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  1. Lol I have these three in my backlog to play. I tried Binary Domain with my Xbox One controller but turns out it doesn't support it, ended up accidentally resetting my C drive trying to get it to work I have a 360 controller so I'll get around to it at some point.
  2. Completed these three. Beyond Two Souls wasn't bad in the end, still not sure I'd recommend it but the facial textures are really impressive for what was a PS3 game. D4 was what one would expect from a Swery game: quirky Japanese view on Western tropes. Sadly the story ends on a cliffhanger and is unfinished, but if you pick it up cheap (I paid less than £3) it's a fun few hours of zany Swery shenanigans. Yakuza Kiwami is a good game but one is reminded often while playing how truly great Yakuza 0 was. Still, the substories are entertaining and I played the vast majority of them.
  3. Perfect Crime documentary would be my number one pick. Would love a remastered version of the 17th July 1993 Buenos Aires gig. Indiana '91 gig with the live debut of Estranged would be nice. Would be curious to hear demo(s) of Estranged and YCBM, don't think there are in any circulation.
  4. Here we go, found the groupie quotes:
  5. Who was the MyGNR member who had a bunch of groupie quotes regarding each GNR member in their sig? I remember Matt's was along the lines of "fucks like a rockstar and is a pro at eating pussy". Guess this book confirms it
  6. Games I recently completed (all on PC): Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - Nice Standalone expansion to The New Order, but I've been spoiled by DOOM Eternal's fast-paced combat. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut - Really liked this. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Deluxe Edition - Absolutely loved this, can't believe it was so derided upon its release, the DLC is fantastic as well. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - The first half is a bit of a slog and it has "DOOM 2016 Syndrome" where it's obvious it had a split development and thus split personality in its final form. It'
  7. I think it's Robin as it's dated March 2000 on the CD, and most of those tracks seem like the pre-Bucket stuff (e.g. Chinese Democracy), Bucket had only been in the band a few months at that point. It's mostly the tracks dated November 2000 that sound Bucket-y to me.
  8. Do you mean higher than the orchestral strings in the mix? I've only listened to the '06 demo maybe two or three times, can't really remember it beside the missing intro and lack of the super deep backing vocals compared to the album version.
  9. Wasn't just the title track that had great bass that got buried in the mix. TWAT and Riad had some really good bass parts, the latter especially is almost bass-driven in the demos.
  10. Yeah, I don't think there has been any other reference to Perhaps or Nothing before the locker leaks so it would be a pretty big coincidence that they got two track titles right by chance.
  11. Not usually the biggest fan of his solo stuff but I really dig this.
  12. I remember when the RRHOF lineup (Myles + Slash + Gilby + Duff + Matt) were part of the Kings of Chaos lineup in 2013 for a couple of shows in South Africa. Was surprised they didn't do more KOC shows with that lineup but I guess it was likely a combination of egos, paycheques, and the likes of Slash preferring to focus on their own projects.
  13. SunhiLegened playing the game, he's an absolute beast:
  14. Finally completed the game on Ultra-Violence. Bloody brilliant, a masterpiece of first-person shooter game design. Exhilarating to the point of exhaustion, I had to take frequent breaks to stop my heart pounding out my chest. With DOOM 2016 I could spend hours at a time playing the game, but with Eternal I think the most I managed was an hour at a time. There were moments I'd pass a checkpoint and enter a motherfucker of an arena and just quick to desktop because I knew I was too tired to properly play. That said, I still think Eternal is far superior. Loved the lore which is something I
  15. Slash - November Rain outro solo Slash - SCOM solo Slash - Nightrain outro solo Bucket - TWAT solo Finck - TIL solo Honourable Mentions: Slash - YCBM solo Bumble - Catcher solo (I prefer it to the May version... ) May - Atlas Shrugged solo
  16. I can't find that one right now, but is that the same as bluesy one he played at other shows in '06 and '07, e.g. Mexico 2007? Really dug that. Of all the songs to end with a fade on the album, it had to be Nightrain Such a shame, the outro solo is fucking killer live when played in full.
  17. The "And when you're in need of someone..." bit is epic. Think they only did it live two or three times, once with Shannon.
  18. I think Locomotive would have been a classic had they cut a couple of the middle verses. The outro is brilliant but the song drags too long to get there. SCOM was gonna have a third verse originally before it was axed, but with the UYIs there seems to have been less "editorial oversight" and a few tracks suffer from bloat.
  19. It's not insanity to comp a solo. The solo on Comfortably Numb, one of the most iconic of all time, was comped from five or six takes: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/david_gilmour_how_i_recorded_comfortably_numb_guitar_solo.html I'm pretty sure Buckethead's widely praised TWAT solo was comped from different tracks since there was a shorter version on one of the leaks.
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