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  1. from rollingstone.com:


    "Well, the Eagles have responded: 'At first the audience refused to welcome us to the jungle, but by the time we took our final bow, it had become paradise city. Although Axl tried to November rain on our parade, no sweet child o’ mine can derail the EODM night train. We say live and let die.'

    Thats bullshit, I was in the crowd and they were just plain out booed the entire time.

  2. Is this normal now? I haven't seen anyone mention it on this board... At the show Saturday night in Detroit, Thal was wearing the same outfit as Finck (all black with a long black coat, seemingly made of wool), only without the BRIGHT RED knee high boots, and he had a very long white wig on with dreadlocks. Long enough to bang against the strings while he was playing. Axl actually lifted the fake dreads up and gave the audience a quizzical look while singing. Just wondering if this was the wig's first appearence on tour?

    I was in the front, and could tell, that it was not a wig.

  3. Maybe the new guys should form a union and say if Axl can't release the album, then they'll all quit touring with him.

    They've put a lot into Axl's little vanity project. All this so Axl can prove to the world that he's better than Slash, Duff and Izzy.

    I respect what they've done in support of Axl. The best way to show respect for these guys is to buy their solo / new bands' albums when this whole GnR experiment falls apart.

    I can see it now GNR Local 2 will have Robin Finck, Tommy Stinson, Brian Mantia, Frank Ferrer, Chris Pitman and Richard Fortus in it, they can tell Axl to fuck off, and he cant use any of their material on Chinese Democracy unless he meets their demands.

    GNR Local 1 however would be Slash, Duff, Steven and Izzy. They could tell Axl to fuck off and he cant use any of the AFD stuff for his own benefit.

    Then GNR Local 3 would be the useless guys like 1-2-3 Horns, Roberta Freeman, Teddy Andredis, and all the other utility players. They could stop Axl from promoting the UYI DVDs that bear their likeness.

    Axl is TOAST now!!

  4. i just looked @ the san diego show, and you are still able to buy the maximum # of floor seats.

    why do you think they haven't rescheduled to smaller venues? the hammerstein and vegas shows were packed to the gills, created a huge buzz, and also gave die-hards the chance to see the band up close in a more intimate setting. does it stand to reason that gn'r are losing money every night they play to a half capacity house? do you think everybody (axl included) thought the record be out by now when the tour was booked? do you think axl's having problems promoting this tour because of his past mishaps with clear channel?

    it's possible that i'll be in san diego when the band is there, and i'd love to see them......i just don't know how i feel paying $75 to see guns in a half full arena. i mean, i'd be going by myself, as my brother and his wife are not "rock show people" to say the least....and there's always that off chance it will be cancelled.

    Obviously something happend to where they felt justified in charging all this money for GNR tickets. But truth be told, its the promoter who sets the ticket prices and the venues. If a huge venue says they would be happy to have GNR come play, and they would charge $75 dollars a ticket, thats the promoters deal, not GNR.

    I do local promotion and shows in the Detroit area, and the bands have no say in how much ticket prices are. I just contact them, tell them how much they will get paid, and hope for the best as far as ticket sales go. Sometimes you win, sometimes you dont.

  5. I think Axl now is at the stage where people are just happy to see him live. He still has a great stage presence, but I also agree with how they have lost a lot of the spontaneous part of the show, that is lost. I hope (and really hope) that once everything gets out there, and people are more tolerable with GNR, that the band will have that sort of chemistry.

    It takes time for something like that to happen, and to do a couple short tours, then take a couple years off, that really hinders a bands ability to create that chemistry. When people come and go (Buckethead, Paul Huge, and now Brain) and they bring in new people, that chemistry cant form.

    If GNR can keep a steady lineup, and keep going without taking years off, and keep putting out new material, I think the band will get comfortable and the more spontaneous things will come. Right now, I feel the band is still in the 'honeymoon' phase, they try really hard to make everything sound great, and are trying to win over fans again, which is great.

    Once that happens, I think a more relaxed and less 'practiced' band will emerge. At least thats what I hope, and I hope Axl doesnt sit around telling the guys where to stand during each part of the song.

    Thats my rant.

  6. I agree with a majority of you, I do feel bad for the band in some respects. Some of you say they can quit at any time, and start their own bands. But put yourselves in their shoes, Axl is probably paying them truckloads more than they could make starting their own band.

    Its a double edged sword, do you put up with all the drama that is Guns N' Roses, and still get your paycheck, or do you stop putting up with his shit, and lose the paycheck, and struggle to keep your standard of living?

    Its not like any of the guys in GNR can sit in their lavish mansions and reap the benefits of royalty checks, as most of the guys in the band werent in many big bands (aside from Finck and Fortus, who worked with NIN and tons of pop bands, respectively).

