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  1. I'm 4 days in from getting the J/J Clot shot. Hopefully I'm not one in a million! I'm not very concerned but I have to say it was not fun to read the news of it being halted 3 days after getting it.
  2. Went to amoeba yesterday for the first time since the new location opened. I’m not as in to the new building. It’s a little smaller and more cramped and the collectible vinyl is scattered throughout the store rather than all being on the back wall. nice to have them back though, I will visit again when they have normal hours and I can go during a slower time.
  3. Got the j/j shot yesterday so I’m done. things are going pretty well in California right now too, so hopefully it continues this way.
  4. I just keep them on the shelf with everything else. Sometimes with boxes like some of the older TMR vaults that have like dvd, patches, etc...i've just sold all the novelty shit and have the records in the box. Mostly all boxsets I buy are really just albums in a box though...maybe a poster or booklet here or there, like the recent John Lennon Gimme Some Truth box.
  5. Same here! Only things I'll get are the Joe Perry album (finally) and the St. Vincent 7" and those are both in the July drop.
  6. yeah I always had the opinion of "I don't need that, the original songs are perfect." I guess I finally just got to the point where I thought it'd be fun to mix things up a bit. I listen to the beatles station on sirius xm a lot and they'll play tracks from it here and there and that's what finally did me in.
  7. picked up the HER soundtrack and the Beatles Love LP this weekend. As for shitty discogs sellers, I've had a couple over time. The fact that seeing images of the item isn't easier and that all the sellers just make up their own grading, which is what their listings are based upon, is shitty. I feel there are some dumb people on there that just list stuff they have and have NO clue how to ship records.
  8. yeah I remember when i finally went through and did mine, it was quite a project, especially when you get in to bands like the beatles, stones etc where there are SO many pressings of everything and you have to sit there and squint your eyes to read matrix numbers to figure out what is what.
  9. pre-ordered St. Vincent's new album today on vinyl from good records and on 8-track through her store. also ordered Alice Cooper's new album from good records because they have a cool exclusive print that comes with it and I was going to buy the album anyway. I have a couple copies of the Only Lover's Left Alive OST coming, I think in May as well. The only thing I have bought in a store recently is a 12" single of been caught stealing, which I already had but this version comes in a cool little box.
  10. I almost said the exact same thing about us just telling each other what we got Amoeba will open again once Covid chills. They were moving, then the pandemic hit and it juts fucked their plans up. The new store is done, just waiting to open. Dude, I would love to go back out to Detroit. I'm a huge Wings fan (even though they suck now) and haven't been to the new arena. Last time I was there, I really dug UHF in Royal Oak.
  11. I love how lively this section has become in recent times. I haven't been buying as much lately, mostly because Amoeba has been closed for about a year now so the smaller shops around don't have such a huge rotation of records so there is no need to go as often. I really miss traveling to other states and countries and checking out all the local shops wherever I may be. Hopefully I can get back to that by the end of the year or so.
  12. I'm in California...so not too local yikes, wearing a mask while skating can't be fun. I did one pickup back in like may or june and we had to get dressed in the parking lot and shit. It was pretty irritating. I miss it though.
  13. I appreciate this. I've played hockey since I was 8 and I'm seriously bummed that it's been just about a year since the last time I was able to play.
  14. I'm not in a rush to get it. I may get it at some point but by the time I can get it being 34 in California, we'll see how bad things are at that point anyway. The way things are now, it doesn't look like I'd be able to get it until way late in the year, if even. I don't plan on seeing any shows again this year. If I'm pleasantly surprised and we get some smaller shows in the fall or something, that'd be cool but I'm not counting on it.
  15. Yeah I’ve seen how the value has gone up...love when that happens. I feel like I remember the church single being at one of the shows I saw when they opened for the darkness but I didn’t buy it unfortunately. i got the black/white with red splatter split...which is maybe the same one you’re talking about.
  16. nice! I only have church of rock n' roll and a cool variant of the self titled that enjoy the ride records released.
  17. I used to have a huge collection in which I had a big shelf just for them. I recently (the past 6 months or so) sold most of it off and now, my collection fits in the stand that my TV is on. I cut the collection down to my absolute favorite directors (tarantino, polanski, refn, cornenberg, lynch, etc) some standout singular films as well as some cool criterion releases that may fit in either of the previous categories.
  18. got the red and stimpy record "little eediot" in the mail from enjoy the ride records a couple days ago. That's been a fun listen.
  19. yeah he certainly always has been, I just feel for me personally, I used to be on the side of those guys are dumb touring without Baz and in the last few years especially, I'm like man when they say it's not worth it, I can see what they mean. It's hard to be a fan of the guy these days. I can only imagine trying to work with him. both sides are a shadow of what they were without the other though. I think Sanke put it best in an old interview..I think from the early 2000's or so when he said : "Sebastian can't write 18 and Life and I can't sing it"
  20. He's also an incredible pain in the ass to work with. I mean just look at all the articles that come up on blabbermouth with him picking fights with people on twitter. He's a fucking child. They were trying to reunite a few years ago and couldn't get past a group text because Baz is so fucking immature. I love his singing but social media over the last 5 years or so has made it very clear why those guys don't want to be in a band with him. There were also some huge band tensions when they got offered a gig to open for the KISS reunion tour and Baz wanted to do it and the band didn't.
  21. The one at the roxy? i was there too and also have the album, it is almost unlistenable though. Myles is so bad.
  22. It’s awesome when they release shows you were at. The live in Nashville one that came out a couple years ago was it for me. I’m even in one of the 8x10s that came with it. As for this one, I’m passing as of now because without the connection of being there, it’s pretty similar to the bonnaroo vault which is amazing. Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind.
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