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  1. Not sure if anyone here is a NOFX fan, but Fat Mike is pretty entertaining. Shared his honest opinions of Guns N' Roses, meeting Slash, and GNR references in NOFX songs. Hope you enjoy Fat Mike talks new NOFX, Guns N' Roses, and Sobriety | Ep. 243 - YouTube
  2. Recently did episodes with fans that experienced the Vancouver and Philly riots. I believe these complete my "riot series." Am I missing any? Too many GNR riots to keep track of 2002 Vancouver Riot, Revisited | Ep. 242 - YouTube 2002 Philadelphia Riot, Revisited | Ep. 239 - YouTube 1992 Montreal Riot, Revisited | Ep. 234 - YouTube 1991 Riverport Riot, Revisited | Ep. 235 - YouTube
  3. I recently did 2 episodes focusing on the Montreal and St. Louis riots through the perspective of people who were there. I plan to do a Philly episode too. Suggestions/volunteers for specific show chats in the future are welcome. Hope you enjoy! 1992 Montreal Riot, Revisited | Ep. 234 - YouTube 1991 Riverport Riot, Revisited | Ep. 235 - YouTube
  4. Eric was really great. Was very impressed with Slash's involvement in creating this.
  5. I've been slacking posting in here: Spoke to Stapp about Slash and my idea he'd be a cool fit for Velvet Revolver, Halford about the rumor Axl wouldn't let his motorcycle on stage at Rock in Rio, and Stone about Duff and the GNR/PJ 93 tour rumor. Also I've been updating my YouTube channel with recent interviews, specifically the ones on Zoom. If you feel inclined to follow/sub, I'd appreciate it https://www.youtube.com/c/AFDShow/ and while I'm shamefully self-promoting...hey someone has to provide new GNR content! Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAFDShow
  6. Jimmy was so gracious and kind to me, and we only met that 1 time. It was like we knew each other for years. He didn't have to, but he wanted to share with me off-air about his cancer battle. That meant a lot because I certainly didn't ask and he def didn't have to tell. I'm very grateful he was more than willing to come to the studio, on Xmas Eve, especially since he was ill. He came with a friend just to make sure he got back and forth okay. Recently I had Todd Kerns on the podcast to talk about his relationship with Jimmy and his involvement in the GNR world (toward the end). Wish I kne
  7. Doug Goldstein had me doubt the roadie/author because he doesn't remember Joe. I did confirm with Alex Grossi to ask Dizzy (who has a quote on the front cover) if the guy is legit...and he is. I appreciate Doug having me look into it, he doesn't want the fans taken for a ride. Joel was great though, I knew as soon as we spoke that he's a genuine dude. Second half is Joe Cotela from DED. They were on the same bill as GNR at Download, he spoke how much that meant to him. Also I've uploaded my Zoom/FB live interviews to my YouTube channel. Interviews with Doug, Frank, Dave Mustaine and
  8. Dave Mustaine chats about about Slash writing the foreword to his new book and the "Axl Calls" chapter. Also Ep. 215 features Dez Fafara of DevilDriver discussing his love of Guns N' Roses. Video is just Dave, podcast features both.
  9. ...I asked for pics and he responded by asking for my number? I offered Zoom. He said no worries and that we'll talk during our interview Tuesday. Odd?
  10. I will ask. Doug said to ask if he had any itinerary - hotel/gig/flight info, that he should have from Vegas and Rio 01. Doug said he would bet $100 he doesn't....and Joel responded by saying he doesn't and he changed all the roadies names in the book. Of course I want to believe this guy...would be very weird to make up this book, but Doug is making a case and wants to protect the fans.
  11. I have an interview with this guy next week and I would like some feedback...Doug Goldstein thinks this guy is lying about his history. What Doug texted me... "Joel Miller says he was working for Axl in 2001, I left in 2004...how do I not know him?" "He didn't know Beta's name, everyone knew her name." "He says he was spending 20 hours a day on the making of Chinese Democracy. I used to go to the studio and don't ever remember meeting this guy." He also texted Michelle Young who worked for STP, who Joel also said he worked for and she said "No clue who that guy is."
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