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  1. 1 hour ago, Alejandro GNR said:

    I met Mark when I was in LA, he was just great and veryyy kind. He showed me aññ GnR stuff he has in Canters Deli and spent some time with and my girlfriend.

    He also signed his book for me.

    It was great meeting him

    I’ve met Marc as well, absolutely lovely guy and didn’t say a bad thing about Axl or anyone when we sat down and chatted. I hope his stuff does see the light of day when he is ready to make it happen. If it is stuff that he recorded way back in the 80’s then surely that belongs to him? I would like to think that ownership is entirely his and that Guns n’ Roses has no claim to it or power over it at all?

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Tom2112 said:

    WTF is with people using discord for gnr chat? last I checked mygnr was still the largest gathering of guns fans. 

    It would be interesting to know how many members are here, as in active members that for example have visited this place in 2020, or that have posted in 2020. Would it be in the hundreds?

  3. 9 hours ago, Draguns said:

    Like I said not  debating. Also nothing to be sorry about for my disability. I work for a major news company whose boss ran for the Democratic nomination to be President of the United States. I'm going to  grad school in the fall for my MBA. No need to feel sorry for me at all.  Keep in mind that you are creating jokes and one day you can have a disability as well. All it takes is a millisecond to acquire one. Additionally, the human body breaks down as the body ages. 

    Good for you, sounds like you are doing great. By the way, I worked in a Rotary camp for children with disabilities in Akron Ohio for three months in my early 20’s, Which I loved and where I developed a passion for working with people with disabilities and therefore spent the next ten years of my life back here in Australia doing just that. Mostly children and young adults with severe disabilities. So you don’t need to debate anything with me dude. Furthermore, I have very personal experience with milliseconds changing someone’s life. My sense of humour helps me in life, and I don’t see cracking a joke on a GnR forum like I did, to be the end of the world. But you are entitled to your opinion on that. 

    Good luck with your MBA, I would love to do one. Maybe one day...

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  4. On 28/05/2020 at 8:43 AM, Draguns said:

    I don't want to start a debate, but I don't find this to be funny at all. I was born with a short left arm.  You may want to think about who visits this board before writing next time.  

    Nah mate, I won’t be worrying about who visits this board when i write. Do you think people worry about overweight people on this board when they call Axl fat? I’m sorry about your short arm but I think you’re being a bit over sensitive about my joke. It’s not really comparable to your condition. Rick Allen lost his arm speeding in his car and had an accident. It was self-inflicted. He also could have killed someone innocent driving like a tool. Lucky for him he didn’t and still went on and continued a good career drumming for Def Leppard. 

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  5. 20 hours ago, gunsfanoldie said:

    Thanks! Its so hard to keep track of everything.

    Ah, my mistake. I'm thinking of Zeppelin. I know it was down by the something water.

    I don't actually think they're shit. Its actually interesting to hear the process and what was clearly in his head at times. And honestly, some of them sound like they could be really cool songs if Axl only gave them the time of day. The instrumentals are not bad, but the only reason I deem them unessential and am deleting them after I listen is that if there's no Axl then there's zero CLASSIC GNR people. As you say, it really could just be ANYTHING you hear online, so if there's nothing uniquely GNR about it I'm getting rid of it. But I still think its interesting to hear and knowing who the people are playing its cool. I just don't think they warrant repeat listens. I'd rather teach my friend to play them and then record him if its just gonna be instrumental lol. You're totally right though that without vocals, its basically nothing.

    I agree with everything you say mate, hearing them and the process is interesting. And yeah if Axl put some effort into the songs and put his touch on them they would be so much better for it. Axl has a way of turning things into something glorious !

  6. 1 hour ago, jimmythegent said:

    My hard drive shat itself a while back and I no longer have these


    Is anyone able to help?

    Your hard drive shat itself, well because the majority of them were shit!  

    I liked anything with Axl’s vocals but the majority of other stuff was crap that millions of people around the world could probably come up with, given just a little bit of talent and a computer/studio. I’m really seeing why those leaks failed to make the final cut, most of it deserved to be buried in a storage locker.

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  7. 20 hours ago, Rjuncajun said:

    That little bit of grey is much like Joe Perry's grey.   Maybe he entertaining going in that direction. 


    Btw... I'm mid-40s, almost ENTIRELY grey now... starting getting grey a bit in my 20s.... ugh..... but I still have a full head of hair- so there's that,  I suppose. 😎😎😎

    That's all I got

    Damn...2 years and 44 posts.... I'm on fire🔥🔥🔥

    Same here man. Late 40’s and mostly grey. Even my balls. All three of them. It’s so embarrassing...   ;)

  8. 16 hours ago, soon said:

    As far as I’m concerned bands who are more present and/or productive during the pandemic are not suddenly altruistic public servants. They are just adapting their business models.

    we are just seeing two types of business. 

    1) cold, corporate and disinterested (Guns)

    2) entrepreneurial. Being creative in how they bring their wares to market. Innovating how they remain in the public eye (most bands).

    IMHO, from that perspective it’s the entrepreneurial bands who are more money hungry. On the other hand, entrepreneurialism is a form of creativity. So those bands are also more vital creatively (from a certain point of view).

    I agree, your right about alot of bands, celebrities, artists etc... There is a lot that just desperately want to remain relevant and in the public eye. This mainly to remain lucrative and keep the money coming in, or at least try to reduce the financial damage of Covid-19 and stay out there for when things come back to closer to normal. Guns n' Roses don't seem to get that, or don't care. They take their fan base for granted. They keep dragging in big crowds but one day it will reduce significantly. By that stage though, the big three would have made their millions, and the others hopefully will have saved and invested wisely their hundreds of thousands, as guys like Franks and Richard are going to go back to making bugger all when the Guns' bandwagon ends. 

