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  1. After a very very long time in MyGNR with nothing to be excited about, this thread was really refreshing to read.
  2. Not sure about GNR but Axl is definitely at Drive-Thrus almost everyday.
  3. This year is probably the most exciting for Gilby fans and followers like myself: 1. The Gospel Truth, new album will be released after 18 years! His last studio album was SWAG which was released in 2002. 2. During pandemic there was a Gilby Clarke super cool full length proshot live as part of MORC streams which I can't find online but I have it downloaded. 3. As for documentary, he appears in the following:
  4. Thank you Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John, Blind Melon, Japanese Saskatoon keeper & Fransad for releasing quality GNR material for us. Time for Metallica to release a 92 documentary?
  5. SCOM God awful. I'm seriously allergic to that song.
  6. GUNS N' ROSES Drummer FRANK FERRER's PSSR Unleashes 'Busted' And 'Push' Singles PSSR, the New York-based rock outfit featuring GUNS N' ROSES drummer Frank Ferrer, has released two singles, "Busted" and "Push", with a third, "Last Time", set to drop in late July. PSSR is fronted by the charismatic Eric Jakobssen on vocals and guitar, and is rounded out by steady rocking bassist Brett Bass (Greg Allman) and journeyman lead guitarist/producer Rob Bailey (everyone from Delta Goodrem to David Johansen). "Busted" features Ferrer's GUNS N' ROSES bandmate Richard
  7. Remember Gilby doesn't usually post random GNR related stuff.
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