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  1. 5 hours ago, jamillos said:

    Tomorrow, new album, exclusively @ Conoco gas stations, bring your Covid-free certificates; the album shall be distributed on usb sticks packed in plastic bags; booklets including personal signature of F'nando the Manager will be available for download later, for Nightrain members only; a new video clip to be aired in November 2021. Stay tuned. 

    What about the free can of Dr Pepper?  Mountain Dew perhaps?  Those cheap bastards!

  2. 10 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

    Im hanging for the  thursday when the rest will be selling. I want the diamond reserve standing for 245.00 which will get me the same view i had last time when i paid 379 for same diamond tickets in 17.

    Unless there is a vaccine rolled out in Jan/feb of next year, im on the fence if those europe and american shows going ahead.

    Yes i agree that the band could have released some music during the NITL. Wasnt the material on spaghetti incident recorded during the illusions tour?


    Yeah I had Diamond Reserve standing for the two Sydney shows I flew down for in 2017. They were really good tickets, not too far from the stage and at $245 I might try to get it again for the Sydney show. 

    I think this position of being just back a bit from the stage actually gives you the best sound experience, kind of an accoustic sweet spot. 

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  3. 16 hours ago, IrishgunnerII said:

    I think it’s the brutally honest lyrics which are the problem with some people. Yes, I can understand Axl’s feelings but I think in hindsight he could have conveyed his anger in a better way. It’s the same with the song fairytale of New York which uses one of the same words that is used in OIAM and considered a slur against gay people but the pogues have explained the thinking behind the use of the word yet bbc radio 1 in the UK have decided it would offend their listeners. It’s one thing I don’t like about today’s society is that assume insult that isn’t there for people. 

    And to answer the actual question asked. Yes, I think lies was released when it was to tie fans over until what became UYI 1 and 2 was released, but there probably was a bit of capitalising on the success of AFD also. I think the album is a great album and has my favourite version of you’re crazy, there’s patience obviously, move to the city, and used to love her which shows the band could have fun around a sensitive subject.

    I think Axl conveyed it perfectly, even declaring the fact he was just a small town white boy to paint a picture of his background. So the problem is actually society’s, it’s failure to understand his perspective and that is his perfectly valid opinion. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, metallex78 said:

    Just got my tickets for Sydney. First time being front row for GN’R. Aside from 2013, but does that even count...? :lol:

    Apparently presale tickets for Sydney have sold out I think?

    I bought tickets for Brisbane and Gold Coast shows. Will wait and see how 2021 pans out on whether or not I fly to Sydney or Melbourne for those shows.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, allwaystired said:

    If you choose to speculate that Izzy and Adler are back based on the use of the AFD cross, which has been used throughout the NITL tour, in one crappy looking advert, then the future dissapointment is all yours. 

    Won't stop some naive people though, just as that clearly fake pathetic piece of paper hasn't stopped naive people thinking a new album will be released on Nov 25th. 

    Tragic all round. 

    Yep, more chance of Rob Gardner and Tracii Guns being on the stage !

  6. 8 hours ago, YouCouldBeMine_2029 said:

    First Off, this Isn't a Dig at the Album nor Gn'Rs Decision to Record/Relsease It. It's a Brilliant Album!


    'Appetite For Destruction' by the Time 'G N' R Lies' was Released was Selling Millions and was the Biggest Album In North America along with the Massive Hit 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. Going Into 1989 Appetite and Sweet Child Were going to take over the World along with Jungle and Paradise City. I imagine that was the Projection for 1989 at the time by Geffen/WB and The Band.

    Was ''Lies'' just Released because of the huge potential of the Single 'Patience'? Or, was it a sign by the Band that they weren't going to be releasing another Worthy Follow up to 'Appetite For Destruction' anytime Soon i.e 89 0r 90. Which, as we know, turned out to be true.

    What do you Think?


    'One In A Million' Best Song on The Album Imo...