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  9. 4 hours ago, jekylhyde said:

    Beating a dead horse here, but Alice Cooper just released a new song freshly recorded with a video, which has sections/frames self-filmed by his fans at their homes.

    That's how you keep your fanbase engaged.

    Guns just keep us enraged.

    Engaged, Enraged. Same thing , you just swap the g and r... 😁

    or gnfn’r I should say.

  10. On 12/05/2020 at 8:14 AM, Gambit83 said:

    Not upset and I understand where you're coming from. To be honest with you, I'm not trying to build a rep by asking "hard-hitting" questions yet. I'm generalizing a bit because depending on the guest, the interview approach will vary. But overall I want just a "fun" and hopefully interesting approach. 

    I will give real examples. Tommy Stinson's people really expressed to focus on Bash n Pop and Cowboys in the Campfire. My first contact to Tommy was nice enough to suggest I change my original email to write GNR lower down in the body as a topic before it was sent to Tommy. Same with The Replacements. Not that Tommy didn't want to talk about them, but he needs to promote his new stuff to earn a living. And mainly, this is important, he has been burned before by interviewers. Many have. This is all to common. Promises to promote something new (their job) with barely a discussion to only focus on the "famous" parts of that person, if that makes sense. I didn't take it personally and they have every right to be cautious. Tommy came on twice. Who knows if I would have gotten 1 with wanting to ask hard questions. I have no doubt Susan McKagan would not have come on again nor confirmed new music on her own...I didn't ask her. Listen to Gilby's interview. He's sick of the same old questions. They all are. I don't blame them. There are a lot of bad interviewers out there.

    Another reason I do it this way is because I am not Howard Stern. Howard, and other big interviewers (From Rogan to Barbara Walters) are known. Guests know what they're getting into. I'm not famous nor is my social media huge. These guests probably have no idea who I am. While I majored in Broadcast Journalism in college and have had a professional career, the name "Brando" doesn't exactly come with cachet. All the articles in Blabblermouth, Loudwire, etc def helps! 

    That all being said, believe me when I say I either try to make the best of the opportunity or honestly get mad at myself afterwards for not asking certain things. It's a dance. Episode by episode.

    You do a great job, it can’t be easy and you need to develop rapport and relationships which is a slow burn. Doing your homework on them and focusing on their present and future is going to earn you their respect. But you are doing fantastic so keep up the good work!

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  11. 27 minutes ago, nikothebellic said:

    As The Stones is my #1 band, probably I would be bias and say that I'm hoping the farewell tour won't happen in the nearest future, but if to be realistic, it is up on the horizon. Still, I think 2022 is too early as there will be for sure a 60th anniversary tour and a show in London. Maybe even in 2023 as they did in 2013. Unfortunately, it hard to tell from this point as only Mick knows for how long he could keep his shape. He will be 80 in 2024, so probably 'Farewell+anniversary tour 2022-2024" is the most logical assumption. However, if to recall earlier interviews, all band members more or less agreed, that only death will apart them and are going to play as long as possible. Therefore, several tours after No Filter is still a possibility and 65th anniversary in 2027 and 70th in 2032 could actually happen. Most likely it will be one at a time shows with 5-10 songs in setlists.     

    Those guys are phenomenal!

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  12. 6 hours ago, Uncle Bob said:

    "New music bad"

    “Keyboard Warrior funny”


    I actually don’t disagree with all you Billie lovers. I think she has an amazing voice and is immensely talented. But last year she played here in Brisbane to 10 000 people, and GnR played here a couple of years ago to 50 000. So when she is doing those numbers in the year 2050 , I will say she has had an incredible and sustained career. 

    But yes, she leaves Guns N Roses for dead when it comes to actually being an active and relevant artist.

  13. On 5/9/2020 at 7:42 PM, alfierose said:

    I dunno. In terms of instagram 4.7 mil followers isn't a lot. Not when you have self styled youtube 'make up gurus' who have follower counts upwards of 16/17 mil.

    I think that's a reflection of what youth culture is about now rather than anything else. Lil Peep has 5.5 mil followers and he's been dead a while now.

    I haven't looked but I would expect Guns to have a higher following on FB due to age demographics. 

    Oh, okay. I stand corrected, shows you how much I know or care about social media. It sounded impressive to me but as 'James Bond' pointed out above that doesn't compare too favourably to someone like Billie Eilish. 

    I will have a parting shot though at some of the popularity of those artists - here we are discussing Guns N' Roses, and they are attracting huge crowds to shows, featuring on twitter trends etc... some three decades or more after their debut album. 

    My guess is no-one will even remember Billie Eilish, and countless others like her, in one decade let alone three decades. :headbang:

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  14. Looks promising. I don’t actually follow Guns N’ Roses on social media or anything, I just couldn’t be f*cked and lets face it there’s nothing to follow. But I just noticed the above Instagram (?) post of theirs and it suggests 4.7m followers. Now ‘m’ either stands for million or mediocre (jokes) but if it is 4.7 million then that is pretty impressive. How does that compare to more popular contemporary artists  and bands? Seems decent popularity. Maybe they should release new music and capitalise on that :-)

  15. 19 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

    Just so it doesn't get lost in the General Musings thread or something, I thought this deserved its own thread.

    Fernando is posting on Reddit again:





    If they actually do post old shows on youtube, I'll add all the links to this post.

    Hopefully this works out and we get to see some cool stuff.

    that’s funny, when Fernando put it out there a couple of weeks ago for suggestions I emailed a similar thing to the above. I mentioned how the Stones played a song on the weekend for that global Covid-19 isolation tv special, and asked him why Guns couldn’t do a similar thing and feature the song Patience, being obviously relevant. Then some days later it is on their fb! I wonder if they are actually listening? Possibly...

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