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  1. Ashba did a fine job and was the exact person Axl needed at that time. I don't care what anyone says. He played his part perfectly, had to learn so many parts from so many songs from all albums (with very different styles) in an extremely short time because Robin had left. I saw him 5 times live with Guns, he played perfectly and really impressed me, he's very talented. People remember the times he fd up, which also happened to Slash, but when it's Slash, he gets a pass because he's Slash, same old story. He did have a great chemistry with Axl, and he must be the only guy from a former li
  2. Great interview. Nice tribute to Eddie. Really sucks to die at 65 in those awful conditions. Nice to see how passionate Slash is about this pinball machine, that's the way to do some good merchandising. I had no idea they were going for a very modern pinball machine, thought it would be a classical one. And nice to know Slash is alright, in good shape, and as productive as ever. Can't blame him for anything happening with the band, he's been constantly working on songs with his own band & toured a lot. Too bad Axl isn't in this interview. A 2 hour Axl & Slash inter
  3. I couldn't even finish this Locomotive pro-shot, it's... wtf is this... Some people dare defending this? Oh! Am in the fucking Twilight Zone? The worst thing is that Fernando or whoever edited this added some weird asf effect on Axl's voice in order to mask the atrocity, and even then it's absolutely terrible. Sure we knew Axl's performance was very bad on this, but so what? Are we just going to say "oh thank you for this garbage, we haven't had anything new for a while"? Damn... The most painful thing is that Slash plays great, and Axl completely butchers everything. At least
  4. True, Axl/DC was great, really surprising and Axl gave 100%, but I'm still to this day more amazed by any show from 2010. He was on another level back then, I loved it. But whether we're talking 2010 or 2016, Axl was in better shape than 2019/2020. I mean really, first show from last year, it made me sad to see him like this. Genuinely sad. I just don't get it. I even wonder how he dares showing up like that. Disney should hire him to play a character in a Marvel movie and they will put him on their magical diet, like they did to Mark Hamill. That's why I'm certain it's still possib
  5. I have less complaints about this new "Select" video. At least it's way more honest than the previous one: proper pro-shot & Axl is shown as he is, physically & vocally with harder songs to perform. It's beyond mediocre and I see a lot of people in the comments think the same. Maybe this will wake Axl up a bit. And I couldn't agree more with the Steven Tyler comparison. It's all in Axl's hands really. If he trains hard, I'm sure he can get back on top. Best way to get motivated is to face reality and hit it HARD!
  6. Very sad but happens all over the world, anywhere, anytime. Some people prefer to think we're all living in Disneyworld. I gave up on that idea a while ago.
  7. From my experience, anything can happen. Absolutely anything. It's true for men and women. Whether they come from a wealthy or poor background, there's no rule. People cheat all over the globe, in whatever culture, whatever the looks. Look at Schwarzenegger sleeping with his ugly maid while his wife was much hotter. Just look at who Stephanie Seymour married, compared to Axl. Looks don't guarantee 100% that your bf or gf won't cheat on you. Most people who cheat on their partners do it because they're either insecure with themselves (and in most of the cases want to prove themselves they
  8. Bullshit or not, it would be hard to prove a lot of things in the book, like the Stephanie Seymour story, how do you back that up in a lawsuit? It's just word against word. That said, no lawsuit was filed against Slash when he released his book, right? Why would they do so with Sorum, I don't get it. Maybe it's not about a lawsuit but rather Matt being offered money to cancel the publication. @GnR Chris We (I mean people on the boards) know a shitton of things about Gn'R, so it's not really that surprising that some things we theorized may actually be true and confirmed i
  9. The fact that the book is cancelled tells me there must be a lot of truth to it. Why block the release otherwise, if it's just BS from someone who went mad? Also, most things in the book make perfect sense to me. It matches the traits of personality of all the members. Matt isn't just someone who was once hired in the GN'R security team or something. He was the drummer from UYI until Slash left, and Velvet Revolver's drummer. He isn't exactly a nobody. He doesn't seem crazy either, or someone who lost part of his mind, unlike Steven Adler for example. I still have Adler's book and it
  10. Just finished reading Sorum's book, it's by far the best book regarding Guns N' Roses, and the most hilarious too. It basically confirms what I initially thought: this reunion has been a joke from day one, and Slash & Duff have no honor. Always knew it somehow. It also confirms what I was wondering about Slash & Duff's feelings about Frank. Now it's clear: they don't like him, they don't judge him appropriate for the band, yet they both signed the contract to get the moneeeey. Great. Axl may not be depicted completely accurately, it's clear there was never much love betw
  11. Please... Vince Neil is one of the worst example you could take. Why not compare Axl to one of the best examples? Compared to Steven Tyler, Axl is doing very bad. And Steven Tyler is over 10 years older than Axl. He still looks great & sings great. Axl used to be on the same level.
  12. I'm surprised most people seem to love this on Youtube, they are so easy to please. The problem with the internet sometimes is that it gives the wrong impression to creators because a lot of people have extremely poor tastes. Then some other times, real good work gets the attention it deserves so you can't completely rule out the public. But they're completely wrong on this one. I found this video extremely embarrassing because it tries so much not to be embarrassing when we know the recent shows are LAZY and that Axl has dropped the ball. My problems with this "surprise": - Not
  13. Exactly. And that demo he's released under the name Oasis without telling Liam beforehand is very petty. And it's not very good either. Liam cares about his fans like very few artists do, I'm impressed at how genuine he is, he's the only person I check out regularly on twitter. I don't care if they reunite or not, I've seen Liam in february in Paris, it was the best gig I've attended in years. And the crowd was incredible.
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