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  1. But was that in the middle of Guns N' Roses supposedly working on a new album? I can't remember? The dissapointing years all just get mixed up together for me these days, my timeline of being a GnR fan is just one very long winding road of saddness and dissapointment!
  2. Do you all think Axl will be slightly aggrieved if SMKC release a new album in the next 6 - 12 months. I find it a tad embarrassing that GnR have been talking about “ writing” or “recording“ and “ideas” for several years and can’t figure out how to actually put together a release and then Bam! , Slash punches out another album to the world with the greatest of ease. It’s sickeningly funny. But part of me would think Axl would be a bit annoyed about that.
  3. Dude, he got it in the half price bin so it’s worth $17.50. You’re maths is terrible 😃
  4. I feel the same. Gilby seamlessly fitted into Guns and was more than an adequate replacement for Izzy. Slotted into the chemistry of the band and had that laid back persona that balanced out the madness of Axl and craziness of Slash & Duffs addictions. I wish he rejoined the band for the three-union. Although I like Fortus too.
  5. Nah I reckon it’s a dumb idea, and I’d only pay $115 if Axl came out and washed my car while it was on.
  6. It’s obviously been a big shutdown period across the USA, but I’m wondering if there’s different restrictions in different states in the US, and if so, have there been any known public outings of any of the band members? I know there was meant to be members of Guns N Roses turn up at the Whisky in the first week of May to attend the first Rose Tattoo gig in America in nearly 40 years, and was such a shame it all went to crap as I’m sure they were to join them on stage.
  7. I agree. Great post. Saints of LA was pretty good. I guess history, or really Axl, has never given us the opportunity to truly gauge the songwriting or song-contributing skills of Ashba, Fortus, Thal et al...
  8. You’re on a discussion board following a band that sings songs about taking drugs and promoting treating women like sluts. So remember that while you’re getting all high and mighty. Get a sense of humour dude. It’s not too late...
  9. Every time I have seen GnR live, ten times, they have always given 100% and Axl has been really into it. Every time. Actually live, from 1993 to just a couple of years ago I honestly have never witnessed a bad performance and loved every single show. I may be critical towards GnR in many ways, but in my opinion they are great live...
  10. Nah mate, as far as succeeding in politics Tammy Duckworth doesn’t have a leg to stand on.
  11. And that there is the big problem mate. Axl's low self-esteem seems to need to release the greatest record ever, each time. He puts all this unneccesary pressure on himself when fans like us would be thrilled to just hear his voice on a new album. Obviously if it was a Metallica Lulu moment it wouldn't be well recieved but Im sure anything he creates and releases would be at the very least really good.
  12. Is that a fact? I remember when he appeared on (?) Kimmel show he stated he doesn’t vote.
  13. He doesn’t even vote though does he? If you are going to be critical then you should at least vote.
  14. As an outsider from Australia, but who has been to the USA three times and even lived there for a short period of time, I am absolutely astounded that out of a country of 330 Million people that these two people are the best you have to lead your two biggest, and realistically the only contending, political parties. Just blows my mind.
  15. I’m not saying these girls were underage, but they were young, and just a bit sad if they are say 18 yr olds being led away to meet a guy three times their age. Anyway, the privileged life of a Rock star hey!
  16. I’ve actually witnessed that first hand. At an after show party here in Brisbane, Australia, when DJ Ashba was taking a couple of girls from the party down a hall way and Andrei yelled at Ashba and screamed that it was his job to take the girls down to Axl. I found it quite disturbing in a predatory way with these girls being like less than half Axl’s age. I can’t say I know what happens when they go down the hall way to meet him, but the whole thing reminded me of a certain infamous individual who is now dead and his ‘wingman’ or ‘wingwoman’ who has finally been caught to answer some charges
  17. Well unfortunately they didn’t have Kat Bendover back then to take a rock ‘n f’n roll in’ black and white shot!
  18. Oh thanks mate! I forgot all that stuff. I actually like their version, that’s not to say Slash’s vision for how the song could have been might have turned out better.
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