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  1. For those who don't have the time to listen. Views/subscriptions on YouTube are still encouraged
  2. NEW! Ep. 310 - Just a Minute, Mr. Freese (Smells Like Josh Spirit) Josh Freese's "Just A Minute, Vol. 1" comes out October 29th via Loosegroove Records. Mr. Freese talks to us all about his album of 1 min songs and his time with Guns N' Roses...is he on Hard Skool? Available wherever you get your podcasts! Appetite for Distortion | iHeartRadio
  3. Tour recap with a couple fans. These have been fun to do. Will def do more when they start touring again.
  4. Not him specifically, but others in my experience. If I had a reputation of asking 98% GNR questions and only asking a few about their current work, maybe I wouldn't have this opportunity in the first place.
  5. Didn't get into that. I did ask beforehand if there's any topic I should stay away from, he was cool with anything. But there was a pause/laugh that he might not be able to control what he says (in regards to the band now). Seeing as the focus was his podcast and the beginning years, I just didn't want to push it and possibly make him look bad. He does mention that he tried to get the current members involved in 50 First Gigs, but oddly the Zoom started cutting out then. However I noticed his eye roll when he said it and just made the choice to keep it positive/avoid anything potentially negative.
  6. Some fun interviews lately, including the writer of the Scooby Doo episode. FYI Josh Freese is scheduled for Wednesday! I won't bombard him with GN'R questions, but I'll ask a few
  7. I work there as a backup morning show producer/board operator. My podcast is also on their website. https://q1043.iheart.com/podcasts/
  8. Still looking for a volunteer. I've had people reach out for LA, Wrigley, and Baltimore thus far.
  9. Fargo fan review. If any of you would like to review Montana or future concerts on the podcast, just let me know!
  10. Here's the Detroit review episode. Detroit Rock City | Ep. 287 - YouTube I'll have a couple more fans review Fargo. Currently accepting Montana show applications And icymi/if ya care, new Twitter. Other got suspended for sharing my concert vids. Guess it's better just to talk about them Appetite For Distortion (@TheAFDPodcast) / Twitter
  11. the David Wild interviews are pretty great, Axl personally played him CD before it came out.
  12. I texted him. We'll see. Sometimes he takes awhile to respond, though I'm a bit paranoid now he may have been told not to talk to me too via TB.
  13. My Twitter was suspended for sharing GNR concert videos. I'm sorry GNR for enjoying you and sharing with other fans. I'm a terrible person. Anyway, not going to wait to see if it's a temporary suspension. Here's my new handle. Appetite For Distortion (@TheAFDPodcast) / Twitter
  14. AFD Show listeners (and GNR fans) Mike from Boston and Gregg from NYC share their recent concert experiences at Fenway Park and Metlife Stadium, which featured seeing NEW music from Guns N' Roses. ABSUЯD: Fenway and Metlife fan reviews | Ep. 286 - YouTube ♫ Appetite for Distortion ** I'd like to get fan reviews from most shows during the tour, so if you want to give yours on a future episode just PM me!
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