    I dont think Tommy Stinson could just go quit, and be happy living off whatever crummy royalties he gets from Replacements albums. I dont think Chris Pitman could live off those massive royalty checks from Lusk or whatever he was doing.

    For many of these guys, whatever GNR comes out with will probably be their biggest product, and biggest achievement of their careers, and I doubt any of them want to throw that away. Thats why they are still there. Most of them have been there for so long, to quit now before anything is released would have made the last 10 years a complete waste of time.

  7. Am I right or am i wrong? Just saw GnR in Cleveland last night.

    In my opinion there is no need for Hammer-Ons in any GnR song. Especially Nightrain. It's just fucking stupid and silly.

    Do you even know what a 'hammer on' is? I would be hard pressed to find any GNR song that DIDNT have hammer ons. I think you mean 'tapping' which is totally different from a 'hammer on' so learn what the hell you are talking about before you try to make an arguement.

  8. Yeh, it's a shame because there are so many decent singers in this band, I mean:

    Ron - AWESOME vocals with Bumblefoot

    Dizzy - I believe he sings with Hookers & Blow (correct me if I'm wrong)

    Robin and Tommy: both very capable vocalists

    If only they got the whole band into that part, it would be amazing!

    Ron is Bumblefoot buddy, in case you haven't figured that out yet... :drevil:

    Actually Ron was in a band called Bumblefoot before, and yes Robin still does the backing vocals during the outro of Madagascar.

  9. i cant believe some of you guys actually like the suicide girls

    i found it entertaining for about 5 minutes, then i realised how terrible they were. they're not even good looking....they're skits are so cheesy. It's basically just a time waster until GN'R hit the stage, replacing the whole "titty cam" segment.....personally i'd rather the titty cam then the suicide girls

    So let me get this straight, there are girls getting naked in front of you, and all you can think about is their skits?

  10. I will probably be there around 5:30-6:00pm, that should be fine. That is how early I got to the Cleveland show, and I was pretty close to the front (actually got to the front when the people in front of me left).

  11. Even though the show is over, the order went like this Suicide Girls -> Sebastian Bach -> EODM -> Suicide Girls (Axl was running late I suppose) -> Guns N' Roses

    But now EODM are thrown off the tour according to Axl, so its no biggy, it will probably jsut be Suicide Girls -> Sebastian Bach -> Guns N' Roses

  12. EAGLES OF DEATH METAL appear to have been removed from the GUNS N' ROSES tour after only one show

    due to an overwhelmingly poor reception the band got from the GN'R audience during EAGLES' tour opener.

    According to several fans who attended last night's (Nov. 24) GUNS N' ROSES concert at Quicken Loans

    Arena in Cleveland, Ohio (also featuring SEBASTIAN BACH and SUICIDE GIRLS), people were booing

    throughout EAGLES' hour-long set, with some of the GN'R fans calling the group's performance "horrid at

    best" and describing the band's music as "pretty fucking lame," with a repertoire of songs that sound "almost

    the same." GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose apparently agreed with his fans, because a few songs into

    GNR's set he reportedly said something to the effect of, "So how'd you like THE PIGEONS OF SHIT METAL?

    Don't worry, that's the last show they're playing with us."

    EAGLES OF DEATH METAL released its second album, "Death By Sexy", earlier this year. The CD features

    appearances by Mark Lanegan and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE drummer Joey Castillo, while DISTILLERS

    frontwoman Brody Dalle (QOTSA frontman Josh Homme's girlfriend) and singer Wendy Ray added backing

    vocals on several tracks.

    Source: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermo...ewsitemID=62746

    I was at the Cleveland show last night, and really The Eagles Of Death Metal really sucked, I would have perfered to see another hour of the Suicide Girls. The only good part of TEODM was the drummer, he was really good, but truth be told, I was watching, about 80% of the songs were the same musically aside from a change in lyrics. The singer/guitarist looked like he was fresh out of the movie Grease, and the lead guitarist was an old fat man, who literally MUST have been at LEAST 65 years old, he looked like he could be my grandpa, and I was standing right in front of him against the barrier.

    But truth be told, this is Axls tour, and he has a right to say whatever the fuck he wants about them. I couldnt tell of this TEODM was a serious band, or if they were a joke. The singer pranced around like Scott Weiland on a bad acid trip and was laughing all the time, and was saying things like 'You all want some rock?!?! Well, we are working on it' and they went on after Sebastian Bach, so I took that as kind of a slam against Baz (who played a very killer and awesome set, and really seemed to be enjoying himself.)

    But I think Axl refered to them as 'The Pigeon Shits of Metal' which was quite funny. Axl was in a bad mood throughout the set, he threw a guy out and his monitor kept going off as what he said sounded like 'someone took an AM transistor radio and stomped the hell out of it and put it in my ear.' Thats what he said his ear monitor sounded like. He even threw out his monitor man saying 'if this shit doesnt work, there is no use in you being here, so you can just go home, and dont try hiding in the back this time.'

