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  1. On 6/6/2021 at 10:02 AM, Tadsy said:

    Have any support acts been announced? 

    Haven’t really heard much about the support acts. I’ve got tickets to Gold Coast & Brisbane but just parked it at the back of my mind, knowing that it was still a long way off. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, Live Like a Suicide said:

    Every time they come down to Australia, i hope they do Marseilles, but all we get is Nice Boys (which is good, but i prefer The Angels over Rose Tattoo).

    Same here, Marseilles is a fantastic song. Axl does a great job of Nice Boys but there are so many other Rose Tattoo, The Angels or AC/DC songs that Axl would know well enough to change it up a bit. 

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  3. On 5/18/2021 at 3:42 AM, James Bond said:

    Reuniting with their guitarist, recording new music, playing diverse set lists.

    Ah yes.




    I love the Chili Peppers.

    It’s continually bitching, ungrateful fans like you that give the rest of us a bad name.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to read my Guns N’ F’n Roses’ childrens book!




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  4. It is questionable why we are all still here, as there is really fuck-all to discuss anymore. I just want to keep up to date with whatever may happen, and be there to see it through to the end.  I know that we are highly unlikely to get new music ever again, but if we do I want to share in that joy with pure and die hard GnR fans of which this place has. 

    If Axl announced it was all over then I would come here less and less over time, but still check in with the hope of leaks.

  5. 1 hour ago, bumcheecksmcghee said:

    Terrible news. Gibbo is a fellow aussie and mate ive talked to many times. Always commenting, sharing an supporting the page. Love the hard work he does for the gnr fans. 

    Shame on the turds that report shit like this...


    Yeah mate it’s fuckin’ dumb. You would think that GnR would support guys like Gibbo and appreciate the support they get from us Aussies who turn out time and time again to see their shows, enabling them to play in front of huge crowds, and effectively facilitating their continued dream existence and lifestyle of being ‘Rock stars’, but no, they gotta shit on the real fans time and time again. Wankers.

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  6. There is absolutely zero chance that anything will even come close to AFD. Which I think is the core problem here. Axl tried to ‘bury’ Appettite, but it can’t ever be done...

    If he enjoys touring, then tour. If putting out music is too hard for him, which it appears to be, then don’t release any. But just don’t string along your fans who have supported you for 30 - 40 years by speculating  that new music is around the corner (through the suggestions of other band members) if it isn’t really true.

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  7. I thought Axl looked and sounded fantastic. The band were great. You’re a serious nit-picking wanker if you have to look for the bad in this latest release. Just enjoy one of the all-time great rock voices and rock guitarist as they are still going and giving their performances for all to see. 

  8. On 4/10/2021 at 7:54 PM, Dean said:

    I remember around 2011 that the mother of Dizzy's daughter was asking for donations to go towards paying for their daughters further education. The salaries of the band from '02 allegedly got out years ago. I remember Bucket was on something like $40,000 a month - could all have been false though. Tommy was working in a call center before getting the Guns gig. Just goes to show how cut throat it is being a musician that isn't with one of the juggernauts making a comfortable living. There's probably more to it with 4tus selling these guitars, I'm sure he'll be doing alright!

    Oh cool, if that is true about Buckethead then that’s pretty damn good money!  I always find it pitiful and rude when musicians ask for donations for their own personal life. Like fuck off, be wise with your money or suck it up like the rest of us 😄

    It certainly is cut throat and I remember seeing a music doco on Netflix about hired guns and how the job can be gone all of a sudden, like Pitman for instance. 

    4Tus is a smart dude, I’m sure he is wise and mature enough too, so yeah probably just shedding gear he no longer uses.

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  9. 10 hours ago, Fitha_whiskey said:

    I don’t know how to post a FB post here, but Richard is selling a huge number of guitars and amps on something called the Chicago Music Exchange... if I could’ve posted it, it’s a moving truck full of guitars and amps for sale it appears to me... Pretty stark example of the economics of rock n roll. One day you’re a rockstar with 799 guitars, the next you’re in a pawn shop... that’s the way I see it- if anyone knows more about it, please chime in. 

    Interesting. I’ve always wondered how much Axl pays his staff like Richard. What do you all think? To be on contract with GnR and obviously they would stipulate that GnR is the priority with any side-interests not to conflict with plans, how much for a hired muso to take that gig?

    I would have a guess around $100 00 - $150 000 per year with all expenses paid touring.

    What do you all reckon?



  10. 23 hours ago, RussTCB said:


    This. This. 😄

    Actually, “ new music or GTFO “ should be the correct answer to any question now.

    Q/ What do you think of having two keyboardists in the band?

    A/ new music or GTFO

    Q/ Do you think Steven Adler should be back in the band?

    A/ new music or GTFO

    Q/ What song do you think they should open with when touring begins again?

