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  1. Oh, okay. I stand corrected, shows you how much I know or care about social media. It sounded impressive to me but as 'James Bond' pointed out above that doesn't compare too favourably to someone like Billie Eilish. I will have a parting shot though at some of the popularity of those artists - here we are discussing Guns N' Roses, and they are attracting huge crowds to shows, featuring on twitter trends etc... some three decades or more after their debut album. My guess is no-one will even remember Billie Eilish, and countless others like her, in one decade let alone three decades.
  2. That is actually quite incredible. Imagine if they actually made music
  3. Looks promising. I don’t actually follow Guns N’ Roses on social media or anything, I just couldn’t be f*cked and lets face it there’s nothing to follow. But I just noticed the above Instagram (?) post of theirs and it suggests 4.7m followers. Now ‘m’ either stands for million or mediocre (jokes) but if it is 4.7 million then that is pretty impressive. How does that compare to more popular contemporary artists and bands? Seems decent popularity. Maybe they should release new music and capitalise on that :-)
  4. that’s funny, when Fernando put it out there a couple of weeks ago for suggestions I emailed a similar thing to the above. I mentioned how the Stones played a song on the weekend for that global Covid-19 isolation tv special, and asked him why Guns couldn’t do a similar thing and feature the song Patience, being obviously relevant. Then some days later it is on their fb! I wonder if they are actually listening? Possibly...
  5. Same here. Axl could sing a song for a recipe about hash cookies like Tool did, and I would buy it 😊
  6. F*ck that. As an Australian I’m sticking up for Longley, Pitman would be more like a Bull’s cheerleader waving a towel...
  7. I agree. I don't care if it is popular or not. As long as it is high quality good music then the masses don't need to give it their approval for me to care. I don't even know who Post Malone is. I'm so old... :-) Is it like post punk?
  8. I agree, I certainly loved the three shows I went to here in Australia a couple of years ago. And Axl's voice sounded great live, it is of course blended in with the sound of the band but even still, they sounded great as a unit. I know alot of friends that are harsh critics of Axl's that came along to the shows, and they thought he was awesome and put on a fantastic live show.
  9. The comments after his fake comment are pretty funny, “can we have a Chinese democracy yo-yo?” Hehe
  10. I would take an Album, or two, of Axl singing cartoon songs. Use your Looney Tunes I & II. I would buy it. In all seriousness- I think he sounded great on it and it was lovely to hear his voice.
  11. Did you hear Jagger doing a song on the weekend with his band to broadcast to the world? He sounded fantastic. Axl has had much more challenging songs to sing during his career and unfortunately that has taken its toll. I think only a couple of years left then it will just get ridiculous hearing Axl try to sing the majority of his catalogue.
  12. Well balanced comment. I can also understand why Axl has been scared off the media side of things for decades, and why he as well as management are reluctant to engage with the fans. Doesn’t excuse however, the sheer lack of creative output or progress that has plagued Guns N Roses for such a long period of time. Surely there are ways of less risky engagement to give your fans some joy? Hell, I would even take another Del interview of Axl just to have some communication and insight from the boss man. But maybe there is nothing to communicate?
  13. I wonder if Axl actually has used the word ‘ pious ‘ in scrabble? I bet he has, Legend...
  14. I’m from Brisbane mate, there’s a few of us Aussies on here. And Tasmania is beautiful, only been there once but I remember freaking out climbing Cradle Mountain and worrying about Tiger snakes biting me :-)
  15. I agree, but we've always had a great appetite for Guns N' Roses here in Australia. (Pardon the pun) I even heard 'Better' on the radio the other day. Triple M 'Hard and Heavy' played it. It was a pleasant surprise.
  16. This. I would have loved to see the AFD5 do the reunion tour, and I believe that thousands of fans around the world would have loved that too. Sure, the majority of people don't know or wouldn't care and would still buy a ticket so they can go along, get drunk with friends, and sing along to the GnR hits that they know. Take a toilet break during Better etc... But, yes there would have been serious concerns and questions to whether both Izzy and Steven could have gone the distance, for different reasons and therefore the guys like Richard and Frank are much more reliable and don't add risk to
  17. Agreed. If GnR released a new album (of new music) I would buy it on CD, and also Vinyl. And yes, Im in my 40's. They could do it like Tool, and release the CD and overcharge for it. Like $80, and I would still buy the CD. Take my money Axl :-)
  18. I know right, but as someone that has followed this band since the 1980's, Axl has been a shit magnet and no-end of crap has followed this band for decades. I wish though they were a bit more resilient, and dedicated, and just went "fuck it, lets release Hardschool on itunes and thank our fans for all their support". Surely that can't be that hard to do ? Even in a once in a lifetime pandemic twighlight zone that we find ourselves in... Me too, its either new music or shove that old music up your arse.
  19. Very cool mate! Vocals are the bomb! You need Brian May to do a solo on it though, then cut that solo out of it just before official release ;-0
  20. Very cool of Grohl to do that! I can see Matt's POV actually. Being surrounded by people all the time that are elitist and want to put you down in a class not equal to their own, despite you being a part of the band. I can see why he would think "what im good enough to work hard alongside you all, but you want the spotlight always on yourselves only". I would feel the same.
  21. Hmmm, those plans have been f*cked in the melon (Bumblefoot reference). Cash grab has been put on hold for a while now.
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