audience around you on YouTube.
  11. I think that would require him recording line by line - which IIRC is how it's believed he recorded much of Chinese, right? It's possible, but I suspect unlikely. I think it's far more likely that they're using the CD sessions as the basis because Axl's voice was in great shape at periods, it's the best option they have, and honestly, I think Axl needs to let go and put it out there for his own good. We might see the odd track after that, but I suspect they'll probably end up on the festival circuit and rinse the vault for all it's worth.
  12. Given the sales and tour differences between a shitty Vegas residency and the 3rd largest grossing tour of all time, even Axl has to sit up and take notice of that!
  13. I can see how Pitman's face would lead even the Dalai Lama to violence, to be perfectly honest.
  14. Yeah, this. Essentially, there's a band and then a legally incorporated business. He can be part of the band and kicked out by members - probably part of the T&Cs of his band contract. But I'm sure as shit he didn't have any legal ownership of Guns N Roses the business/brand etc.
  15. I agree. I love Freese's drumming on the leaks. I'm not even a big drum fan, I'm more of a guitar/bass guitar guy when I'm picking out instrumental parts in songs, but the drumming on the Freese demos really does stand out in my uneducated opinion.
  16. I think the 3rd wheel theory is probably correct. No way DJ was going to be running round like Slash's mini me with Slash playing on the same stage.
  17. Honestly, if it bothers you, you shouldn't have listened to the leaks. It's your own fault.
  18. The acoustic Heaven's Door leak was awesome, but I can't see how it is possibly new album material unless it's an additional set of tracks/B sides on a single.
  19. Spoke to a very casual fan today. He said Absurd made him wish he was deaf...
  20. I'm right with you on Going Down. Axl's backing vocals are brilliant too. Not sure about re-recording OMG. I would love to hear what Slash could do with it, but I think I'd rather hear the final cut with Bucket and Finck - although not sure there ever a version with both playing? Didn't Finck claim he never played on it, and is it Bumble on the 2018 leak?
  21. @Coma16 re: your post in the Vaccination Proof thread: Influenza was never included, certainly not in the UK. Not sure entirely what you mean by 'included', but I presume you know Influenza is a completely different virus to CoV-SARS-2 (not even same family) and as such would not be detected in either a LFT or PCR test - thus can't be included in tested cases. Did you perhaps mean the Common Cold? Which I believe result in a similar antibodies to Covid. But even then, the Common Cold, while still a Coronavirus, was not picked up in the specific CoV-SARS-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) tests. As far as I'm aware, Influenza was never even considered when looking at Covid cases. I don't see how or why it would be. Where did you read this out of interest?
  22. 100% agreed. Influenza stats provide perspective on the severity of Covid when you consider Covid has approximately a 10x higher mortality rate of an average influenza season. It's likely that post infection issues are more common also.
  23. Not sure that's the point you made in the post quoted above. Either way, I hope conversation here, based on facts/stats, has given you some perspective on what's really going on. Not directly aimed at you, but I do wish people would take 5 mins to research their claims before plastering shit all over the internet. The vaccines have their issues for sure, but the genuine issues (such as period irregularity) are getting buried by the utter garbage being posted all over social media.
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