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  1. 13 hours ago, allwaystired said:

    Interesting to see how the reported news that Australia plans to keep it's borders closed for the rest of 2021, regardless of vaccine rollout, comes into play. Might put the dampeners on the GNR dates there.....

    Why is that? We have just had hundreds of tennis players from all around the world enter Australia into Melbourne to play the Australian open. If sport can do it then so too can international bands one would think?

  2. On 1/16/2021 at 8:27 AM, Dean said:

    I hate the thought of leaks forcing Axl's hand, but it was too much of a coincidence for me not to lean that way. 

    Thank you Rick by take care of us. 

    What a glorious period that was. I will never forget hearing Atlas for the first time and how it instantly changed my life...along with everyone else's.

    😄 I’m going to make a banner and take it to my GnR shows this November - “thanks to Rick he’s better than the old one (MSL)”

  3. 17 hours ago, Legendador said:

    Have you guys ever thought that those songs are so old and dated up to this point that they could actually be a flop, if ever released?

    Those songs are 20 years old, when rock was something completely different.

    I can't stop thinking that people want "The General" only for its name, people never heard the song and the only "witness" we have is Sebastian Bach saying it was the heaviest song he has ever heard in his life, which doesn't mean much since the dude is over excited by ANYTHING!

    I just think a lot of people are creating and living a really fucked up fantasy over here and are going to be so disappointed in the future.

    Last but not least, Axl cannot be blammed for that.

    This. There are so many hopeful & delusional souls here, it’s not funny...

  4. 2 hours ago, jamillos said:

    Axl is obviously not firing any of the Lebeis people, who have essentially been his family; however, what theoretically could be feasible is that seeing how many fans complain, he could actually think about it and eventually hire some more people just to help out with the PR/promotion stuff… Ideally, these additional employees would be the ones to communicate with the fans, while TB could focus on merchandize and booking concerts, which is the only thing they should be doing in any case. That itself would be a huge step. 

    This is a great idea and the most sensible thing for the GnR brand moving forward. The Lebeis family have actually been very, very good at organising world tours and the logistics of such a huge undertaking, so credit where it’s due. But they have no idea about PR and marketing & promotion so this is an area that has hurt GnR due to it being largely ignored. Having said that, they still sell millions of tickets so obviously it’s not hurting them too much financially!

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  5. On 12/27/2020 at 2:29 PM, Rovim said:

    to be fair, Chinese was eventually released. The reunion eventually happened. everything is painfully slow so maybe it's not dead, just resting.

    Axl made a lot of money from the tour and could be working on it when he feels like it, we don't actually know. I don't expect him to share real information about new music even if it exists until he can see the finish line cause he promised shit in the past that he could/would not deliver on time or at all and I don't think he's even close to completing a current Gn'R album so why say anything at all if you don't seem to really view interaction with your fans as a positive at least most of the time or just a burden/risky move?

    honestly, if say, a great Gn'R album is released 2 years from now, would you still consider this band dead?

    it would be almost impossibly pathetic and just plain embarrassing for this band to come to an end without releasing a final album with Slash and Duff back in the fold.


    Good points, yes CD was eventually released. I remember 20 years ago thinking it will never happen. But it did, however that was 12 years ago.  If GnR released an album in 2 years then I would not consider the band dead. So to me its all about creating music and releasing it. Otherwise they are currently just performers. 

    I agree that Axl wouldn't even contemplate discussing a new album unless it was actually in the final stages of being released as he just looked silly in the past and copped it from many people in the industry to the point of becoming a global joke.  And that would go for everyone currently in the camp. They know better now, and were happy pre-covid talking about how they are successfully touring and playing to millions. And they have done that very, very well. Axl has been very professional for a very long time and really proved alot of people wrong. Now only if he could prove alot of people wrong about the popular opinon that he is frightfully reluctant to release his art to the public.



  6. 5 hours ago, DurhamGirl said:

    Mmmm that didnt work too well :huh:.  Ok back to normal...

    I do understand it might be quite galling for a two minute fan to come on here and ask for positivity, .if I knew how to cancel a thread I would.  Maybe a moderator could do it.

    😁 Nice try and in some way we can appreciate your positivity. To be honest with you, it really is all on us that we are the delusional fools that expected more over the years. We know the deal but yet stupidly hope for more.

    Axl and Guns n’ Roses, are performers now, not artists any more and that is the difficult concept we struggle with. 

    Like RUSSTCB alluded to in his post above, you’d be better off enjoying other bands and accepting what was incredible in the past, but is dead now.

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  7. Met Dizzy, DJ and Richard a few times and they were friendly but not overly enthused. Met Frank a few times and he is genuinely lovely, as was Ron. Ron is an amazing bloke that actually goes the extra mile to make a fan feel welcome and happy!

    Met Steven a couple of times and he is wonderful to meet. Friendly and sincere in his willingness  to meet with fans.

    Met Duff and he was friendly and cool, just said a quick hi as his bodyguard was with him.

    Met Slash at an afterparty  and had a good long chat with him and he was really lovely and engaging. Funny bugger too, my mate was giving him shit and Slash was giving it back. I think he was pleasantly surprised by my mate who just treated him like any other fucker. After hanging out at the after party for quite a while, Slash then went off to meet a very long line of fans outside the gates of the venue and posed for photos and signed stuff for like an hour and this was after midnight. A class act. This was pre-reunion SMKC days of course, now he would be more time pressured I’m sure. 

    I would dearly love to meet Axl but it has never worked out.


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  8. 18 minutes ago, architect1971 said:

    I’m ok with a Children’s book...anybody here remember the GNR Rock a ByBaby album...i played it for both my little ones (still do as I have a two year old)..it’s actually really soothing. At least it’s better than your typical lullaby songs:)👍

    Forgot about that. I had the Metallica one for my two kids when they were babies.

    And here we are complaining that GnR have not put out many albums over the last few decades. They should really re-release the GnR Rock a ByBaby album with a Silkworms remix and of course the brand new music of Shadow of Your Love on it.  That would keep us happy until the Chinese Democracy follow-up is released...  :D

  9. I'd like to see him open up his own record label and help cultivate and foster new rock talent. Try to revive the genre and get some good young bands up and running.

    I think his incredible knowledge of music, bands and music history, and his passion would be awesome in a mentoring role.

  10. 1 hour ago, jamillos said:

    Don't expect the band to release anything today, as that wouldn't be fair to all the anniversaries happening in the world - like the Gazpacho Soup Day (see Red Dwarf), which happens to be today! 

    It’s ‘itchy crotch’ day here in Australia, a very sad and sombre day to empathise with all those with thrush, so yeah it would be a bit insensitive for Guns to release their long awaited follow up to Chinese Democracy on this very special day on the Aussie calendar. Good on them for respecting significant global days. 

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  11. 21 hours ago, A.R.S.D. said:

    Anyone think Gold Coast will sell out? Being so close to Brisbane I want to go to both but also watching the Covid situation in the USA in particular

    I’m going to both. I live in Brisbane. I doubt the Gold Coast will sell out, although they may be thinking they will attract people as far away as deep down in Northern NSW. Hopefully they get a decent crowd, weird that it’s first show and Brisbane doesn’t follow straight after.

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