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  1. Marc is a great guy, still hope to visit Canter's one day Do you mind asking Freese about his contribution to the title track of Chinese Democracy? Always been curious as he is listed as the only writer along with Axl.
  2. Yup. I bought OMG off UK iTunes years ago and can no longer redownload it :/ Same with some other film music I bought like the soundtrack for The Thing.
  3. I started a new job and in my bio put I was fan of GNR. A couple of my American coworkers told me the same, and when I asked what they thought of the new music they said they hadn't realised there was new music. One had been in Chicago to see Dead & Co. and only found out afterwards that GNR had played Chicago the day before. On topic, I always find it genius how that "Checkmate" clip opened with those kick-ass drums, and wonder if Axl & co. every considered opening Hard Skool that way. Straight into the song, no bullshit.
  4. I love Absurd. Hard Skool is cool and all but Absurd kicks all sorts of ass, Brain's drums are a big part in that.
  5. Great setlist. If the Mexico shows weren't delayed I'd be flying out there now
  6. I literally came here to post about the "car stereo" test. I know Axl brought that up around the release of ChiDem, saying he purposefully would play the songs on car stereos (or in strip clubs) to test the sound in different environments. Despite the "epic" production on that album's tracks, I can still enjoy listening to the tracks on crappy speakers or headphones. However, with Hard Skool especially I find my enjoyment of the song goes up exponentially when listening on superior speakers/headphones.
  7. I think Days of Future Past may be my favorite track from the album? The Harris epics are certainly... epic, but they can drag on, and I feel like DoFP is a tight no-bullshit song which I can listen to repeatedly.
  8. I like both but Absurd kicks all sorts of ass. It's 21st Century GNR, and the new version is a big improvement on the demo (even if I do miss "What can I do... with a bitch like you!"). With Hard Skool, there's bits I prefer in the new version and bits I prefer in the demo, and it feels less like it knows what it wants to be. I think Slash's guitar parts on Absurd are great.
  9. Even without Hard Skool that's a damn good setlist. Despite the last few shows I saw in person not being that special, Shadow Of Your Love was always fucking great live.
  10. Intro and bridge are definitely better in this new version. Preferred the drumming on the Village demo, was the demo faster tempo, too? I feel like this will kick ass live, though.
  11. Two stories I think about constantly from this interview: - Axl and Baz headbanging to W.A.S.P.'s "I Wanna Be Somebody" in Baz's car - Axl and Baz meeting David Lee Roth backstage at a VH show and him telling them "You know you guys are pretty good... but you're nothing but pretenders to the throne." And Baz replying "DUUUUUDDDDDEEE!"
  12. They're rescheduled, not cancelled. I was half-thinking of going before the UK Government moved Mexico from our Amber list for travel to Red :/
  13. Listened to these a few times today, really grown on me. Love ABBA, spent more than four hours in the ABBA Museum when I was in Stockholm to see GNR Still, think I'll pass on the hologram tour, but they'll almost certainly sell out anyway.
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