    Yeah I think it was to keep fans happy and engaged while they worked on UYI music. So basically to keep the momentum up.

    And I also love One in a Million. Such an underrated song with great guitar rhythm and brutally honest lyrics. That’s true art!

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  7. 9 hours ago, Spike Killer said:

    Would you say GNR are pretty big Down Under?

    They are very big here in Australia, have been for the past 35 years. There is the hardcore fans like us that come here, but the majority of Aussie fans are more just fans of the glory days but will go to see their shows just to have fun. So pretty similar to what it is worldwide. Hard rock is still a very popular genre of music here, thankfully!

    I’m sure they will again get 30,000-40,000 to most shows. We have a pretty good economic recovery here too, with COVID-19 under control, so people are working and making money and this will allow people to buy expensive gig tickets, buy merch etc...

    Anyway, no-one has a crystal ball so who knows how Australia and the World will be in twelve months time, it’s nice to have hope and I will be certainly going to a few shows if they do go ahead.

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  8. Well there ya’ go. I mentioned in another thread about the new AC/DC album that they should start a PowerUp tour here in Australia due to our very good COVID-19 position, and GnR had the same thought! 😊

    Although still a big risk based on the uncertainty of how the virus can kick off quickly, Australia is still the best placed country in the world to return to live shows with big crowds that will make big $$$$

    Guns N Roses would be all over that tasty proposition !

  9. 19 hours ago, adamsapple said:

    I would have enjoyed a studio collaboration with Axl of some sorts too, but let's face it - any new AC/DC record could be their last. I doubt they would want to have any guest on what could be their final studio album. And it's a damn fine album as it is.

    Brian is over 70 years old, he already had issues with his hearing severe enough to not be able to finish a tour. On Power Up he kicks the living shit out of most rock singers and he is actually singing not just screaming. I always thought of him as a poor man's Jimmy Barnes (no disrespect) but on Power Up he just totally owns it, no point bringing Axl to the mix.

    Also they made it very clear they appreciate Axl and respect him as much as he does respect them, even Brian had good things to say about him. And Angus sure doesn't do guest performances with just any band, but he did for GNR, might happen again in the future, who knows? Even though I think Axl did a great job in AC/DC (why can't he sing this good in his own band?), I'd rather have Angus on stage again with GNR than Axl on an AC/DC record.

    Great post. Brian is sounding amazing on it. Obviously manipulated studio voice is different to what it may be live, but he sounds bloody fantastic. Jimmy Barnes is a bit of a legend here in Australia. He’s an incredible rock singer and I saw Cold Chisel live earlier this year and he still is great live. Gives Axl a bit of a touch up, as both have screamed hard for a few decades but Jimmy still sounds great, whereas Axl lost his grunt years ago.

    I agree about not having Axl on the album. I mean AC/DC are one of the biggest rock bands ever, GnR ‘were’ one of the biggest, and yes, most dangerous, band ever but that was just a few short years and we all know the sad waste of talent that story became. So AC/DC really don’t need or want Axl on their album. It really adds nothing and it’s just us Axl fans that would want that! 😊

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  10. 19 hours ago, Powerage5 said:

    Australia has done a good job of managing the pandemic, but I just don’t see it happening anytime soon still. Just look at South Australia - over 100 days with no new locally transmitted cases, and in the span of 24 hours dozens have popped up and state borders are shut down again. Too much unpredictability to be able to plan a tour. Not to mention, they wouldn’t want to get the touring machine running to play five dates and then have to wait to be able to play elsewhere. 

    Yeah I get what your'e saying. Although here in Brisbane, Queensland, tomorrow night we will have a packed stadium of 50 000 people (with really no social distancing at all) to watch a rugby game. I think this may be the largest outdoor event crowd in the world since the pandemic.  So Australia is probably best placed to have live concerts at the moment,  it would be a great place for bands with itchy feet to get performing again and make some serious money!

