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  1. Mr. Bungle released a re-recording of their 1986 high school thrash metal demo with Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo. Weird stuff, unexceptional Bungle.
  2. BBF was a perfect replacement for Bucket, can't blame Axl for wanting three guitars, that was his vision at the time. Wonder if that's why BBF felt so mistreated when he joined.
  3. The other day I was searching for Finck's one-off with the band in 2012 and it looks like it's gone. Really annoying.
  4. Not sure if any of this is welcomed in the main discussion, apologies in advance. Feeling a bit depressed in my lonely quarentine and it's a good exercise to share something about a band you follow. I've been in and out of this place since 2007, rarely posting anything, but following closely every little thing there was to know about NuGn'R. Only went to two shows, one in 2010 (Sao Paulo) and the other in 2011 (Rock In Rio) and the lack of new music pretty much killed the desire to see this band on a live setting ever again. Since my passion relied on the novelties this band could bring -
  5. It's sort of funny that Mr. Bungle is my favorite band and I couldn't recognize most of these songs. Basically a metal show with Ian and Lombardo with Bungle's brand. SETLIST: Won't You Be My Neighbor (Fred Rogers cover) (with thrash metal stabs at end) Anarchy Up Your Anus Spreading the Thighs of Death Glutton Malfunction Raping Your Mind Sit There Bungle Grind (Unknown) (“Meth” on setlist) Evil Satan (w/ Slayer’s Hell Awaits intro) Summer Breeze (Seals & Crofts cover) Eracist Cold War (Siege cover)
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