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  1. Hasn't he had enough peace of mind since at least 2016?
  2. What's with all these recent shit postings instead of some intellectual talk? Here is MyGnr.
  3. Nothing unusual. GNR has been doing that for the past 30 years. Professionally recording every show to play in Axl's home cinema.
  4. Believe it or not, NITL selects was probably the first GNR product that I have never watched except a trailer of it.
  5. For those willing to vote, it takes place on their twitter account at following address: Dont forget to vote Queen! https://twitter.com/AbsoluteClassic?s=20
  6. True, I don't see any significant relation between age and streaming services.
  7. No, It's Spotify that considers both Don't Cries as one song, so the number is a summary of both which doesn't make it clear which one has more plays.
  8. @DTJ80Here's full data for Studio Tracks only. Image is large. https://i.ibb.co/XtR250R/Gnr-Spotify-Data.jpg
  9. Estranged Sympathy For The Devil Oh My God Stuck Inside Hair of the Dog
  10. Don't get too excited. This photo was taken in Singapore 2017. As for the hair, it can be easily gathered inside the beanie.
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