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  1. Maybe Hard School was it, but I cleared it with Frank beforehand. I always ask what topics should I avoid and sometimes offer them to listen to the interview before I post. He’s a good guy. I felt bad afterwards.
  2. Bon Jovi’s daughter is named Stephanie Rose, which would have been Stephanie’s name if she married Axl. It’s silly, and tbh a little out of context. I’ll just let Doug’s book eventually speak for itself.
  3. For sure. Yet people still do? I'm sure she could have and wouldn't gotten sued. I certainly didn't press for it though.
  4. 2 people that I won't name, one is an ex-band member, told me shortly after my interview with Frank, a text from Fernando was sent to Frank, Melissa, Dizzy, and Richard not to do any interviews unless approved by him, and I was specifically named. So last Spring? Whether it was the start with the photographer Kat telling me yes/likes what I do, then changing to no only because it's a GNR podcast, otherwise she would....to a NDA from the harp player on Prostitute, they were upset with Brain clickbait ("new music" said for the leaked remixes), didn't want Fortus on, even asked Frank to ask
  5. Can't maintain a relationship that doesn't exist or one-sided. I also sent an email to Fernando months later after I found out about his text, asking permission to interview Frank again. I'll respect his chain of command. Only approved topics, that he could listen to the recording first. Radio silence. Frank wanted to come on again with Brain btw. I mentioned earlier this has been going on since the beginning, before I ever interviewed or spoke to Doug. 5 years...can't believe I've been doing it for that long. And for an opportunity to write a GNR book, a band I grew up loving, who would
  6. 50/50. So if the book makes $6, I’ll get 3. I may want him to take $4 though, it’s his story/life. I do have some education/experience in writing. Interviewing Axl to me is like touching God, so I never have real belief. Then again, I never thought I’d be writing a GNR book. Thank you. Unfortunately not. It was my radio contact for Duff that canceled on me.
  7. The book happened after Fernando’s text. He sent it after my interview with Frank. Doug and I have only been working on it this year.
  8. Yes. Doug offered me the opportunity to write his autobiography. He tried a few years ago with a writer from Rolling Stone Italy I believe, but didn’t pan out. ”You don’t pick sides” is one of the reasons Doug wants me to help. So far we’ve recorded several conversations. Slightly over 100 pages of loosely edited material. Right now our schedules have prevented us from doing more, but that should change. A loose goal of next fall. And yes I am worried. I was worried when I just told Alan Niven a few days ago given his feelings towards Doug. But despite his feelings, Alan appreciated
  9. Couple things I’m thinking of: Doing a call-in episode. Could be fun or a disaster, like GNR. Also inviting Rick Dunsford back on to talk with about what it feels like to be “banned” from a band you love. Tbh I made a choice not to have Rick on since his ban. I’m still friendly with him, but I was hoping that was one of the choices I could make to get in the good graces of Fernando. It’s why I didn’t ask Fortus any GNR questions, why I seemed so nervous talking to DIzzy and Frank. Trying to play ball, hopefully prove myself. That’s what it’s all about, right? Proving yourself and hopefu
  10. Nah, it’s been stress almost since the beginning. I’d interview a current or former member and a few times it got back to me the camp was upset. Sometimes by the guest themselves, who then also get stressed. Just having former managers on my podcast was enough, way before I became friendly with Niven or working with Doug, I’m looked at like “food poisoning.” Those are NOT words from TB, but another management to show as an example as what I’ve dealt with. If XYZ was a chef, why would they work at a restaurant called Food Poisoning (Appetite for Distortion). Again, that is not at all from
  11. I've also heard almost all positive responses from fans that have met them. Including pre-banned Rick Dunsford. So it could just be a miscommunication or misperception, which is very possible and what I feel in my heart it is. Or maybe I'm naïve.
  12. That was my first offer years ago! Just so fans can "meet" them and enjoy their personality.
  13. Worth noting that Iron Maiden's manager asked me to remove part of my Adrian Smith interview. I asked about the Maiden/GNR tour and he gave a very generic, 'I guess Axl didn't like us but it worked out in the end' response. Still, Maiden's management was worried about "Blabbermouth clickbait." I agreed to pull it as not to burn a bridge. Like with my cancelled Duff interview, this was also set through my job. So as professional as it could be. However there are just some mgmt or part of their team that does whatever they can to "protect" from clickbait or anything they think could be negative
  14. As long as talking about this stuff doesn't end up biting me in the ass (the risk I know I'm taking). I was supposed to interview London with Suspect208 again before they broke up. I'd like to think I will for his new band when it's appropriate. I had planned on reaching out to see if I can get Susan and Grace on together. Hopefully I will.
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