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  1. I'm not one to typically complain about the live videos, whether pro shot or fan shot. They never really do the in arena/stadium mix justice. Soundboard, iem mixes are too unforgiving to be representative of the actual concert experience, etc. But these Exit 111 are embarrassing. First of all, as a video editor, I notice within the first 20 seconds there's a mistaken flash frame that was just left in there. Very jarring, clearly inadvertent and unprofessional. Who the fuck is editing these?? It's POSSIBLE that was a live error on the part of the live video director at the concer
  2. Right. If Steven and Izzy weren't involved then, locally in the states-- I don't see them being flown overseas in the middle of all this for shows that may not even happen/ or be allowed to draw the crowds to make it worth the band's while to split that "fp money" with any former members. but who knows... It'd be great if it happens.
  3. Wow, look at all those formats & related merch! That's the way to release an album! I've been hooked on their S&M 2 version of All Within My Hands.
  4. He kinda jumped up onto one of the monitors on stage, and must've cracked the bone immediately because he just as quickly fell backwards. Got back up, pants split, broken foot and kept fucking going. -- I knew the "ought" would get flack, obviously, there's a lot of "oughts"-- but seeing Duff talking about the Troubadour, spurred this post. I had to at least put it out there... Initially I was thinking they could shoot something new from there, but as you guys have pointed out-- There already is footage from the 2016 show and streaming that odyssey would probably fetch more in
  5. Lmao! No, but I do feel like there's a good amount of people, who would pay a reasonable price to watch something like this.. make a little dough for the band and the place where it all started. Hell, they could shoot a music vid there. Something. I'll keep on the lookout for the Duff clip.
  6. Last night, Los Angeles KCAL 9 did a piece on the Troubadour being in danger of closing for good as a result of the pandemic. I didn't catch the whole thing but they interviewed Duff. I don't know if it was new or really what was said. They haven't posted it online yet but this is their sister station's month-old report on the Troubadour Go Fund Me. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/05/06/troubadour-gofundme-coronavirus-west-hollywood/ Got me thinking though. What if they did a live set from the empty Troubadour? Do a kickass warm up gig like 2016. Help a cla
  7. There were plenty of poor pressings that came out at launch. The one I got had issues. The album itself is really dynamic and well mixed, which got some high praise in the time of Death Magnetic loudness. I've mainly listened on CD and there are so many layers, you can hear something new everytime you listen.
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