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  1. Howie Hubberman priced Izzy Stradlin's '87 Gibson ES-175D at 50k for auction. How much did it sell for? What's the guitar's history? Why does Howie believe Izzy will return to Guns N' Roses? Howie, Brando, and guest co-host Matt Wake discuss the breaking news. Howie Hubberman talks Izzy's Guitars and Return | Ep. 259 - YouTube How much does a piece of Guns N’ Roses history cost? About $80,000 - al.com
  2. He has not met Axl. Myles did think he was going to show up to the HOF though.
  3. Finally got him! Speaks of his new album, Slash, the Rockstar movie, and the HOF. He honestly thought Axl was going to show up. Hope you enjoy! Please sub if you like Myles Kennedy talks Ides of March, Rockstar, and Hall of Fame | Ep. 258 - YouTube
  4. Same deal...never got a response to Robin attempts. I’ll keep looking for opportunities though.
  5. just never heard back. Tried the email and social media route. I'm not sure if the email was current, it was what Brain had.
  6. I know, but David thought I meant Bob. We'll clear it up next time.
  7. I brought them up, but I don't think he was familiar. He thought it was coming out shortly, in the article Doug says as much. Never expected it to be another 8 years before its release. Axl Speaks - Rolling Stone
  8. In 2000, Dave Wild had the rare opportunity to interview Axl Rose and hear Chinese Democracy 8 years before it came out! The longtime journalist and TV producer joins us for a bevy of Axl stories and reflection. David Wild's Wild Axl Interview | Ep. 256 - YouTube David was great. If you have any specific questions for him, he'll be on again.
  9. Niven has seen it. I interviewed the creator of the doc a few months back. He actually created my new podcast logo too. I'm glad he fought through the takedowns. Dust N' Bones: The Story So Far - An Izzy Stradlin Documentary | Ep. 203 by Appetite for Distortion | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  10. Just posted a Lisa Maxwell interview too. Enjoy! Lisa Maxwell talks 976 Horns | Ep. 252 - YouTube
  11. Surprisingly, Fred said he doesn't get asked about filling in for Adler much. So I asked! Also below is a clip from my Linda Perry interview about her GN'R connections. Hope you enjoy! Fred Coury talks Cinderella, GN'R, and LA Kings | Ep. 251 - YouTube Appetite For Distortion on Twitter: "Spoke with @RealLindaPerry about the #RockNRelief live event happening this weekend, plus asked about her 6-Degrees of GN'R Bacon! @CoreResponse @kevinbacon https://t.co/uswd0jNdXW" / Twitter
  12. Brain once told me, "a Buckethead interview is harder to get than Axl." I'll keep hoping though. I've emailed Robin a couple of times, but no response
  13. Goal is to interview everyone on this list! So far Gilby, Ryan Roxie, Gary Sunshine, and Richard Fortus. I did interview Bumble for my first radio job before Chinese came out, but he still doesn't want to come on a GNR-themed podcast. Either way, I have a long way to go to complete this list
  14. Doug was very unhappy with how the doc turned out and how he was edited. We spoke about it yesterday. Doug Goldstein Gets Reelz | Ep. 247 - YouTube
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