    But throughout the show his monitor was fucking up and he was motioning side stage a lot kind of signaling that he couldnt hear anything. But he was always cool to the audience (aside from that one douche who threw a beer at him and got kicked out) he seemed in a bright mood towards the crowd saying that he was really looking forward to the Cleveland show, and he always feels comfortable playing there.

    He played a full set, and played 3 songs in the encore (Madagascar, Chinese Democracy and Paradise City) and he had an awesome set. So I think Axl has changed A LOT in regards to his attitude. If all this shit would have gone on in the 90s or even in 02, he would have taken off and canceled the show. But he battled through it, and I think that is a testament as to how much Axl wants this thing to work out, and hes not as bad as everyone seems to think he is.

  13. Im driving down from Michigan in a couple of hours to get to Quicken Loans Arena early and maybe check out the RNR Hall Of Fame again (never gets old). Its going to be a day event for me and my woman.

    We got GA floor tickets, I know I will regret it, since I got GA tickets when they came around in 2002 and I got almost murdered down there, but should be fun.

    Cleveland is a great city, I went there a couple months back for a weekend trip and it was great, a lot of parking (but kind of pricey).

    Only shitty thing is that I have to drive back to Michigan after the concert, so I can see them again here on Saturday :P

  14. I was going to make a long complex topic, but meh its not my call.

    Its simple , what do the fans think.

    Is Axl an honest guy who says what he thinks and means what he says, or is he FOS. Is it a mix of both??

    My opinion has changed over the years , I look back at rants against his family and CLAIMS about abuse brought up in therapy as lame excuses....therapy that nowadays seems to be almost completely disregarded by modern psychology as just another example of excuses and using people close to him to blame for his own bad behaviour.

    Things like saying Slash is to blame for everything like not wanting to make an appetite for destruction type album in 94-96....I mean is that even vaguely believable??

    Is Bucket leaving really responsible for the no show in rio??

    Is "absolutely" really the word for a 06 release??

    Was it honest to publucly slag Izzy during the 02 tour ?? and claim he was basically useless, when he wrote the bulk of the illusion albums??

    Did he really not know his management had set up a tour of europe in 2001 or 2002 (I forget)

    I know this is a bitch fest and I could give a ZILLION more examples, but itsa hard to defend the guy anymore and I for one am a little sick of him blaming his family, band,police,security,fans etc etc etc for all his screw ups.

    I am starting to think Axl is as clueless as the rest of the band in regards to the album. I would give him a 7, prior to this year, maybe a 4-5. I think he likes to think he knows what hes doing, when he really doesnt. Its sad, but true.

  15. I have been to the Palace countless numbers of times. I live in the northern Detroit suburbs. The Palace is in a very BAD location, it is literally in the middle of nowhere as far as bars and such are concerned.

    The Palace does however have some restaurants and bars inside of it, but nothing around it, unless you want to make a 10-15 minute drive into Rochester or Flint.

    But there is nowhere within walking distance of the Palace other than some 7-11s and Subway. At least none that I have seen, and I work just around the corner from the Palace.

  16. I never seen it, but yesterday I went to my friends house, and the first thing the two guys said to me was, "Did you see the Guns n' Roses commercial?", they don't know two shits about GNR, so I knew it wasn't the black sheep commercial because they wouldn't reconize the song. I asked, and they said it showed clips of them singing, and at the end it said ON SALE NOW. I know they aren't bullshitting either, but they heard me talking about the Guns in Halifax for the past 2 months, so they knew I was a fan, so they told me. Did anyone else see this promo? I was just wondering if they had clips of new songs like the Boston 02 promo. I asked but they aren't familar with GNR's music. So?

    *Oh I asked what channel it was on, but they couldn't remember, one of them said it MIGHT have been CBC or whatever channel the Leaf's game was on Saturday. The other said it was on some other channel on the dish. THey are both quite dumb. But they are 100% sure they seen it. It was like 30 seconds to a minute long too.

    I'm just lettting you guys know "just in case" it was something special.

    I thought it might have been for Chinese Democracy, but they said they thought it was for live shows because it showed them singing and it had one of those cool voice over guys talking over it. Hyping it or whatever.

    Anyone see it?

    Funny, I just talked to my friend last night and he said he saw a GNR commercial with a new song on it. Although he isnt a huge GNR fan, when he says its a new song, I am about 90% sure it was a new song, or a song that isnt played a lot, which I doubt.

    I didnt see it, but he said it was promoting the Palace of Auburn Hills show.

  17. I live in Detroit (actually the northern suburbs) and the promotion for the GNR show has been mind bogglingly massive. There are probably about 2-3 radio stations that are promoting the show with free tickets and such, they have been mentioned on TV as concerts coming to the Palace (where GNR are playing) and there is a couple billboards in the area promoting the show.

