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  1. All these comments under instagram/twitter like "I LOVE YOU AXEL", "ooh por dios santo! so excited!!!", COME TO MEXICO, BRAZIL, etc" proves us wrong unfortunately. The demand for the shit show is still high imo.
  2. Oh absolutely sir. You know GNR is a band of lost opporunities. They could do unplugged, S&G (like S&M), release Snakepit albums as GNR & many more...
  3. That was a sarcasm. Btw unpluggeds are acoustic so there's a point.
  4. They did already. And it has a combo song in the set made of Welcome To The Jungle & You're Crazy.
  5. The Band 1976 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Band
  6. Nah, I'm cool with you. Just was curious to read your reaction as you're usually positive when discussing endless touring and no album. Now I know :-)
  7. It was only a mater of time. This parasite family think they own GNR. Anyone that creates GNR related content has been threatened and harassed by them. Shame on Team Brazil and shame on Axl.
  8. Dave Grohl was just a drummer in Nirvana and most casual people/fans didn't probably know his name at the time unlike Axl Rose. But Dave managed to create Foo Fighters. Reinventing the wheel from scratch without looking back at his Nirvana years. Today Foo Fighters is headlining festivals. Point being: If Axl would go completely solo, under his own name or any other name than GNR, and most importantly would behave like an organized, normal and active musician and tour, promote and release albums every few years, His band could become as big as classic GN'R. And to be fair
  9. Both are going to kiss ass. So no serious question. Only Kurt Loder has the ability and politics to ask Axl legit questions.
  10. Your videos are genuine and informative. It's a different case than some random youtuber reviewing CD then heads to McDonald's to prank the cashier.
  11. As much as I criticize this band, such a stupid youtube reviews (positive/negative) is not my thing.
  12. I still prefer these kind of works over endless and pointless touring with no new songs.
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