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  1. Saying hi ...

  2. do i know you from gnfnr?

  3. i've wondered how you've been

  4. where's your halo? oops, i mean hello ?

  5. i see you're still having your love affair with becket

  6. two weeks is nothin. you'll romp it in on the downhill slide.

  7. how's it all cookin' ?

  8. I flew interstate to catch the EV solo show last month. He (& the band) put so much out to their fans.

  9. a final 5 stars, for nothing at all

  10. one PJ fan to another.. keep the love

  11. no, your comment is true enough. i concede.

  12. i thought rock fans didn't have their sensibilities so easily offended. maybe that's changed lately.

  13. how about that, first time i visit your page in yonks and it's your birthday :)

  14. better lookin than i thought

  15. where you staying in sydney?

  16. maXx

    lol at your dolly profile pic

  17. well i'll be lurking around somewhere, am going up on my own for 2 days, let us know if you wanna meet up :)

  18. oh yeah, i have one for sydney. you meeting up with anyone from here?

  19. hey, how's things girl? you going to townsville or sydney??

  20. do you know what other bands are billed?

  21. hi, yeah i have a ticket for the supecars gig. i thought about going to adelaide instead, not sure if i made the right decision- do you think it will be a full setlist at the races?

  22. in case you didn't know, try ticketek fri 21st - for hordern pavilion - slash. venue change.

  23. i got some freelance work ;-) ...should keep me going for a couple months

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