    A/ new music or GTFO

    Q/ What do you think the title of their next children’s story book should be?

    A/ new music or GTFO

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  11. 20 hours ago, axl666 said:

    There's nothing difficult at all to it. You just hover your cursor over the song and it tells you how many plays it has.

    In relation to UY1, the less well known songs have plays in the range of the better CD songs. For instance Don't Damn Me has 12M and Coma has 12M.

    November Rain in contrast has close to 500M, Don't Cry 240M and LALD 107M.

    On UY12, Dont Cry and KOHD are the most popular songs on 240M and 340M respectively. YCBM has 100M.

    Most of the other songs are in around the 12-15 M plays. Estranged is a bit of an outlier with 50M plays, so very popular without being immensely popular.

    What about My World? Surely that has hit the Billion plays by now...

  12. On 2/28/2021 at 5:57 AM, Subtle Signs said:

    This means nothing for the States. Australia took the virus seriously and beat it down. It'll be 2022,IMO before bands the size of GNR can attempt large shows here.

    Probably, hopefully the vaccine roll-out will speed things up a bit so that the US can start to plan concerts for early 2022.

    I went to the show for Midnight Oil last night. It was an outdoor venue of approximately 10 000 people. It’s was a seating plan to make it ‘safe’ but really people were up dancing, drunk, and behaving like any other show pre-COVID. It was a great night and so good to see a big concert again with that electric atmosphere that a big crowd and a fantastic band can only provide!

  13. On 2/26/2021 at 9:57 AM, kozydogg said:

    What is your favorite studio vocal performance by Axl?  Must be the whole song, not just a line or two.

    For me it's One in a Million.  That song has the perfect blend of my favorite Axl attributes:

    • The patented drawn out words like "starraarr" or "make us cryyiayy"
    • The perfect balance of rasp and phlegm, especially in the line "they come to our country, and think they'll do as they please"
    •  The power is clean but raspy/rough/phlegmy all at the same time
    • Shows off his incredible range between baritone and screeching 
    • The attitude.  Right or wrong, the attitude and swagger in the song can't be matched (Ok, maybe ISE matches/exceeds, but still...)

    I don’t give a shit what all the do-gooders say, this song is up there with GnR’s greatest. The attitude - right. Brutal honesty from an artist at the height of his mega-talented output.

    I must say though that I’ve never heard of the ‘phlegmy’ description before 😄

    Anyway, I’m gonna say Nightrain, Patience and Better.

  14. 19 hours ago, allwaystired said:

    It's a tricky one Australia- it's fairly isolated in terms of touring. Going there it's difficult to tie in other dates in different locations without incurring significant expense, which means it often, sadly, means it isn't financial viable. Or not deemed profitable enough. 

     Basically....it comes down to money and logistics. 


    Yeah good points above. With Australia they can only really tie in New Zealand on the tour with some reasonable certainty. In term of the financial impact on the band themselves, having wankers like me fork out $500 a ticket is really just putting the financial burden on the consumer, and more than likely the promoter absorbs the risk.So the band should be fine. 

  15. 6 hours ago, Tom2112 said:

    I was literally just saying yesterday that I'm surprised bands haven't tried to tour Aus/NZ🤣

    Aa far as banda returning to the road, along as it's done safely I think it's great.

    As far as gnr returning to the road... I guess we'll see. I hope people enjoy it but I just hope that they don't continue where they left off. I hope that "the next chapter" actually starts there, and that the next chapter includes new material. They said they can't release music without playing live, so... here they have the dates that are looking fairly likely... the excuse machine is about to get loaded up. "All things considered it's a miracle we're going these dates, hopefully we can start to look at the new record next year".


    Yeah I’m surprised too. On Sunday night I’m going to see Midnight Oil play here at an outdoor venue that can hold around 10 000 people so the domestic market here in Australia is starting to ramp up a bit. But I’m surprised that no overseas bands are coming here sooner to get back into touring and making money.

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  16. On 2/22/2021 at 5:27 PM, jamillos said:

    Rule No. 1: Nothing is ever "confirmed" in the world of GN'R unless one of the main musicians themselves says something concrete, ideally with a date. 

    Nope, I’ve been following this band for 30 years and rule no.1: Nothing is ever confirmed in the world of Gn’fn’R unless it is released, in the shops, and in your possession 😁

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  17. 4 hours ago, axlvai said:

    The new 50 sec leak of Coma from Tokyo 92 kick the fuck out all this shit.

    If GnR upload some sneak peak like that in their social media..... the world would explode.

    That 50 sec leak sounds okay but it’s just a very tiny segment /sample of a song. In the few lines of Axl singing, some of it sounds like a cat being raped by an elephant. 

    And besides, what would be the point of uploading these onto the official GnR sites? Like this was how interesting the band was 30 years ago, but now, hmmm...

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