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  1. Ashba did a fine job and was the exact person Axl needed at that time. I don't care what anyone says. He played his part perfectly, had to learn so many parts from so many songs from all albums (with very different styles) in an extremely short time because Robin had left. I saw him 5 times live with Guns, he played perfectly and really impressed me, he's very talented. People remember the times he fd up, which also happened to Slash, but when it's Slash, he gets a pass because he's Slash, same old story. He did have a great chemistry with Axl, and he must be the only guy from a former li
  2. Great interview. Nice tribute to Eddie. Really sucks to die at 65 in those awful conditions. Nice to see how passionate Slash is about this pinball machine, that's the way to do some good merchandising. I had no idea they were going for a very modern pinball machine, thought it would be a classical one. And nice to know Slash is alright, in good shape, and as productive as ever. Can't blame him for anything happening with the band, he's been constantly working on songs with his own band & toured a lot. Too bad Axl isn't in this interview. A 2 hour Axl & Slash inter
  3. I couldn't even finish this Locomotive pro-shot, it's... wtf is this... Some people dare defending this? Oh! Am in the fucking Twilight Zone? The worst thing is that Fernando or whoever edited this added some weird asf effect on Axl's voice in order to mask the atrocity, and even then it's absolutely terrible. Sure we knew Axl's performance was very bad on this, but so what? Are we just going to say "oh thank you for this garbage, we haven't had anything new for a while"? Damn... The most painful thing is that Slash plays great, and Axl completely butchers everything. At least
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