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  1. It was exactly like this. I was shocked as well and even thought that Slash was behind the Buckethead costume...it was Axl's worst vocal performance ever back then...that alone says it all. The weird look of the whole band was everything but not GnR. It was like watching a car crash. It still got me into NuGnR. But GnR lost every coolness factor that night.
  2. Which makes AFD the best rock album ever. They had so much hit material that they didn't even use in 1986.
  3. I never understood Axl's choice to hire 3 drummers, who were not into GnR at all...wether Frank nor Brian and Freese were into GnR...
  4. NuGnR was never a real band and you can hear it on a lot of tracks. If you read between the lines Fortus is just saying that between 2004-2006 there was a clique of him, Robin and Brian. He is not mentioning Stinson and Pitman. So what he is actually saying is: the maximum of 3 people got real tight through all the years. In 2006 Robin was so good that he could have been the new lead guitarist, but Axl decided to add BBF for the Bucket parts...it was a super dumb move by Axl.
  5. Why? A lot of these songs will be on the new album. And Axl rerecorded the vocals. His voice will sound much better and more like old Axl and without Mickey Mouse
  6. The day will come where Axl's mansion will burn down. And then all NuGuns material and other stuff is gone.
  7. In another dimension GnR would do a free 1h show on Canter's roof top.
  8. You forgot the Axl/DC album. Be serious. There won't be a new album next year, because they will release a UYI Box / Vinyls
  9. Axl is fooling us so much with GnR. It was a totally different Axl with ACDC.
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