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  1. What did Slash have against SFTD ? I haven’t actually heard that one?
  2. I think you are all a bit too liberal with your overuse of the word liberal
  3. Totally agree, I love SG and Audioslave a close second to that, but his solo stuff was a bit soft for my liking. Regardless, he was one of the best rock singers of all time, like the very top echelon stuff. No-one could really touch him, as far as his signature screaming vocals. Mercury probably sits above them all but CC is up there with them. As for this cover, to be honest, I don’t think it showcases his talent doing a song like this. Axl sings it way better with more range and dynamics that demonstrate passion & emotion to me. Cornell is a bit bland on it.
  4. A song called Big Dump Sex ? Eewwww... (just kidding) One of the many GnR books I have read quotes Axl as mentioning this amazing guy out of Seattle and how this emerging singer “buries me”. Or something like that, so Axl clearly recognised and appreciated Chris’ vocal ability.
  5. Oh honestly, who gives a flying fuck about what Axl thinks about politics? I care about Axl's opinion about as much as I care about Trump's opinion on the current state of Axl's voice...
  6. I love that little video at the bottom of your post. It’s like Axl is saying to Slash “we’ll tell them we are working on new music together, string them along for years, and empty their bank accounts with them buying concert tickets...”
  7. Yeah mate, you’re exactly right. And yes it is really frustrating and sad that it is either you go to a concert and get ripped off, or don’t go at all. I mean, I’m fine with paying a decent amount for attending a show that probably cost a lot to put on, and I’m even okay with the bands and artists I love making a lot of money, but the ticketing companies just use a lot of smokescreens and deception when selling tickets to really gouge their customers, us...
  8. I agree with the songs you listed that you consider good, and I must be one of the few that actually love The Seeker and how the band and in particular, Axl sound on it. In fact, forget all the layered complex bullshit demos and industrial ambitions of the past, I would dearly love to have an album of Axl just doing straight up 70’s & 80’s style rock. He sounds like he was born for it, and watching him live a few times singing it he looks like he really enjoys it.
  9. While they hang on to your money they control it and can potentially make money off the collective cash they have stored up. I’d be doing everything possible to get a refund. It is criminal, I’m hoping the whole system of concert ticketing comes crashing down and more decent companies come along one day that makes it a fairer transaction for the fans. I hope companies like viagogo and stubhub burn big time, I’m very reluctant to even go to gigs in the future due to the way fans are ripped off.
  10. Fear n’ Division by Guns n’ Roses. I like it ! Could be a good title for like a new album or something Axl.
  11. Hey! Shut your dirty mouth, he’s better than the ‘old one’ !
  12. Yeah mate, I was obviously joking. Being witness to Axl attempting to release music for decades now is like watching a woman trying to give birth to an Elephant !
  13. I think you all misunderstood what Fernando said. And you are just choosing to hear what you want to believe. He actually said that within six months there was going to be a three hour meeting to discuss the possibility of maybe talking about the potential for a future album to be quite seriously considered to be maybe worked on and even perhaps be in contention for Axl to vaguely contemplate to release. So yeah, concrete plans in the world of GnR.
  14. You made a spelling mistake. Once theyr'e trolling... is what you meant to write.
  15. If he's re-elected they will call the single 'November Pain'...
  16. This. How many iconic, arguably best ever in the genre of rock, songs and riffs in songs, have Buckethead or Ron come up with. Zero. They are both amazing but that's a fact.
  17. I’m pretty sure people have even complained about Axl’s cat. It’s gained weight over the years you know, and it’s hair became more grey. That fucking cat...
  18. I liked it and am grateful to hear Axl sing. I thought he was actually good, some parts I can hear his rasp and old razor-blade voice just under the surface, and I think you prick-tease Axl. Just let it rip for once and show us what ya’ got! But the truth is he probably can’t do it. That slight hint of his old voice that peeks through every now and then makes me remember why he’s my all-time favourite vocalist and frontman.
  19. It’s well known that the alternative covers were to be released but unfortunately those plans were undone by COVID-08
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