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  1. Yeah I’ve heard that here in Australia on the radio. All new show. I’m not reading too much into it 😔
  2. Ah I get it! The new album is gonna be called ‘Guns n’ Rosa Parks!’ ... that’s better than the Red Panda title 🤟🏼
  3. Me too, I got it on vinyl. If you spin it backwards it says “soon” over and over again...
  4. It’s ‘itchy crotch’ day here in Australia, a very sad and sombre day to empathise with all those with thrush, so yeah it would be a bit insensitive for Guns to release their long awaited follow up to Chinese Democracy on this very special day on the Aussie calendar. Good on them for respecting significant global days.
  5. I’m going to both. I live in Brisbane. I doubt the Gold Coast will sell out, although they may be thinking they will attract people as far away as deep down in Northern NSW. Hopefully they get a decent crowd, weird that it’s first show and Brisbane doesn’t follow straight after.
  6. Gotta love AccaDacca lyrics mate!
  7. What about the free can of Dr Pepper? Mountain Dew perhaps? Those cheap bastards!
  8. Yeah I had Diamond Reserve standing for the two Sydney shows I flew down for in 2017. They were really good tickets, not too far from the stage and at $245 I might try to get it again for the Sydney show. I think this position of being just back a bit from the stage actually gives you the best sound experience, kind of an accoustic sweet spot.
  9. I think Axl conveyed it perfectly, even declaring the fact he was just a small town white boy to paint a picture of his background. So the problem is actually society’s, it’s failure to understand his perspective and that is his perfectly valid opinion.
  10. I bought tickets for Brisbane and Gold Coast shows. Will wait and see how 2021 pans out on whether or not I fly to Sydney or Melbourne for those shows.
  11. Yep, more chance of Rob Gardner and Tracii Guns being on the stage !
  12. Yeah I think it was to keep fans happy and engaged while they worked on UYI music. So basically to keep the momentum up. And I also love One in a Million. Such an underrated song with great guitar rhythm and brutally honest lyrics. That’s true art!
  13. They are very big here in Australia, have been for the past 35 years. There is the hardcore fans like us that come here, but the majority of Aussie fans are more just fans of the glory days but will go to see their shows just to have fun. So pretty similar to what it is worldwide. Hard rock is still a very popular genre of music here, thankfully! I’m sure they will again get 30,000-40,000 to most shows. We have a pretty good economic recovery here too, with COVID-19 under control, so people are working and making money and this will allow people to buy expensive gig tickets, buy merch etc
  14. Well there ya’ go. I mentioned in another thread about the new AC/DC album that they should start a PowerUp tour here in Australia due to our very good COVID-19 position, and GnR had the same thought! 😊 Although still a big risk based on the uncertainty of how the virus can kick off quickly, Australia is still the best placed country in the world to return to live shows with big crowds that will make big $$$$ Guns N Roses would be all over that tasty proposition !
  15. Great post. Brian is sounding amazing on it. Obviously manipulated studio voice is different to what it may be live, but he sounds bloody fantastic. Jimmy Barnes is a bit of a legend here in Australia. He’s an incredible rock singer and I saw Cold Chisel live earlier this year and he still is great live. Gives Axl a bit of a touch up, as both have screamed hard for a few decades but Jimmy still sounds great, whereas Axl lost his grunt years ago. I agree about not having Axl on the album. I mean AC/DC are one of the biggest rock bands ever, GnR ‘were’ one of the biggest, and yes, most
  16. Yeah I get what your'e saying. Although here in Brisbane, Queensland, tomorrow night we will have a packed stadium of 50 000 people (with really no social distancing at all) to watch a rugby game. I think this may be the largest outdoor event crowd in the world since the pandemic. So Australia is probably best placed to have live concerts at the moment, it would be a great place for bands with itchy feet to get performing again and make some serious money! Like you said though, the unpredictable nature of the virus outbreaks would be a possible obstace to organising a big national tour
  17. I wish they would get themselves back to Australia and start their PowerUp tour here. I mean with so few Covid-19 cases it makes sense. They can play here in Brisbane to 50 000 at Suncorp stadium and probably big crowds in most other states too. F*ck it, I'll call their manager right now... It was cool to see Axl on the t.v last night for a few seconds, sharing the stage with the boys.
  18. Soon is the word! (Sorry) I’m on the couch with Jack Daniels in hand ready to watch it on 60 minutes. These boys, in this actual band, know how to get out there and promote an album 👍
  19. Bought the regular vinyl album, as well as the yellow vinyl album, today. Can’t wait to give them a spin tomorrow!
  20. Undecided if I go the yellow vinyl, picture disc, or the regular black vinyl. I’m more of a traditional kind of guy so I like the black vinyl, but the other options look so nice!
  21. Nice, can’t wait to get it this Friday!
  22. It’s beautiful - right up there with ‘all I ever wanted, was for you, to know that I care’ 😊
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