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  1. A shame this never got a vinyl release, would have been worth it for the larger artwork.
  2. Proshot TWAT????!!! What a time to be alive.
  3. I see they've changed venue for GDL this time. Organisation was a complete shitshow at the stadium in 2019, not the fault of GNR but the local promoters. Guessing they've found new promoters this time, let's see.
  4. It was damn good poutine. I still think about that shawarma poutine from time to time I was in Montreal for 7 days and had 15 poutines in total. My chest felt like shit from day 3 but it was totally worth it.
  5. I didn't go to that show but I did go to Atlantic City a few days before and that was the best show I saw post-2010 up until Toronto 2016. Was a great night, totally worth the trip.
  6. Great stuff. At this point I'd pay $1000 to see the band perform like this again Obviously prefer the album version but I'm still digging Slash's take on the Sorry solo here.
  7. Loved this. Yeah, the human stuff wasn't great, but at least it didn't make me want to claw me eyes out like with Godzilla: KOTM, and the film didn't outstay its welcome. And While KOTM had good monster action, this turned everything up to 11. So many cool moments. Glad I avoided the trailer and leaks, I was squealing with joy every five minutes at things I wasn't expecting to see.
  8. By the time they wanted to release the video, two of the guitarists (Robin and Bucket) and a drummer (Brain) were out of the band. And then DJ was announced in March '09. The revolving door of musicians probably contributed to a whole bunch of things not getting released as they would have been "outdated".
  9. Also reminds me how out of all the experimental stuff on the Village leaks, there was the southern-rock sounding "The Rebel" sitting out of place.
  10. Thanks for the link. It's interesting how Axl was courting guitarists all across the spectrum, I think a "nuGuns" with Marc Ford or Derek Trucks would have had a very different sound: Even Finck's look (and solo spot) in '06/'07 seemed more traditional blues-rock-y, could've passed for a Robinson brother.
  11. Do we know which show the Music Machine 1986 one that is up on YouTube was from? There were two Music Machine shows that year but I don't see a month on either video.
  12. In terms of which tracks don't have Bucket, definitely Oh My God and most likely all the stuff dated March 2000: Catcher Perhaps Atlas Prostitute Quicksong Oklahoma IRS Me & My Elvis D Tune Curly Shuffle Even though it's dated later in 2000, I don't think Bucket is on the Rough Mix CD 1 demo of TWAT? I could be wrong on that one. TWAT had been in the works since '99 at least since it has a Howerdel credit. EDIT: Also, in terms of what Beavan worked on: Sean Beavan – recording and digital editing (tracks 1, 4–6, 9, 11, 12 and 14) So tha
  13. This and The Batman are the only upcoming superhero/comic book movies I'm looking forward to. I loved the Raimi films, looking forward to multiverse shenanigans.
  14. The album that made me a GNR fan. Love it to this day. TWAT is perfection. Last year's leaks were the best things that have happened since. Can't believe it's 2020 and we still haven't (clearly) heard The General or Soul Monster (with lyrics). At least we got demos of Jackie Chan/Hard School and Atlas Shrugged, and Perhaps and State of Grace were nice surprises. And of course, the masterpiece that is Eye On You
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