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  1. I kind of agree, but I do think if they went back to the hard rock thing like Axl said they were gonna do after UYI, they could have probably gotten 1-2 more huge albums in before the bottom fell out. They are huge because they never had an artistic downfall (sans SI? but that was just a cover album). CD was an okay seller (but that was justified as a low seller because it was just Axl). If they put out an album now, it would probably sell as much as a new Megadeth album...

  2. I dont think this has anything to do with it. Supposedly Izzy came in and wrote with Axl many moons ago, Izzy came in and work with Slash in the early VR, and Izzy and Duff have worked together many times over the years. I think the reason GNR doesnt have albums out is because they cant all get on the same schedule to work and put together an album. Touring is a different thing because they are getting paid. They arent getting paid to put out a new album, and they know that if they do put out a new album they probably wont make much money on it.

  3. With the classic line up rekindling the musical chemistry coming up what kind of record will they produce or what do you hope for?

    I think somewhere between AFD and Lies acoustic soundwise with each member getting 2 songs each, with one really big rocker from Axl, Izzy, Duff and Slash. Izzy acoustic track, maybe something like Rocket Queen meets Coma to end the album. Couple of covers like Boys are Back in Town and Born to be Wild to punch it through to the mainstream.

    What's your opinion?

    I think of this album were EVER to happen, it would be a colossal fail, along the lines of what happened with Chinese Democracy, TONS of hype, but impossible to live up to.

  4. I really hope they do amphitheatres. one of my favorite places to see a show is the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel NJ. Thats a great venue

    They arent going to play a summer tour in the states, they will do South America, then probably head over to Europe in the summer, then as usual they will be playing in the states during the winter. GNR will not want the summer concert tour competition, all the big tour promoters arent going to dedicate themselves to Guns for a whole summer jaunt.

  5. I really don't think the tour is happening this year. We got Aerosmith/ZZ Top touring in the summer in the US. Metallica touring Europe/USA full time this year. AC/DC doing tour dates too. Seems like the year is full.

    Eh, there is room for more touring, Motley is also touring, Van Halen is supposedly going to be touring this summer and fall. Its going to be a huge summer for rock music.

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