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  1. The album that made me a GNR fan. Love it to this day. TWAT is perfection. Last year's leaks were the best things that have happened since. Can't believe it's 2020 and we still haven't (clearly) heard The General or Soul Monster (with lyrics). At least we got demos of Jackie Chan/Hard School and Atlas Shrugged, and Perhaps and State of Grace were nice surprises. And of course, the masterpiece that is Eye On You
  2. Tahchin Tacos: The "shells" are made in the style of tahchin: rice mixed with saffron-infused water, eggs, and Greek yoghurt, baked until crispy and crunchy. The filling for the ones above is Joojeh Kabob: chicken marinated in saffron, yoghurt, and onion. Topped with barberries. These ones have fesenjoon as a filling: slow-cooked chicken with ground walnuts and pomegranate molasses, topped with pomegranate seeds. I have a few more photos here: https://www.instagram.com/senorsaffron/
  3. I'll give you 30 bucks for one of the photo books.
  4. OK, I legit laughed out loud at
  5. Unlike a lot of fans I actually really dig Daron's voice, but Serj is weirdly realllllly low in the mix on Protect the Land, just a little louder would have been perfect.
  6. Protect the Land has really grown on me. I put the SOAD discography on shuffle on Spotify and when it came to Protect the Land I thought it was an older song that I had somehow overlooked. Such a great band, I love going through their back catalogue every once in a while, every time I do so it's like I'm rediscovering the songs and everything is a pleasant surprise.
  7. Had this stuck in my head, bought the single off iTunes. I missed hearing monster riffs from these guys.
  8. Was on Spotify just now and saw this and thought it must be a mistake at first. I've listened to the original countless times, never would've expected Slash to cover it.
  9. If I had a spare $10K lying around I'd buy the Limited Edition one with the litho art, looks well put together. Pinball machines have come a long way, weird to see they have HD screens and clear audio these days.
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