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  1. I think if one UYI album with the best 12 songs had of been released it would possibly have been considered up there with the great rock albums, so a bit diluted down by the release of two double albums.
  2. And the fact that Tool are actually relevant artists that aren’t just all about the money. Do you think Tool would ever release a pinball machine, or a kids story book? GnR probably makes Maynard sick, so he could’ve really gone to town on them.
  3. Yeah definitely great suggestions - I feel exactly the same!
  4. There’s nothing wrong with Axl’s weight. He’s probably within his normal BMI for his height and age. It’s his voice that has been a problem. Not his weight. Millions of Americans are morbidly overweight, Axl is not one of them. He ain’t’ even close.
  5. With all due respect mate, AC/DC songs suit Axl a lot more these days. They are challenging in their own right, I’m sure, but are way slower and don’t have long sentences that are too hard for Axl from a pulmonary perspective (out of breath). I’m sure too though that Axl also wanted to give it his all and impress a band that he grew up loving. So yeah, there’s that too which makes you right 👍
  6. Whitesnake and Scorpions are legendary bands - well done! My last two bands I got to see earlier this year were Cold Chisel at A day on the green (they were brilliant), and Tool here in Brisbane and flew to Melbourne to see them again. They were amazing. Ace and Gene were fantastic. It was a small intimate venue, and I spoke with the owner of the Tivoli later on and he said Gene was lovely. He walked around talking to all the staff and gave the owner one of his box sets or something. It would be awesome if Australia can clean COVID-19 a bit more and entice overseas bands to come back
  7. Nice one mate, I’ve tried to catch a few older bands too over the years. Deep Purple here in Brisbane a few years back was one example, for guys their age they were phenomenal. Gene Simmons & Ace Frehley more recently another one. I think with Australia such a long way away the bands would start to question the time and energy it takes to tour here. So yeah, take the opportunity to see the legends Especially 👍
  8. Ha! That’s right, she’s a determined gate keeper our premier 🙄
  9. I agree, they have played it a few times today on our hard rock station here in Brisbane, Australia, and it’s been well received. The band was also being interviewed for a while, no mention of Axl though. So yeah, a solid tune that perhaps with this crazy year so far people maybe appreciating something reliably familiar. Brian sounds great. Obviously studio recording can be manipulated but he is AC/DC, so I’m glad that he returned and wasn’t replaced by Axl.
  10. Living in Australia is motivation for me to see GnR, and many other bands, each time they are out here because I always think this could be the last time. And to be fair and honest, Axl and GnR have been awesome each time I have seen them play here over the past 27 years 🤟🏼
  11. Mate, next time you think about handing over cash for GnR merch give me a call and I will fly to Sydney and punch you in the face. 🤣
  12. I’d pay $1000 for a new album of brand new songs, on vinyl, if that vinyl were limited to only 1000 total released. There that’s my offer - take my money Axl! 😁
  13. Yeah mate, Cornell figured out a way of releasing music, must have been divine intervention. Might be the only way that we will ever get new music with Axl Rose on it, when he's dead and TB are profiting from it.
  14. This is cool, highlights a great song created by a great rock band in their prime. I love Chris Cornell but he is nothing on Axl in this particular song, Axl’s dynamics and emotive delivery lifts that song from just another rock ballad to another level...
  15. Very good point. I dearly hope your country can climb out of the mess it’s in, because the world is a much better place with a strong and healthy America. Fingers crossed the USA can work through it and discover some quality leaders that can give the people hope 👍
  16. I watched the debate live and felt embarrassed for you Americans, Jesus if these two old fuck knuckles are the best you can do then the USA is more fucked than John Holmes.
  17. This. As embarrassing as it is for him, he’s a session musician on a very long extended job. Is working for the band, isn’t really a part of it and could be replaced whenever. But good on him, he’s done extremely well for himself and traveled the world doing something he loves.
  18. Ha! I like it mate, having GnR wait for you for a change. I'm sure you'll feel like getting it 'soon'...
  19. I’ve asked Del before how heavy Axl likes it, as like me, Del likes the heavy stuff like Slayer, Death, Morbid Angel, Kreator etc..., but Del said that Axl doesn’t really get into the heavier stuff. Makes sense I guess considering his first bands he loved included ELO, Elton John and the like.
  20. Thank you for doing this. Its a good topic. I haven't been following it too well as it turned out to be another broken promise by the management, so its cool that you have summarised it and if it can be updated if anything happens then even better! Cheers
  21. But was that in the middle of Guns N' Roses supposedly working on a new album? I can't remember? The dissapointing years all just get mixed up together for me these days, my timeline of being a GnR fan is just one very long winding road of saddness and dissapointment!
  22. Do you all think Axl will be slightly aggrieved if SMKC release a new album in the next 6 - 12 months. I find it a tad embarrassing that GnR have been talking about “ writing” or “recording“ and “ideas” for several years and can’t figure out how to actually put together a release and then Bam! , Slash punches out another album to the world with the greatest of ease. It’s sickeningly funny. But part of me would think Axl would be a bit annoyed about that.
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