    Like you said though, the unpredictable nature of the virus outbreaks would be a possible obstace to organising a big national tour with the chance the promoters investment doesn't pay off.

  11. 6 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

    I thought it was a good and fun interview. I do have a confession, ive never seen them in concert. Sacreligous i know :facepalm:. If and when they tour here i will be absolutely getting a ticket.

    I wish they would get themselves back to Australia and start their PowerUp tour here. I mean with so few Covid-19 cases it makes sense. They can play here in Brisbane to 50 000 at Suncorp stadium and probably big crowds in most other states too. F*ck it, I'll call their manager right now... :D


    It was cool to see Axl on the t.v last night for a few seconds, sharing the stage with the boys. 

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  12. 8 hours ago, James Bond said:

    Got the shipping notification for my yellow vinyl! I'll probably cave and listen to it on Spotify though despite saying I'd wait for the vinyl. I've at least avoided the leak.

    Undecided if I go the yellow vinyl, picture disc, or the regular black vinyl. I’m more of a traditional kind of guy so I like the black vinyl, but the other options look so nice!

  13. 12 hours ago, 2020_Intensions said:

    What did ya'll expect? ACTUAL Guns news? Don't worry the new merchandise for this month will be out shortly!

    What! New merchandise? Woohoo! Where did this info leak. Was there a leaked fake but real photo of a piece of paper that has the details of a new GnR toilet lid or something f’n equally bitchin’ on it? How many Tuesdays until release? 😁

  14. On 10/31/2020 at 7:07 AM, thunderram said:


    Understand the point, but I just think folks look at it the wrong way. The music, songs are there regardless of the package(s) they arrived in.

    I happen to love most of the 30 songs. Only a few I'm not wild about. So the Illusions on the whole are just as great as Appetite to me.

    But for those that only like half of it -- or 12 songs as you put it -- should try to see things outside of a closed box.

    Who cares that the 12 songs were spread over 2 albums? It doesn't matter. The material is there. Magically eliminating the other songs doesn't somehow make the remaining ones any better or worse.

    Fact is, despite only releasing 5 original studio albums, GN'R has a longer list of beloved songs than many musical acts that have released 2, 3, 4x times the amount.

    Oh I share your love of the UYI albums. I love just about all the songs and even embrace the different and less popular ones 😊


    However, I stand by my point that if this album was released - 

    Civil War




    Dont Cry

    You Could Be Mine


    Bad Obsession

    Double Talking Jive

    November Rain

    Dont Damn Me


    with one of LALD or KOHD

    would have resulted in the critics claiming it as another masterpiece.

    Although at the time I seem to recall the Axl said well these are a bunch of songs we have worked on, so here ya’ go fans, enjoy them. I admire him for doing what he wanted.

  15. On 10/25/2020 at 4:31 PM, StayofExecution2020 said:

    No. Because Tool aren't managed by some brazilian housekeepers

    Tool is not your typical rock show. You have to be into this kinda stuff. Art is not for everyone

    Exactly, I went to see Tool at two shows earlier this year and thought they were amazing. Maynard did take a back seat to the rest of the band, but still has a presence about him. 

  16. 11 hours ago, jekylhyde said:

    In my opinion, they kinda had. Illusions have some of Guns' greatest songs, but as albums they are a bit disjointed. They are good albums, but they had the potential to be great albums.

    I think if one UYI album with the best 12 songs had of been released it would possibly have been considered up there with the great rock albums, so a bit diluted down by the release of two double albums.

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  17. On 10/11/2020 at 9:15 PM, Oldest Goat said:

    I wouldn't expect him to sing exactly like AXL/DC for every song. But some like Out Ta Get Me he definitely could.

    If I had it my way at this time at Axl's age it'd be a shorter set(with new songs and lots of rotating alts) and meaner, even if that means a little slower, vocals. He should move around the stage less too, that probably helped him with ACDC.

    I'd love some acoustic shows.

    Yeah definitely great suggestions - I feel exactly the same! 

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