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  1. Slash back to professional way of managing a band.
  2. Out of the above long list, It is still possible for a band like GNR to play at the following shortlisted countries: Armenia (It's basically a huge attraction for middle eastern tourists. Iranians in particular travel a lot to Armenia to attend concerts of their favorite artists they can never see in their own country) Bahrain ( A 'liberal' GCC country. People like Bryan Adams, Timbaland and many more played there. It's just like United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abudhabi) in which GNR plays gigs since 2006) Cyprus Luxembourg Morocco Saudi Arabia ( Don't be surprised. You gotta keep yourselves updated with what's happening in Saudi. Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, BTS, Mariah Carey and many more had been there already) Ukraine
  3. You're right about different contexts. In terms of activity, except Axl, the rest of the band has been as active as BS members mentioned above. But yeah I agree this is a very important factor.
  4. Say what you want about CD being over produced etc. BUT the final release wasn't as badly mixed (rushed I would say), clusterfuck, patchwork and mashup of different tracks like HS and Absurd. Even when it comes to artwork, it's obvious there is zero fucks given. HS coverart is taken from a stock image lol This band is finished since 2012. There were some glimpes of excitement like the reunion in 2016 but that's it.
  5. Well said. Agreed 100%. Now some people would come and say "you guys are just nagging regardless of these new band activities" To each their own.
  6. Since they're reading the forums... No! Axl will absolutely shine on this song just like any other song. In fact NITL shows sound better than the studio! Thank you by take care us Axl!!! please release the shit!!!
  7. And @Rayvelatrust me, this one ^ comes from a very dedicated Axl Rose fan.
  8. Always enjoying your review videos. Because they are very honest. Keep it up Russ.
  9. Ok I tried it. It doesn't exactly bring up GNR as an artist but there are playlists associated with GNR. That's because people (mostly GNR fans) have created playlists with the title Hard School or Hardschool. So the AI thing might suggest GNR. It's nothing special.
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