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  1. I'm not one to typically complain about the live videos, whether pro shot or fan shot. They never really do the in arena/stadium mix justice. Soundboard, iem mixes are too unforgiving to be representative of the actual concert experience, etc. But these Exit 111 are embarrassing. First of all, as a video editor, I notice within the first 20 seconds there's a mistaken flash frame that was just left in there. Very jarring, clearly inadvertent and unprofessional. Who the fuck is editing these?? It's POSSIBLE that was a live error on the part of the live video director at the concer
  2. Right. If Steven and Izzy weren't involved then, locally in the states-- I don't see them being flown overseas in the middle of all this for shows that may not even happen/ or be allowed to draw the crowds to make it worth the band's while to split that "fp money" with any former members. but who knows... It'd be great if it happens.
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