    There is one on the busiest street in the area right on the freeway that promotes GNR 24/7 (on a big electronic screen).

    As a matter of fact, I dont remember any concert (maybe Backstreet Boys or NSync) that has had this much local press. There isnt any promotion for the album however, just the tour. Just some observations, this post really has no meaning. Just thought I would point it out.

  18. It depends on what you think a 'success' is. If to you a success is selling out every show and having a packed house, then no, its not a success. But from all reports there is a decent turnout, better than I expected from a band like GNR who havent really put anything out in 10+ years, with no promotion and expensive tickets.

    I would more classify this one as a moderate success. A couple of sell outs, and there are a couple places where only 10,000 people showed. Its a matter of perspective. Compared to 1990, its not a success, based on what other big bands these days sell, it is a success.

    The concert climate is totally different now than in 1990. Back then GNR could sell out Giants Stadium, now even the Rolling Stones have trouble doing that.

  19. You know, I totally agree with you. For a long time I have been an Axl Rose ass kisser. I always kept trying to justify what he was doing, and now taking a step back and actually taking off the rose colored glasses (no pun intended) I can see that Axl really doesnt give a shit about anything but himself and his 'persona.'

    I hate to say that kind of thing because Axl Rose is someone I have tried to model myself after in many respects, his childhood and upbringing was very similar to mine, so I can relate to a lot of what he has to say. But he hasnt done anything musically in over a decade, and for him to consider himself a legitimate artist, he has to put out art, and he isnt doing that.

    He is basically a parody of himself now, he tries to tip toe around new songs and when they go wrong he always resorts back to the safegard that is Appetite For Destruction songs. He just has to grow some balls and stop trying to meander his way around trying to justify to himself and the rest of the world what he is trying to do. Every step back he takes, he makes the album and the new songs that much more anticipated, and setting himself up for more disappointment if it bombs.

    Axl, please. I know you read this stuff, and we are all huge fans of yours, but please take a step back and realize that things are not the same as they were 15 years ago, you have to work harder to make an impact now than you did before. This is a new band, so in essense you have to start all over again from the beginning. Playing this game the way you are will only land you at the bottom of the heap. We all know you want to make this thing huge, but you cant rely on Appetite and UYI to make this band big again.

    Appetite and UYI made Slash, Duff and Axl huge, and Chinese Democracy has to make Bumble, Robin, Richard and Axl huge. Depending on AFD and UYI will not cut it if you want to be more than a cover band.

    Take a step back and realize this, please.

  20. GNR is doing better than Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones, this should be dead proof that GNR is one of the hottest tickets in the country. So please lay off with those 'GNR Tour Is Doomed' things. If GNR had some good promo, they would be #1 easily.

    doesnt it includes the selling tickets in Europe? i remember i saw this website when they were touring europe..

    does it? i remember looking at the ratings after the Euro tour and they were #1 or #2, and Bob Seger hasnt toured in Europe yet, as I remember hearing on the radio that he just started his tour, and its in North America.

  21. From Pollstar.com

    Top 50 Tours Of The Year :

    1.) Bog Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

    2.) Justin Timberlake

    3.) Guns N' Roses

    4.) Christina Aguilera

    5.) Aerosmith/Motley Crue

    6.) Red Hot Chili Peppers

    7.) The Rolling Stones

    8.) The Who

    9.) Pearl Jam

    10.) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

    11.) Beck

    12.) The Killers

    13.) Bob Dylan

    14.) Tenacious D

    15.) U2

    16.) Godsmack

    17.) Billy Joel

    18.) Foo Fighters

    19.) Tool

    20.) "Music As A Weapon Tour"

    21.) Elton John

    22.) Evanescene

    23.) The Cult

    24.) Sepultura

    25.) Incubus

    26.) Jimmy Buffett

    27.) Death Cab For Cutie

    28.) Duran Duran

    29.) Sean Lennon

    30.) Modest Mouse

    31.) Barenaked Ladies

    32.) Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band

    33.) My Chemical Romance

    34.) Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    35.) Deftones

    36.) Barbara Streisand

    37.) James Taylor

    38.) Alice In Chains

    39.) Danzig

    40.) Counting Crows/Goo Goo Dolls

    41.) Clay Aiken

    42.) Ben Harper

    43.) Primus

    44.) Dixie Chicks

    45.) The Cheetah Girls

    46.) Toby Keith

    47.) Cheap Trick

    48.) Motorhead

    49.) Lady Sovereign

    GNR is doing better than Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones, this should be dead proof that GNR is one of the hottest tickets in the country. So please lay off with those 'GNR Tour Is Doomed' things. If GNR had some good promo, they would be #1 easily.

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