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  1. 12 hours ago, nikosgnr said:

    Watching the remastered version by @FRANSAD who did again an amazing job! Thanks man for everything you share!

    What an amazing show. Axl was phenomenal. I really miss these -vocal- years.. 2009/2010 were pure gold. I never get enough..

    TIL is fckn' killer. Don't Cry probably the best live performance in the last 20 years.

    I love that little video at the bottom of your post. It’s like Axl is saying to Slash “we’ll tell them we are working on new music together, string them along for years, and empty their bank accounts with them buying concert tickets...”

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  2. 1 hour ago, Tom2112 said:

    When the democrats are in power they get criticised. Right now it's a republican led government and it's their turn for the lashes... and regardless of your politics if you look at what's being said and done you have to agree the handling of this pandemic is terrible. Trump couldn't have handled it any worse! Held off closing down the country for weeks past the time he should have, reopened (against advice) far too early, refuses to promote mask wearing, puts out false information that his scientist advisors advise against "It's no worse than the flu".

    I don't like either party, both are morally corrupt, vote independent! and don't get your news from Facebook, Fox (or any news tv show) or John Oliver! go to unbiased sources!

    Great post materock3 

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  3. 23 minutes ago, allwaystired said:

    Sadly I think the dial will swing the other way - the Live Nation/Ticketmaster are already increasing their stranglehold on the industry, insisting bands get paid less for their rescheduled shows, that if the band cancel they are forced to pay Live Nation etc. etc. The fans will get equally screwed. 

    Sadly though, with the monopoly, it comes to a point of "go to concerts and get ripped off, or don't go at all". I try to buy my tickets from ANY place possible that isn't ticketmaster/live nation, as a very small protest, but really it makes little difference as many venues are entirely controlled by them anyway. 

    Like you though, I do hope the whole concert ticketing system comes crashing down and is replaced with something better and more fair. 


    Yeah mate, you’re exactly right. And yes it is really frustrating and sad that it is either you go to a concert and get ripped off, or don’t go at all. I mean, I’m fine with paying a decent amount for attending a show that probably cost a lot to put on, and I’m even okay with the bands and artists I love making a lot of money, but the ticketing companies just use a lot of smokescreens and deception when selling tickets to really gouge their customers, us... 

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  4. 11 hours ago, dando said:

    Oh dear, really? They're great tracks by the band... Huge hits but live, poor really.. If it takes a crowd to make the song good that says a lot

    The better live tracks we're always the opening 5 in 2017, civil war, Coma was ace back then & Patience and the seeker, all brilliant, but ill stand by it... Live, scom and nov, are weak

    I agree with the songs you listed that you consider good, and I must be one of the few that actually love The Seeker and how the band and in particular, Axl sound on it. In fact, forget all the layered complex bullshit demos and industrial ambitions of the past, I would dearly love to have an album of Axl just doing straight up 70’s & 80’s style rock. He sounds like he was born for it, and watching him live a few times singing it he looks like he really enjoys it. 

  5. While they hang on to your money they control it and can potentially make money off the collective cash they have stored up. I’d be doing everything possible to get a refund. It is criminal, I’m hoping the whole system of concert ticketing comes crashing down and more decent companies come along one day that makes it a fairer transaction for the fans. I hope companies like viagogo and stubhub burn big time, I’m very reluctant to even go to gigs in the future due to the way fans are ripped off. 

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  6. 21 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

    Personally thats the conversation they should have had during 2017, if axl had some passion about GNR. Sounds like axl is shit scared about releasing new music, especially 4 years since NITL started. If axl is "vaguely contemplating" releasing new material then axl is quite content with GNR being a touring band only and the only "new" song that will be added to the setlist is a reworked 20 to 30 year old song.

    Yeah mate, I was obviously joking. Being witness to Axl attempting to release music for decades now is like watching a woman trying to give birth to an Elephant !

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  7. 16 hours ago, GnR Chris said:

    This news should excite me, but it's discouraging because it appears to indicate there never was an album with a planned release "within six months" (which would have been spring). Then Fernando came back and said due to covid, plans changed.

    So are we supposed to believe their working on even more new music?

    I'll bet there never was an album done. Sad.

    I think you all misunderstood what Fernando said. And you are just choosing to hear what you want to believe.

    He actually said that within six months there was going to be a three hour meeting to discuss the possibility of maybe talking about the potential for a future album to be quite seriously considered to be maybe worked on and even perhaps be in contention for Axl to vaguely contemplate to release. So yeah, concrete plans in the world of GnR. :P

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  8. On 6/26/2020 at 6:32 AM, Alejandro GNR said:

    Slash couldnt even dream of playing technically as Buckethead or even Bumblefoot...

    He doesnt need to though...he acomplished much more than those with a few guitar tricks and thats what makes him special. His music has always been driven by melody mainly...

    Of couse he can play some scales fast enough but speed never has been his trademark or his strength

    This. How many iconic, arguably best ever in the genre of rock, songs and riffs in songs, have Buckethead or Ron come up with. Zero. They are both amazing but that's a fact.

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  9. 34 minutes ago, Axlr0s37 said:

    Pretty sure they have all been bitched about. 

    Dizzy got slammed for a video with Axl and BBF on an Australian news channel. Axl goes to speak and dizzy interupts with some shit story. 

    The old guys were bitched about when the rapidfire demos were released. Oh and Hollywood Rose: The roots of Guns n roses was released. 

    I’m pretty sure people have even complained about Axl’s cat. It’s gained weight over the years you know, and it’s hair became more grey. That fucking cat...

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  10. 15 hours ago, allwaystired said:

    There's plenty of positivity here. When it's merited. 

    I liked it and am grateful to hear Axl sing. I thought he was actually good, some parts I can hear his rasp and old razor-blade voice just under the surface, and I think you prick-tease Axl. Just let it rip for once and show us what ya’ got! But the truth is he probably can’t do it. That slight hint of his old voice that peeks through every now and then makes me remember why he’s my all-time favourite vocalist and frontman.

  11. 15 hours ago, EvanG said:

    You don't know these people at all! Stop making assumptions and acting like you have them all figured out because you know as little as anyone else here.

    Well said mate, so many experts here that know enough to judge other people because they read in a magazine some shit. 

    Only those involved truly know. For the rest of us we can read and wonder, and simply enjoy the entertainment value of it all.

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