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  1. Thanks Mate - I will buy the Spin Clean and give that a try. I’ll let you all know how it goes...
  2. Hey guys, just wondering if you have any advice about cleaning records? Do you clean yours? If so, how often and what method? I’ve bought second hand records and they sound like shit, popping and cracking, and I’m sure would benefit from a clean. I have seen a record cleaner that you semi-submerge your record in water, with their treatment solution added, and then Spin it around a few times with these stationary brushes that are in it in the middle at the bottom. Then dry with a cloth. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
  3. $200AU and delivered by Axl with a carton of beer and I’ll buy it...
  4. Awesome, thanks Mate! As always I appreciate your help and advice. It is really cool having some MyGnr resident vinyl gurus to turn to...
  5. Hey fellas, set up my audio technica ATLP120 and the audio engine a2 speakers and it sounds really good, thanks for the advice! I have another question - is it worth buying the AFD re-issue vinyl that was a remaster from the original analog tapes? It’s a 2 LP thing isn’t it? Would you say it is noticeable the improvement in sound compared to my old regular AFD record?
  6. Downzy is all over it. Izzy is probably not reliable enough to commit to years of touring. And you raise a great point that it would look stupid if they cut Fortus, then brought him back in when Izzy got tired of the massive demands of international touring. Fortus has more than earned his spot, is a great musician, has awesome stage presence, and most importantly compliments Slash very well. Now you can insert Adler and Frank for the above sentence too, and it’s very similar and applicable. The only thing that I’m disappointed about is that somewhere along the touring, in the US, t
  7. Exactly! and what a stellar career they have had. The Stones are in the conversation when it comes to the best band ever. Sadly GnR are not even close to being in that discussion.
  8. This, it must be very frustrating for these guys who I'm sure would be wayyy keen to create music and put an album out every now and then with GnR. Like the good ol' days when they were growing up and they were young music fans too. Obviously the world is a much different place now but still these guys are in their 50's and creating songs and putting out albums is probably something very dear to them. Too bad the label, or Axl, whatever can't get their shit together...
  9. Very cool read - thanks dude! Sad to read that Izzy and Axl were in awe and thinking this is how amazing Guns N’ Roses could be in ten years time... or not. And a bit harsh that the newspaper states that the Stones are geriatric when they were only in the late 40’s ! i must be geriatric too 🤪
  10. Totally agree mate, and that's why we are all so dissapointed and frustrated. I for one, will never give GnR a cent of my money for the shitty toy trucks, jigsaw puzzles and so on... I dont even like most of their clothing merch. I will however, spend lots of money on new music from GnR. I would pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars on official releases of music, whether newly created stuff or old CD left-over songs, even if Axl had of had control of the demo-quality leaks and sold those CD's officially then I would lap that shit up! I just want to hear his voice on songs, and music that he has
  11. And lets not forget It’s so easy - I get a boner that could cut through granite every time I hear the first few seconds of that song!
  12. I know we are all very frustrated but it is what it is. Axl and co. are entitled to make as much money from whatever they deem appropriate and they don’t have to answer to us or anyone. Metallica, Kiss and many other bands have been doing this shit for years. GnR are actually slow to catch on, if they deserve any criticism its that they are behind the times with marketing and merchandising but that is consistent with everything GnR, Behind the times. They are no longer musically relevant. Simple as that. The leaks didn’t even make the news. No-one gives a rats arse anymore. They are the bigges
  13. The gorgeous blonde on the inner sleeve of my GnR Lies record 30 years ago, I was so stoked with that as a teenager way back then. That’s what made GnR so special ! :-) Close thread...
  14. As long as your leak hasn’t come from Rick Dunsford, then yes, you can...
  15. Same here mate, I woke up this morning and half asleep I thought it said half-time super bowl show. I have always wished GnR would play the AFL half-time gig, but it might turn into another Meatloaf massacre. Shit PA system would not come across well but they could just do Jungle, Patience and Paradise City and maybe throw in One in a Million. :-)
  16. Probably would be very challenging live, any fast song or song requiring hitting high notes or sustaining them would be hard for Axl. Actually I can’t think of too many singers that could do GnR songs justice, they’re very tough songs to sing I reckon!
  17. I remember reading that article, or a similar one, just after CD was released and it was some guy stating that Axl came in and nailed his vocals in just one or two takes. It may have even been a different guy referring to a different recording session but I clearly recall how impressed the audio engineer was that Axl came in and in just a few takes for each song he delivered high quality vocals that were possibly the end product!
  18. Thanks Mate, I appreciate the advice. I have just ordered the 120LP and can’t wait to get it. And I have seen a good series of several short YouTube videos of a guy talking through the parts and setting up of the AT120LP. Cheers, Scott
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